Sandy Jadeja Seminars - EXPENSIVE SCAM

Hello All,

I would like to inform you about this guy that holds trading seminars, where he promises profits using stories like:

  • you will buy an apartment in Spain in the next year
  • I donate money to hospitals in Vietnam so you can donate from your profits

I gathered all of those information while attending his seminars and spending a lot of money for stuff that is free online:

First seminar called “Fast Profits” - 2000£

  • I learned how to use a 20MA on a Daily Timeframe chart and buy when price closes above
  • also adding an MACD to exit in time
  • he also added as a bonus 10 signals on SP500 and 8 were losers - the strategy/reason for the signals? - those are his exact words: “when solar flares touch earth once a month, people get emotional and markets move - I have somebody at Nasa that tells me those dates” - I’m not joking guys :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna complain about this one because this seminar made me interested in trading. But 2000 pounds for that? Trust me, that’s all he teaches. I can show you the workbook if you are interested.

Second seminar called “Forecasting” - 3000£

  • you will learn to use Fibonacci to guess where price will turn
  • he will tell you to buy/sell at every fibo level with the promise that when the market will turn your way you will recover the money that you lost at the other levels (crazy, right?)
  • he will tell you that Fibonacci is a magical tool that uses ancient magical numbers - yep!

Third seminar called “Daily Income” - 3500£

  • you learn to use Pivot Points on intraday charts to just sell/buy when are touched - no other indicators
  • you learn to use psychological numbers to buy/sell - no other indicators
    so if the price goes up and touches a PP or PSY Number, you buy and wait

Maybe it sounds crazy for some of you guys but its real. Those seminars take like 1-2 days and in the rest of the time he tells stories about how he knows important people around the world and he predicted 4 financial crises.

All his stories are very confusing and filled with unbelievable narratives about people and places that can just be made up and cannot be verified in any way. The guy is very charismatic and a good public speaker. But what are you paying for? He sells this stuff (upselling) by promising you will leave your job in a few months and buy an apartment in Spain within one year.

He does not let you use your phone at a seminar (he has some bodyguard watching people). He is very careful because in UK, USA, EU, promising profits can be very illegal.

Yes I have paid all those money (8500£) and I feel that is correct to inform anyone who doesn’t know anything about him or trading in general. Guys, ask other people in this forum if what he promises with the tools above its even possible. I am not going to say anything else. I think we can call him a scammer.

In the meantime I have learned how to trade and I work with a prop company in London. I have recovered all those money from the markets and I think now this is just what I have been thru to be a professional trader. But I have been very pissed a while, after I have realized that the bullshit he sold me is free online.

Let me know if you didn’t understand or have any questions. I can give more details.


Please leave a comment so that this thing shows on google. There is nothing out there about this scam. Only a few fools leaving shallow reviews without showing results.


How many other people were “attending” these seminars with you?
I guess the all could have been “plants” though.

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Don’t trust anyone that has a company called “SignalPro” - you know where that’s going.


At the first seminar were around 200 people
Second one, around 100
Third one around 50-70 people

All those were in London. But he has seminars all around the worls, especially in South Africa and Asia where laws for trading advice don’t exist. Most of the people were from Europe or Asia desperately coming to London for his seminar.

They are mainly recruited from events made by companies like Success Resources where they invite speakers like Robert Kyosaky, Gary Vee and others. Only Gary Vee called “the bullshit that is being sold in the back of the room” :)))) but I didn’t understand it then. Sandy Jadeja said at the seminar that Gary Vee is part of an elite that doesn’t want us to know this stuff. Yep

Again, I’m a happy victim because I changed course and made it in trading. But there are poor people there (from poor countries) that paid all their money and they were losing money in the markets also.

There is a reason why the guy doesn’t have a presence online. He is a modern snake oil salesman that only works offline. He has thousands of people attending his seminars.

