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I’m thrips and I’m new to forex trading

Hi I’m Mandy! I joined BabyPips because my boyfriend is a forex trader and he used BabyPips when he first started out. I’m a computer programmer so he figures I’ll catch on pretty quickly and thinks I’ll be a good trader. I am 25 love animals, cooking, binge-watching shows, and obsessing over manga & anime. Nice to meet all of you!


Hi, I’m razorhajin! I’m from the Philippines. I’ve already gone through and finished the course on the School of Pipsology. The course is awesome! I’ve been trading actively since I finished with the course. I hope to be contributor to the babypips community.


Hi Fx members, My names are Chunga David from Zambia, i came across forex online when I was surfing the internet on how to make cash online then fx popped out .
From that moment I started watching videos on YouTube and gradually developed interest. Now am anxious of starting to trade but I think of investing knowledge before cash .
Kind regards to the team.

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Hello everyone my name is kountry71 from Cali. I"am a newbie to this world of forex trading. I have watch some videos and went to a online trading event a couple of months ago.
. I wanna say thank you for allowing me to your community.

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Hi friends of babypips.

Ive signed up here along time ago. Traded live account couple years back.
Witnessed Brexit in 2016 and inauguration of Trump in 2017.
Now i want to get back in the field, even though its highly volatile.
Im active on 2 demo accounts.

Best of all for all traders out there,


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Hello wonderful people.
I have been roaming in this forum for a while and decided to sign up.
I have been trading for a long time and I would love to help and contribute to everyone in here. Hope to get to know everyone better soon.

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I am Elorapha , newbie from Nigeria. Have found your education very excellent. Thanks.

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my name is Courage and i’m from Ghana, heard about Forex trading and started reading some articles on it and here i am, i need a community in which i could get to understand the logic and technique behind Forex trade, id appreciate if anyone wants to volunteer and be my mentor in trading.



With the economy tanking I thought I’d give this try. Well, in actuality I’d heard forex for years now I’d like to give it a try.



I’m Steph from the Philippines.
I’m a newbie in the FOREX world but I hope I can gain knowledge as I go through the courses here in babypips.

My goal is to be profitable in FOREX, and hopefully in the future, I can teach FOREX to my friends!

I’m excited! :slight_smile:

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Hey traders! I’m Tommy and I trade crypto & stocks and forex.
I use a few platforms and my goal is to automate all my trading. Would love to get feedback on systems.

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Hi everyone!

I’m Eju and like the many others in this forum, I’m new to trading. I have a friend I’ve known since my school days, who has been trading for a while and he’s been quite successful at it. Being the curious individual I am, I decided to ask for some insight and he pointed me towards BabyPips and here I am. I’m 20 and out of school with a career in mind that requires quite a bit of money to get into. Whilst working and saving, I hope to become better off financially so that I can pursue my dreams and desires.

I’ve never traded before nor do I know much about FX but I’m interested and ready to learn. With the global pandemic situation at hand, I hear about stocks and finances quite a lot in the news so I thought, there isn’t a better time to jump on board and learn from this moment - I’m certain it will go down in history, so why not be a part of it. Reading through the many posts already in this post, it’s nice to know ill be a part of a diverse community that transcends borders and I look forward to learning and reading about people’s experiences.

That’s all from me so thanks to Dr. Pipslow for starting this thread and welcome to everyone that follows :yum:

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Welcooooome @Eju! :blush: I’m happy you’ve decided to try it out. And I hope your friend has warned you that it might sound easy, but learning forex could sometimes be a very tedious process. :sweat_smile: BUT if you keep your spirit and keep on reaching for your goal, I’m sure you’ll be able to succeed. :blush: Good luuuuck! :smiley:

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Greetings All,

I am Autumn Green. I’m new to the forex world. I am hoping to learn as much as possible about the forex market and gain a skill that will eventually bring enough profits to set aside more money for retirement savings and replace my day job.

Paz y amor

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Welcome! Have fun with the School of Pipsology! Good luck!

Hi Mandy! Nice to meet you too! You’re lucky you have someone to guide you on your journey. :wink:

Congratulations in finishing the School! Are you trading demo or live already? See you around!

Demo trading

Hello all, my name is Steve. I’m completely new to Forex but fascinated by it.

I have been looking for an income stream online for ages, but I really didn’t connect with things like shopify and affiliate marketing. I suppose I didn’t want to spend my life marketing snake-oil to the stupid. Anyway, then I came across Forex and it just rang true, as they say - “that’s the way I’ll do it!” I exclaimed (inwardly - I’m not a weirdo).

So I was considering a paid-for course, and then a little voice in my head said, “Why don’t you see what you can learn for free, before parting with thy dolla”. And I stumbled upon the school of Pipsology.

I must say that I am really enjoying it so far. The way you go through everything so thoroughly, step-by-step, is superb. I am still in pre-school, but in no hurry. I want to really learn this, then practice-practice-practice with a demo account. I am not looking to ‘get rich quick’ but, in time, be able to earn an income from the comfort of my sofa.