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Hi my names Kayla I’m 19 and have no experience with trading but am determined to learn. i found out about forex from people posting on Instagram, but i was introduced to the idea of forex trading by my boyfriend. I want to trade for myself because i want to be my own boss. I also want to start a few businesses, and will be investing the money i earn trading to make those goals a reality for me.

The future is looking extremely bright for me and everyone else

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Hey there, Piplovers. I am Thulasizwe from South Africa, Pretoria. Been around the game for some time but have made a mess of it initially. Fortunately I have recently graduated from the school of pipsology, making my way here thereafter. I am eager to get going in trading because like many am seeking an end to the 9-5 and find my financial freedom. Cheers!

Hi I’m Ebunorun, I’m Nigerian and I’ve been wanting to engage in the forex world for quite some time but I never had the adequate knowledge for it until now.
So this is me thanking the minds behind babypips for making this possible

Hi Yvonne,

Glad to see someone else from SG posting here. I’m an experienced trader and would be happy to help you out if you have any questions. The lockdown has certainly given us more time to focus on our trading.

Hi Derrick,

How do you plan to invest in oil? If your new I would avoid most ETF’s as those are short term trading vehicles for experienced traders. Also trading forward contracts can be really risky as we have seen over the past few months. I would caution against oil trading in general if your new to commodities.

Hi there, I’m Ndivhuwo. I’m a noob in trading. I have taken a few lessons on Baby Pips and I’m already finding it so useful. I am still on demo using IQ Options and would appretiate tips on how to optimise its use.

I was on BabyPips doing the course all day, then I decided to test what I learnt and I made just over $2,000.00 so I can attest to that…

Hy.My name is temitope olubunmi,so happy be here. New to forex and will love to learn more about the trading site.

Trading Psychology what? Any psychos in here? Hi my name is TED and I’m a forex newbie in this masked and sanitized generation. Hello everyone!

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Hi All
I’m David from the UK
I’ve run businesses for many years. Now sold up and enjoying the good life mainly traveling (except coronavirus lockdown.)
Did a Spread Betting 2 day course 4+ years ago, but never had time to try it out and forgot most of it. Now I have time I would like get bact and master Spread Betting. Really impressed with babypips site.
Screen name DWA
Big thanks to you all.

Hy ,I’m tano from Nigeria . I’ve always been interested in forex but it seems really complicated to me but I hope the babypips will make it more enjoyable for me …

Hi everyone I’m Izbolt4jesus as my username says…(lol) I am a newbie and a student… really really looking forward to learning how to become the best trader I can be from you guys. One love y’all

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Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi and welcome… :+1:t4:

Hey everyone my name is Mr. Banks, I am new to the forex world but im hungry for knowledge. I plan on being my own boss one day. Im looking for a mentor to guide me into the right path. Im a college student. I love pizza, coffee and knowing the unknown. Im from NYC and im looking to grow and be on the top of the world before i hit 25

Hi guys, its the team from Financial Market Wizards. We are a group of traders who came together to trade and teach others.

We are basically coming into this forum to answer any questions and help you out!

We have been trading for 18 years so we definitely know what we are doing.

Look forward to connecting with everyone.

P.S We have created a free day trading guide to help fellow traders get started, just hit us up if you like access to that :slight_smile:


Hi y’all, Im Summer Wine2020 from the UK, I’ve always wanted to get into Forex but with so many resources out there, it felt a bit overwhelming until I found babypips.

Im loving the content, style, pace and cant wait to get up every morning to learn more about this interesting world of foreign exchange.

I enjoy sports, film and art, and cant wait for this lockdown to end so I can practice my Jordan fade :laughing:

Hello temitope! We’re glad to have you here. Just explore the site and you’ll find lots of free resources. Good luck!

Yeah, that’s going to be the new normal now. Welcome to the community and stay safe!

Hello Mr. Banks! I hope you are well and safe there in NYC! Have you been through the School here? You might want to try the lessons first . Good luck and stay safe!