Hi Mr YonatanDoron, thank you for your sharing. currently He is on virtual events on Success Resources again, and I almost feel wanna went into his events already. He talk so charismatic, plus facts/information’s from CNBC kinds of posts, it really make persuasive for ppl like me, feeling want make money from investing markets. I have attend many investment courses, but yet fails to earn money from trading in markets. Since you are professional traders now, do you mind to share with me, how you make it? And how really can earn money from markets? Those public speaker, really seem to be very professional in marketing, publishing, and promotions. But they only earn from mass ppl courses fees to make themselves Rich. I seldom saw any students really make money after attend the courses included me. Hopefully you can share me some your real stories… Email me pls, zaqwe19 hotmail. com… sincere learners…

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Hi @YonatanDoron - Sorry you spent a lot of money and the value wasn’t there.

But let’s be clear - are you saying these strategies cannot work for anyone or just that the content was highly priced?

One’s a scam and one’s not.

Hi @tommor - both, seminars 2 and 3 are complete bullshit, I can send you a few photos of the workbooks if you are interested. You will find better strategies here on Babypips that are still weak, but better than his and free.

Example: he is saying to buy when the price crosses a pivot point from down up. That’s it!

Example: take the last L and H put a fib tool on it and if the market makes a bearish candle at the next fib level, you sell because it means its going to reverse. The market reacts to fib numbers because are ancient numbers (his words) - does this sound legit to you?

Make your own decision. Everything he teaches you will find on this website for free and in better explanations.

Well both these strategies sound legit in that I’ve heard then before and I’ve heard traders say they’re using them successfully with no reference to Sandy Jadeja.

So maybe his course is poor value. But value is subjective, what’s a high price to person A could be very good value to person B.

I know all this stuff’s on the internet and free, or its in books which can be had very cheaply. But I’ve also heard experienced traders say that no free internet trading stuff is worth a minute of anybody’s time. And I’ve certainly found doing my own research on the internet almost none of that free stuff on the internet is comprehensive or detailed enough to let anyone trade it properly. In which case, it could be a good decision to pay for a comprehensive course where you can get a much more complete picture, useful Q&A and subsequent support.

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Hi @Lee1991 - 95% of the people lose money in trading because 95% of the education on this planet is wrong. You don’t have to pay for anything. Take the course here on babypips for free and you will know it. I don’t agree with all the content but it’s great that they made it for free.

I made it work after I did the ICT stuff (inner circle trader). I’m sure other stuff can work but I find my value in the time spent for trading. I didn’t got in this only for money, I wanted free time also and being precise.

I trade max 3-4 days per week and making the profit targets with 3-4 good trades per week. I have a 80-90% hit rate. That’s what I do now. After you really learn Forex, trading indexes and commodities becomes so easy. You have to understand most of those guru’s are failed traders that end up selling courses.

I’m not sure if I am allowed to give details here but I will send you an email so you can decide for yourself.


  • there is free stuff on internet that made me profits and changed everything when I almost gave up. It’s just not packaged with quotes, fancy videos and charismatic people speaking (I am a professional speaker (not in trading), I know what they are doing)
  • what you said sounds exactly like Sandy
  • if anything would work many people would make money and actually show results - MONEY BALANCE - that’s all that matters - PROFIT - anything else is silly talk
  • they will always say trading is 80% psychology so they will blame your psychology and keep buying their advice
  • trading is a lot of work that’s my personal experience, and if you don’t know what’s going on behind those charts you stand no chance with all those lines that you draw on your screen, indicators and price patterns

I only care about profits in trading. I don’t believe in this “subjective” argument. I can explain you my profitable strategy in a few hours and you will understand it. But why would I waste my time? Why would I make a course about it and sell it? The more I learn and profit, the more I travel (not now, haha), the more I do other cool stuff that I like and I have zero interest in showing to others how I do it or discuss about it. That’s the reality of trading. There are very few people that teach profitable stuff.

