Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Did catch 54 pips today on two trades, GBPUSD and NZDJPY. Could have been double that if I was actually watching the charts around the speech.

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Settling, that’s my style!:grinning::+1:

Edit. 54 pips, that’s a good day’s work. Bravo!

Well done.

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Does anyone have the indicators names to use Tradingview with this strategy.
I’m failing badly to get the correct indicators for MT4

Closed Nzd/Cad at break even.

Closed Eur/Aud.

Finally, I small scalp victory on Eur/Usd short. Low volume so I loaded up on lot size.

Only been trading an hour.

D1 trades all in profit (net 65 pips).

Off to do some work.
Nice to finish Friday with a few pips.

Have a great weekend traders!


Yes! I had jumped in on a Euro USD long before leaving the house and it just paid off huge.


4 scalp wins today. Perfect for Friday trading.
No losses for months now.

More earnings today than yesterday.


For now, we have reached a net 100 Pips profit on the three remaining D1 trades.

I have moved my stop loss on Aud/Chf to break even. I may decide Monday if I want to keep it there, or lock in some profit, or give it more breathing room.

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Actually, I am now leaning to closeout Aud Chf and take the 40 Pips now so I don’t have to endure a bull candle on Monday. It’s been nice that it gave me a good profit this quickly.

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Ok. I took the 40 Pips profit and re-entered to try and see another 40+ pips in the coming days.

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Moody’s rating service downgraded U.S government to negative today.

Maybe being 10s of trillions in debt with having to print another trillion dollars a year just to pay the interest on it isn’t a good thing after all.

Could be the reason for a late dump of USD into closing.


Hey folks,

I’ve been following this thread for a few months now and just created a baby pips account to finally talk to you guys.
I am 21 years old, from Germany.
I tried the King of Forex strategy (cost averaging EMA strategy on YouTube) on FTMO free trial Demo Account, since my goals is to get funded and make a living trading, especially since I want to start uni next winter.
I was really surprised when I saw that with king I am actually able to make 1% and more every morning (6-9AM UTC +1) (noticed that price likes to range like 3 hours pre London opening).
Problem is: in order to pass a funded account challenge, I can’t have a drawdown bigger than 5%.
With king, 1 out of 6 times I end up being stuck in a tough trend and violating the drawdown rules.

Any suggestions? I thought I could try hedging, for example as I hit like 3% drawdown hedge all of my positions, that way my P/L stops at -3% and stays there no matter how much more price moves against me. Then I just wait until the trend reverses and close the hedges about breakeven and close the original positions when in overall profit or at least breakeven.

How are you guys handling king? It can cause huge drawdowns, what are you doing about that? Are you really just sitting and wait with like 10 or 20% of your account in drawdown? Sometimes for days?Keeping cost averaging?

Also: you guys are literally so inspiring! Reading your posts really makes me think: Damn, there are ACTUALLY people out there being profitable, almost effortlessly. If they can do it, I can do it too!
Let’s fulfil this forex dream! It’s not about the money, it’s about the freedom and time that trading brings. I am young, and I don’t want to waste my life working 8 hours a day. Life is too beautiful and I want to enjoy the ■■■■ out of it.



Hi cateau.

I can only speak for myself, but yes, if the daily chart looks good, I’ll let the kof trades play out for many days.

I still think it’s my fault that I ever need to because I never see that happen on King’s live trading.

I’ve been thinking about how I could add filters to make sure its a rare occurrence. I think i would assume that if the kof buy signal is toward the bottom of the Cap Channel (or Keltner) its a better quality signal than if its at the top. Same with Sell signal and the top of the Cap channel.

Could save some frustration?

Was anyone watching Usd/Jpy yesterday a few hours before market closed?

Order block signals were amazing!

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Thank you American Trader for your reply!
Yeah I really like the cap channel so far and thought the same. Using it as “guiding rail” while trading kof seems legit. Gives you a good feeling of how much more price can go up or down.

I will try it that way next week and if something “catastrophic” happens I’ll try hedging.

Will keep you guys up to date! Keep it up!

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I wasn’t watching USD/JPY, but was taking a look at Gold.


Very interesting to see a sudden surge in Gold price, ie USD being dumped into the closing.

Ie. yes, the order block signals were amazing.

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Entry pattern if you are using long term Smoothed Heiken Ashi for entry signal confirmation. In this example on M1, Heiken Ashi set to 150 smoothed.

Enter long if Heiken Ashi showing up trend (Yellow) and near bottom of Cap channel.
Enter short if Heiken Ashi showing down trend (Red) and near top of Cap channel.

I think this also helps with Kof.

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