Safest minimum amount to start trade for beginner

Hi traders! What is the suitable minimum amount of deposit for beginner? Should start with minimum or the bigger is the better? The main focus for now is to get better learning experience on real trading world apart from the practice in demo account.


it’s depend on you, use extra money to invest, do not use emergency fund to invest, you can try with 100 USD, or 10k USD, or 100k USD, as trading for different capital required different skills

Hey, I think for beginning try to with the minimum amount…because in trading, there might be loss a lot the profits and some of them are scam. if u are an expert in trading, why not start with a bigger amount.

As long as you deposit money with a regulated and legitimate broker, your money is safe. The money that is then at risk is whatever you’re prepared to risk on a trade: you would use a stop-loss to make sure that you are only accepting the risk you want to on each trade.

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You can even start trading with $50 dollars but trade based on proper trading techniques because it will help you grow your balance gradually.

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If you are a beginner and have minimum trading experience, I would suggest you start trading with 500 dollars.

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As a beginner, it’s generally recommended to start with a minimum amount that you can comfortably afford to lose. While there is no specific amount, some traders suggest starting with around $500 to $1,000. This allows you to have enough capital to make meaningful trades and manage risk effectively without putting too much financial strain on yourself. Remember, it’s important to focus on learning and developing your skills rather than solely focusing on the initial investment amount.


how did you arrive at this figure, Naguib? why not $100 for a beginner with minimal experience? why not $1,000? why $500 specifically?

it depends on your means and risk tolerance level

it depends what position-sizes you want to use

a good rule of thumb for beginners wanting to gain real-money experience is that you should have $250 in the account for every 0.01 lots (1 micro-lot) you want to trade

as always, Tommor has highlighted the important issue, there

in the long run, the amount of money is less important than making sure you’re using a properly regulated broker (e.g. regulated by ASIC or FCA), not one that has chosen to be regulated in some offshore jurisdiction where its customers won’t be protected


short anwser: every single cent you can afford loosing.

make sure to trade with max 1:30 leverage when trading those small accounts and I think 1.000 - 3.000 dollar should be okay for start. but don’t expect to get rich within a few months.

happy trading

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there’s nothing wrong if you want to start trading with the small deposit, the minimum amount is depend on which broker you’re using. how long have you practice with the demo account?

Safest minimum amount to start trade for beginner

I dont believe there is any such thing as a “safest minimum” when it comes to forex trading but since it is highly likely that you will blow your first account I would recommend starting with $100 and using a lot size of 0.02. Have fun and try to learn from the experience while comparing it to that of the demo account. Perhaps you could aim for 10 cents per trade and see if you can get five straight wins.

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Probably $300 is a good “midpoint.” Not as small as $100 but also not as daunting as $500+.


You must know where you want to trade, there is a lot of scammer trying to stole our money by making us invest more

I’ve been using the demo account for few months already. Anyway do you know which broker have the lowest minimum deposit to start trading? Mostly i saw require deposit $100 and above. For me, that’s considered high amount since i’m still a beginner.

do you think trading could really profits you? i have the urge to join but scared enough to face any loses

I Iike this idea. I started on demo with a $10k account ,no leverage. Then moved to a $30 real money account, and traded that for a bit couple months. Now I trade a $500 account, after depositing $250, and getting a $250 bonus/promo/whatever.

ouh so far how the demo account was? it is just like the real account that we can trade and see the market indicator reader? i saw there is lot of options but lrnex i heard once coz my friend use that broker

It doesn’t matter if you start with any amount of capital
The important thing is to start with the smallest volume possible because you will lose money continuously until you gain enough expertise and mastery, or at best, you will earn a little and return to the market again.
Start with the smallest volume, but know that if you find enough expertise and psychologically reach a suitable level, the best way to grow up your capital is creativity in risk management.

Oanda has no minimum, and offers infinite granularity (meaning “you can trade very tiny position-sizes, if you want to, to match a tiny account size”)

it’s a good, proper, honest, well-regulated brokerage, too, which is actually much more important :slight_smile:

Hey Jay,

Very simple, start with an amount you’re fully okay with to lose, so an amount that won’t influence you emotionally in any significant way and which will not directly affect your life (i.e. paying your bills).

As for risk I would recommend to start with 0,5% or max 1% of total capital in your account.

You will make mistakes when trading live and you will have more emotions to deal with.
It’s important that you don’t blow your account or waste a for you significant amount of money in the process of learning to trade live.

Keep a trading journal, and once your results are consistent and satisfactory, then think about increasing your capital, but wouldn’t increase risk per trade %.

Good luck.