So please don’t post those arguments. Not for make sake. But you could steer people in losing their hard worked money on bad courses and on the markets.

Yes, I’ve had very much useful information from the internet that has helped my trading. That’s why I use these forums. I’ve even seen some really well thought out ideas from Youtube clips (horror of horrors! as some would say).

Yes, almost any strategy can work, but not many traders can apply them to their full and control their risk and capital throughout. But that IS down to psychology - what else could it be?

I’ve never sold a trading course and have in the past said I never would. But I don’t hold to the widespread belief of noisy people who say the only people selling courses are those who can’t trade - that’s clearly not automatically true in trading or any other field.

I would definitely recommend nobody pays for a course which they don’t need, and nobody over-pays for a course they do need. But some people do need a training course, they aint gonna make it else.


I agreed especially, those Gurus education is smtg went wrong, if not, why they don’t make money? And if they know the secrets, why they don’t even go borrow bank for lower interest and invest earn more than 20percent per mth, that will be more faster than please ppl go for their courses… So, there is not so call secrets on it… I don’t saw JPMorgan traders come out to teach courses… Some really make money on markets also silently do themselves since they really make money, bcoz they worry once their pattern known by others, they hard to sustain that strategy to earn from markets… That why, I wonder those Gurus, perhaps their strategy is no longer works, then they come out to teach.

OK, I don’t mind… kindly send me any on how you learn and trade and success in making money on markets… there must be some pattern or something I might miss out, that why I lose money in markets.

Thank you so much.

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Also, if you dont mind, kindly send me the photos, and workbook you have with Sandy one… I always believe Facts and Proved… If you didnt attend his course and get nothing or earn ntg from his teach, you wont be spent some much time write all paragaph just to pointed to him.

As you written, i saw it is quite details, and is alike courses teach kind of ingredients. For examples, tellling mindset (psycology), then SMA Line, then some other indicator, and talk until very pro, but in fact it is just a simple indicator out of many many that is already existed in software…

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Hi, I dont understd what “message” Tommor would like to deliver.

First of all, YonatanDoron is just sharing on his experience on attending Sandy Jadeja courses, with 3 courses with the amount money paid. In fact, we all know that, the Gurus like to teach you a little bit, then again, ask you for next level, then another upgrade level courses. (The reason behind: Gurus have throw so many money into marketing and promotion, they are impossible to teach you 1 course for all his teachnique, just imagine one courses is $2000, is it Easier to sell existing customer with upgrade courses OR sell to new customer with normal courses? Of coz existing customer, right?

I just don’t understd why Tommor keep stand side on Sandy Jadeja? Have you went outside to see how many Gurus selling courses with all packaging/ branding outside? But their students just blindly pay the courses fees for upgrade and upgrade? Do you know, those testimonial can be pay to speak on? Do you know some new Gurus, want show fast result, has been create how many fakes post, fake testimonial just to boost up their marketing strategy? All of this is because it is Business.

But, business shouldnt do it this way. If the strategy really workable, no need to do fake things, fake post, misleading information, and people will automatically go for their courses.

Why so many victims drop to their traps then? Becoz, “secret”. Most victims really think that they want to knw the so call secrets and grow wealth fast, so they go attend gurus course. This Gurus just use a strategy so call " create a success courses to fish those people havent success but want to success like you". Those eager to chase success will non-stop chasing, and that is the reason behind they keep finding powerful courses to attend. But, end up, they dont realize they already become the rat race, keep chasing those successful people courses. And, at the end of the day, they never been success, the most success is, the Success resource (Event organiser) and the Gurus (Speaker). Because they already earn your pocket money, your success or not, is not their problems, becoz those gurus still need fish others people for their living and expenses as well.

