SamuelAndCoTrading Samuel Leach Scam? (REVIEW)

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One strategy is using 50 and 100 moving average. If 50 is below 100 then when stochastic is over bought he gets a signal to sell on his automated system. Its such a basic strategy but when you get a nice red signal on am automated system and he only shows the winners it looks amazing. Stay away from this guy, he’ll show you enough BS to convince you. He had a group on telegram that I followed and a few people had blown their accounts using his fully automated system. So much so he had to release a second version with lower risk parameters to hide the massive drawdown. You cant learn anything from this con artist, infact unlearn anything you hear from him.

Thanks for this. I see.

Yes, Short MA/Long MA/momentum indicator signal systems are simplistic to the point of being dangerous. But that;s not to say they cannot be made to work, they can, but only with intense money and risk management which I suppose is a bit advanced for the people who sign up to this stuff.

So its not a scam, its the basis if a legitimate winning system but nothing we don’t already know about. BUT - without the essential money management elements.

No the scam part is where he says he was a successful trader, made a lot of money from trading. He didnt. Shows his cars on instagram that he made from trading but he didnt, they are from selling courses. I know this because I’ve followed him when he was first on the scene and there were no super cars then. Lol. Also when he says his system made him 500,000 like he done on YouTube. It didnt. This is the scam part where he over sells things by straight up deceiving to get courses sold. Then uses the money to show off more things. He would have a lot of successful students if what he did worked. I have never seen anyone stand up and vouch for him.

If he was transparent, guys it’s a simple system but I’ve automated signals for you, now you need good risk management. Fine brilliant. But repackaging it as cluster system lol. It’s a joke.


Spot on I reckon.

I’ve posted before, most trainers experts / authors will not sell the full package. They want new clients to lose but lose slowly, so they don’t get wiped out and keep coming back and buying more. They certainly don’t want a client to win big and get rich quickly - there’s no repeat business from a new trader who made his fortune and retired to the Bahamas.

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Yes, I would never ever trade with a broker that’s not FCA-regulated.

My contact was part of his group from day 1 and can assure you he didn’t even make the supposed 200k (or is it 2mill now?) from trading his own funds.

Sam doesn’t outright lie, he distorts the truth. He did get 200k in his account from originally something like 2k - but this was the total money people had entrusted him to grow.

The cars are on finance and paid for by his earnings from his referral schemes and training fees - he’s a very clever salesman/con artist and will sell you the dream to fund his own lifestyle which he then sells back to you.

You’ll learn more from babypips - I’ll try asking my contact for Sam’s old material if he still has it, not much has changed.

Well, yes, the guy do making money by something like inviting you and some other persons traders and someone else for something like that matter anyway for whatever reason there to be discussed simply, I do not even realise what does that mean really, how people still fall for that ?

I just found this review which seems to confirm my suspicions, enough that I had to log in to comment. Here’s some points of interest:

  1. Cluster algo, trademate, and range trader advertised on his website is basically turbo jrsx, a free indicator! That’s so sad to get a free indicator and sell it for 125 dollars.

  2. Fusion 2.0 is the name of the EA he sells for 3000+ dollars. Just from the myfxbook page, it shows around a 1 percent average monthly with a 62(!) % drawdown. Does anyone seriously think this is a good return relative to the drawdown? Not worth even 100 dollars to me. As someone above already mentioned, I believe he has a newer version because the older one completely blew up.

  3. His livestreams for his 1 million dollar challenge. I used to tune in to his livestreams everyday. I thought I would get to see some godlike trading, And heck, was I wrong. For the 2 months he streamed, I never saw he had a profitable week. He made obvious beginner mistakes, but claimed he was following his trading plan when in reality he didn’t know what the hell he was doing. He didn’t even know how to calculate his stops for god’s sake. He would go 20 lots on a 20 pips stop and 20 lots on a 100 pip stop, that makes no sense. Now here’s the part where I told myself: Alright I am willing to bet half of my net worth this guy is a fraud. So basically he was losing money all month during the livestream, which wasn’t a surprise. Then suddenly there was a day when he didn’t turn his livestream on. That day, he made around 30k. Its suspect to me why his only 1 major win would be on the only day of the month where he “forgot” to turn on his stream. Coincidence? I think not. It has to be an obvious manipulation of the broker in some way, considering he owns that broker.

  4. His courses and training. Nothing much to say here, as everything’s already been said. You could find all of that info for free on the internet. Nothing special.

I know this post was long - For anyone who read the whole thing you now know not to follow Sam.


Love it when someone completely unrelated comes to the same conclusion as me. Like a kindred spirit! Lol. :+1:


The Turbo JRSX is just an MA Coloured Slope Indicator (and settings) in Oscillator format… available FREE for all platforms including Ctrader, MT4/5 and Tradingview…

Take the time and search for Indicators… 1000’s of FREE Algo’s on the Internet…

DON’T pay for these Indicators…

You can see a very similar chart based strategy based on this type of Indicator HERE

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I used to trade for S&C, less than a year. I thought I would share a few thoughts.

