Sandy Jadeja Seminars - EXPENSIVE SCAM

Hi @Brenster

The first seminar is also crap but decided not to complain about it. And yes, its just a 20 Moving Average on daily candles combined with a MACD Histogram (5-25-5 on settings)

I made some photos on the workbook and uploaded them - mega(dot)nz/folder/0d1U2aTC#LMj-EM63dMMfPFV5nlDyfA - just replace the (dot) with a dot

You find pivot points on any platform, its an indicator but Sandy teaches how to calculate them manually (see the formulas in the link) - he just does that to make it seem more fancy and make it seem like he knows old secrets, he keeps repeating that “real knowledge is ancient and ancient knowledge has been taken away from you” - but that’s crap again, old stuff doesn’t work in trading because is old, prices are now driven by AI Algorithms that don’t care about indicators and formulas. They only care about profits, balancing price and running after liquidity pools.

Psy numbers are round numbers, like 100, 50 and there is a theory that price reacts to them because people use them a lot. But maybe it was true 20-30 years ago when charts were on papers only. He will not show you how to exactly use them to trade, like how do you entry and where you take profits. He just talks nonsense, tells stories and quotes.

Some good work about psy numbers has been done by Ilian Yotov check his Quarters Theory book. Its interesting

But again: from “price reacts to those numbers” to “how do I use this to make money” is a big gap and he will not fill it. Also I didn’t find no one online to fill it because the theory is useless. If someone calls this a strategy then we can call him a scammer.

I did backtesting for months on those things. I used to dream charts every night and couldn’t sleep. I know what I’m talking about and did all my homework before talking. I am not a failed trader, I am a successful one , but not because of this crap.

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Hi @ctan6611

That Sandy Seminar ad reminded me to post this here, haha

I am curious how he shared results? Just some photos or written words? That can be faked, let’s be serious. He makes hundred of thousands of dollars per seminar. I think he is capable of lying for those money and no one knows because he manages those chat groups himself.

When you buy a car, you hop in it and see if it works, you don’t watch a video about it and have it sent to you. You can be scammed like this.

Its the same with trading. The mentor has to find a way to send you results that cannot be faked. For example my mentor does live trading on tradingview or he predicts levels the the market will get to - you can’t fake that and guess what, sometime he loses and we learn from that too.

I sent you an email. Please reply there with other questions.

He is using all timeframes. Pivot points is an indicator that can be found on any charting platform. They are not magic

Maybe you can use them in a bigger strategy as a sentiment indicator but whoever calls them a “trading strategy” is just a charlatan.

DO your backtesting on the charts and imagine how would you have traded them. Consider buying when the price goes up and touches a pivot point and selling when price goes down and touches a pivot point. Remember to look also for when your trade will be a loss.

I do not recommend going in any seminar done by Sandy Jadeja. Consider your time loss, your mental health, personal disappointment and all the money you will lose in the markets. You might thank me later. If you do join, come back and share your experience. And by experience I mean results, profits, not superficial talk like he does.

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Hey @YonatanDoron,

Thanks for the insight. I went for the first seminar, although it was simple, it helped me increase my account size 5 times. That’s when I really believed in his strategies and started to go for forecasting. But I lost all of it because the drawdowns were just way too high if the market is not trending.

I can’t seem to access the workbook, but seems if it’s pivot points he’s referring to, then I could use the baby pips website to learn about it?

Thanks for the introduction to the book, will take a look at it. I think backtesting really helps alot before putting your money on the strategy.

Then you’ve learned nothing and he didn’t teach you the most important thing about trading which is MONEY MANAGEMENT.

You can take a 100,000 account to 1,000,000 but if you don’t actually manage your risk you’ll be bound to go back towards 100k if not just totally wiping yourself out. If you were risking a small pct everytime you traded even if you had a streak of losers you’d still be in the game.

Backtesting works sure but it also doesn’t account to what’s happening in REAL TIME. I can backtest my strategy from 2008-2012 and not get the same results today. The reason is what’s happening now is totally different from what happened in 2008-2012. All to say I think the biggest problem with new traders is they’re trying to use someone else’s strategy to make money. Obviously as a beginner I tried some strategies and tweaked them myself but the biggest issue I kept running back to is why did the person initiate the trade? Sure they could explain to me their strategy and how the signals occur but what I noticed immediately is we are all different. We can all look at the same marked up chart now and we would all have 100 different opinions of what we are seeing. After that I truly said to myself if I’m going to be risking my money on trades then I should know why I placed these trades. More importantly you start understanding your system, your way of thinking, how you operate when it comes to trading. This will help immensely down the long road and obviously they’re some of us who require the coaching, mentor, holding hand to get us through. All I’m saying is keep your eyes open and question everything someone tells you. Also you can always look online and find more information whether it’s a indicator, a certain strategy, or anything else in regards to trading. Don’t just settle for one person’s word and that’s in anything in life. Always do your own due diligence in making sure it’s accurate. I wish you all much success in trading and the babypips education is an excellent place to start if you’re TRULY EAGER TO LEARN HOW TO TRADE ON YOUR OWN.

Hi @momoisnyc

That’s right, he barely talks about money management in the seminars. The main MM strategy is : put the SL 5 points or 5 pips under the last candle. Like all assets are the same thing.

His entry is: put a buy order and a sell order above and below the last candle with SL reversed and when the market goes one way you delete the other order.

Finding your directional bias from a higher timeframe or making multiple timeframe analysis is alien language to him. Positioning SL in a place that makes sense or using ATR to measure how much an asset can move is again too much for his teachings.

To think that someone can make you buy an apartment in Spain in 6 months because he has a genius strategy is nonsense. Otherwise we will all be neighbours in Spain!

I use a replay function to backtest. Its’s almost like real time and makes you relize how much we like to fool ourselves and think that we would have taken every good trade in the market.

Its the same with scammers, they like to sugarcoat everything with quotes, promises, lifestyle and don’t talk about what really moves the price or backtesting or money management because its not sexy at all.

I really reccomend you all to check No Nonsense Forex on YouTube. He has psychology and money management videos that are very good. Also his strategy is so cool if you think its good for you. And its all FREE! But again… free stuff its not sexy. People wanna buy to avoid work and end up losing all their savings and destroying valuable time from their life.

Yes you’re right another problem to me is the eager beavers looking for a holy grail system.

A doctor didn’t become a doctor overnight.
A lawyer didn’t become a lawyer overnight
A scientist didn’t become a scientist overnight.

So why do people think you’ll become a trading guru/millionaire overnight? I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s highly unlikely to happen and that’s the truth. It takes hard work to be a trader and it’s not struggling to build a strategy or anything like that. The biggest hurdle a trader faces is themself. Yes your strategy might say take this trade but your human emotions will either get you out the trade to early or shorten your profits. It’s understanding you have a strategy that works, your bound to take losses with your wins, and understanding you as the trader have to eventually get your emotions down packed. That’s the hardest thing to do, some people struggle for years to get this part down. If you can truly get your emotions in checked you’ve won 85% of the battle. As long as your strategy fits your criteria and it has a decent success rate you should be just fine. As they say there’s more than one way to skin a cat the same goes for trading. There are multiple ways to reach success in trading it’s finding what works BEST FOR YOU more importantly.

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Hi @Brenster

Like you said before, that MA strategy does not worth the money he is charging. That is a scam in my opinion. Other people just call it overpriced and they agree. I guess they don’t care about their hard earned money. I doubt that they are profitable in trading at all.

I fixed the link - mega(dot)nz/folder/Idt2WKSa#8tycfwGBkNpIAo6D3wEkFQ - let me know if there is any problem

Yes, everything you find for free on BabyPips is what 95% of the traders in this world will try to sell you on big money. I wish you will become profitable so you can see how crazy this world is.

Thanks for the wonderful advice guys! I believe daily income would be referring to using pivot point for much shorter time frames - 3mins or so. Have tested it with the 5min charts with some success.

I had the same experience. He talks very good, and he showed “Fake results” IMO.

@YonatanDoron What’s your email? Anyway to reach you and maybe you can share you ideas/strategies in forex. Thanks!

Sandy is part of CoreSpreads so he encourages you to use them, this obviously benefits him.
He provides you a system that trades on the 3 min charts. You will be chopped up entering and exiting throughout the day with his basic signals in this low time frame. However, the more you trade the more the broker gets and the more benefits go to…
His signals like most charlatans out there only work in hindsight, eg “You could have made this much here to here and you could have made £££££’s so my course is cheap and a steal at this price.” He will never do a live trade call.