Again, i am appreciated for those really had paid the hard earn money attend those courses and willing to share, to avoid more victims to drop into their traps… Only when we know what is the Real happen Inside, then we able to make the right choices. For example, like Sandy Jadeja course, if we feel the 3 seminars is really useful for me, after know what will happen and what is going to learn through the courses, i can make decision based on very informative information. (Again, those Gurus just would like to hide, and dont tell and single words on what will teaching, like they wont tell you they teach you the pivot point, Sma line etc. Very easy common sense, if really no intention to cheat people, what is the reason for hiding? If your SMA line is better than others people method, not scare to share, becoz it is work!)

So, if from beginning it is already hiding/ scare ppl to know something, then i think the Gurus is not sincere enough and no point to learn from him (Example). Because, before entering the courses, you already feel insecure, how about after course, do you think their after sales services will be good? I don’t think so. A good or bad personality can reflect on what is he/she doing on presents.

Again, i appreciate for those dare to share more Insider news on this kind of course, to really avoid victims fall into their traps. From my side, i dont help anyone to promo, talk on behalf, or blaming/ cursing anyone. What i talk is fully based on my experience, and you need not to believe, but can test it by using your eye and heart when attend this kind of preview seminars.

Last but no least, i thank you for YonatanDoron for sharings his valuable opinion. Becoz most of the people dont dare to share their failure, many of outside people after attended courses, but not make any profits/money, they tend to hide, they feel shame, I personal think that it is Okay to fail, becoz alike many entrepreneur outside, they are not overnight success, they all experience thousand of times failure, then only achieve their success of today. Also i appreciated this platform for us to look more clearly picture on those regardless it is Forex/ trading course, digital marketing course or any others. Pls do share if you attended, what is the Pro and Cons for it, so our next generations will not become the next Victims!!! Thank you.

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Just because something is expensive does not make it a scam. People who deliver training in trading are not necessarily failed traders. Even if the same content is available elsewhere free of charge, it could still be a worthwhile decision for some people to pay for it.

I like to make my own mind up, I don’t like to be told what to think.

@YonatanDoron Hi, do you mind to share with me the trading method? Can email me also, under =


*Take out all " - "

Thank you very much.

Hey there, I see you went for the seminars. I went for the fast profits as well as the forecasting and have been utilising the techniques for a couple of years now. I guess the courses were not bad, but I had the same disappointment when it’s a pretty basic strategy to pay so much for. Do you mind sharing what you learnt from the daily income? How do you get the pivot points, and what are the psychological numbers? Is it the same as the forecasting?

Thank you so much

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Hi @YonatanDoron

First of all, I really appreciate on what you have shared and glad that I found this post.

I joined Sandy course 2 years ago on his entry level course in Singapore and obvious I lost quite a lot of money in trading on top of the course fee by using the technique he thought. Same thing happen on the HE signal which lost most of the time. Same experience as you.

Recently due to the corona pandemic, he now offer online Webiner course at slightly cheaper price at usd 895 for Daily profit Swing trading. The course include 2 technique mainly trade on Dow Jones index. I guess it is similar to the upgrade course you attend on Pivot Point and Psychology number. I almost want to sign up since he offer online at much cheaper price and considering it another try. I am glad that i found this post before sign up.

Do you mind send me picture of your notes? [Removed for Forums Policy Violation] Is the Pivot point and psychology number really works on Dow Jones index. During the preview webiner, he did show the trade records from his students which is pretty recent to 2 to 3 days ago with nice profit and roughly almost 90% profit trade and only 10% lost.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I’m just his webinar today and almost signed up,

@YonatanDoron what pivot points/signals does he teach? Would be grateful if you could send them to me so I can decide to proceed or not

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Hi @amitp

You can find the pivot Points strategy in BabyPips here. The only thing that I don’t know is which time chart setting he is using for entry. for example 5 min chart or 1 min, is it using today number or yesterday number to calculate the pivot point or use last 1 hours to calculate?

It would be great if @YonatanDoron can share some insights of it and whether or not if this works majority of the time.


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