Some of you mention his livestreams. I’ve taken a look at them sometimes. Something that I never understood is why he often took pretty much random trades. He never streamed any of the actual gains that all happened in the beginning(as apparently now he doesn’t have so much" time" for trading anymore). He started to stream right when all those gains ended, so all we have seen in livestream is break-even trading. What’s even worse, is that many of these trades went completely against the strategies and overall main rules that he teaches. Sometimes when I’m in a trade, I would go and check if he has similar positions running to then just be shocked to realize that the trade he was in is the exact opposite of what the market and his rules are showing.

About Samuel’s strategies: Something that quickly made me sceptical about the strategies is that he showed absolutely cherry picked example entries/trades. Reality is very far from that. I have done many many backtests on the strategies in different ways and even improved them. My backtest and trade stats showed that with one of them no matter what you do it’s either break-even or a negative. You can follow the strategy line by line, do Exactly what he shows in the examples, you can fill the full perfect trade checklist to maximize the win probability - you will still not be profitable. The other strategy was basically the same, you need to make changes in it and add extra details/rules to make it work and be profitable.

Samuel has a video: Samuel and Co Trading annihilates forex and binary educators #9 - where he says at 14:07 “Nr 1, you need a verified track record educator, two, they need to have some sort of regulation.” How ironic… No regulations, and when it comes to track record, then most are just strategy tests. Out of the 2 live account stats one is unverified and the other one is rigged.

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So I pulled together a list of trades with these weird analytics patterns from Samuel’s “Why not” account:

It is weird to see that there is a lot of winning trades where data is missing on the analytics. It could be something to do with myfxbook as well, but can someone then explain why it happens?

Also something that should be impossible for a legit account is to have a winning trade with a negative stop-loss exit, as you can see at the very top(-4.20)

I’ve uploaded Samuel’s stats to webarchive just in case.

I have recently just done the same thing. What makes matters worse, i’d already read through this discussion prior to applying for Samuel & Co, but what I find is best, is to find it out for yourself. Assuming you are new to trading like myself, all I want from this is to get an idea of what a strategy to attack the market might consist off. So if we’ve both been chumped, let’s try take something away from this experience, so it isn’t a total loss.

Good Luck!

So from my previous reply, I attended an interview for Samuel & Co in November, the interview was good, it was with Sam’s brother, James. I have done a lot of research in to Samuel Leach, and I am very curious to meet him in person to get an idea of what kind person he is. Through reading his book, I couldn’t understand why he would create a company like the one he got scammed by (unless he still got that anger all bottled up). I am very aware of the terms of this training, and the account you could possibly get. But as you know I am new to trading, and I am not a very well educated individual, so I find making the mistakes is my way of learning. So I will try to provide unbiased comments on this discussion about my experiences with Samuel & Co so that other people can get an idea of what they’re getting into.

Happy New Year to all.

What was the interview about?
It is also kind of suspicious how they only interview people who come to get an in-house JTP training and possibly work in their office in the future, but when you go through the remote trader programme, there is no interview or anything else done in order to make sure the new trader comes in with good intentions(as they will be given 25K!!). But as it seems they don’t even invest their own money in to their traders, it makes sense that they don’t care.

Didn’t you work at Samuel & Co Supramann? See this is where some of my confusion lies, my interview was for a Junior Trader Position, which said there was a minimum of 18K a year. That wasn’t the case when I arrived for the interview, it was however a remote trader position. I could work in the office if I was to give heads up of wanting the office space.

I’m assuming you went through their training? And their Strategy? and Mindset coaching?

How did you find these? Were they helpful in anyway?

Yes I did. I was a Junior Remote Trader. There was no interview. I wasn’t even given a contract until I specifically asked if such thing exists.

I also got a CPD certificate. I have no idea if that has any value, it’s like a random PDF document where anyone can write whatever they want. I could literally replace the title “International Junior Trader Programme – Technical Analysis” in it with “Advanced aeronautical engineering” and claim I’ve gone through such training.

A minimum of 18k a year is a complete lie. That requires a 72% gain, considering you will also give away 50%, you need to turn 25k in to 61K, which is 144% gain per year. Very unrealistic.

I went through the training. It definitely has improved my trading, but I can’t really compare it to anything as this is the only training I’ve ever had in trading. The mindset part could definitely be improved, it was just the very basics. Reading “Chimp Paradox” or any other such book would be a lot more useful.

As you will get 3 courses in the JT programme, another thing I didnt like is that some of the “Advanced Forex & Stock Trading Programme” videos are just copied over from the “Beginners Forex & Stock Trading Programme”. The difference is that the videos in the advanced course are newer. The info in them is the same.

The strategies… I’ve commented about it earlier.
If these forex strategies were used in the way they are presented in the Junior Trader Programme videos, they will absolutely not work, anyone that owns JTP courses can test this out on historical data. To me these strategies seem to be just a basic foundation, like with any other strategy on the internet. There is countless hours of work needed to make them profitable, but at that point you will already have built a whole new strategy for yourself - a one that actually works.

I wonder why almost all of the senior S&C traders have created a babypips forum account on the exact same date, and then started answering mostly to their own comments on a few forum topics between each other. S&C ads? :joy: