Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Same chart with Macd/Channel Strategy signals added.


Sorry for any inconvenience, I’m just wondering what downloaded indicators you are using.
Currently I have the Cap channel indicator and an order block breaker indicator downloaded, Im still struggling with the strategy in finding potential signals and the ideal timeframes so I wanted to be more sure on it.
Im assuming you have a smoothed Heiken Ashi indicator downloaded, is there anything else?
Thank you regardless.


Cap, Block, Smoothed Heiken Ashi. And you need something to tell you if buyers or sellers are winning: Level 2 indicator works, or
TicksSeparateVolume.ex4 (14.6 KB)
Those are the only downloaded ones you need.


King of Forex live trading has begun

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Today was my 3rd best trading day of November. $1 behind my 2nd best Nov trading day.

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That’s great, congratulations!

Big USD move at the moment, enjoy the pips!


Thanks SirKharles. Now today moved to the #1 spot.

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Eur/Aud looking good for long on both H1 and W1

Pips earned in November is at 431. I’m betting we have a few traders on the forum who have me beat by a wide margin.

295 pips expected from open D1 trades in the next week to end of year.

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Another great trading morning.

I now have a new #2 best day in November.

All small TF trades closed & I am ready to go to work for a few hours today.

For anyone who got into Eur/Aud yesterday…congratulations on your profits.


What a morning! Kept my GBPUSD and NZDJPY trades open from last week to babysit them as they were in the red. Yesterday and today turned those around. So not my normal scalp trades for sure. Closed for 140 pips this morning. Great feeling.

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Nice job, Samewise!

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Caught some trades on EURUSD and GBPUSD.

Hey @AmericanTrader do you do any multi time frame OB analysis? Or do you just reference the OBs in your active time frame? So like the 1H you’re showing above?


Yes, I always multi-time frame the order blocks. I have a 5-minute chart open of one pair and also typically 4 hour and sometimes a daily as well.

This is primarily on non-major pairs as I want to save the majors for scalping. But I include Nz and Aus and CHF pairs for multiple tfs.

It’s been working really well for me.

TradingView setup

Trying out some TV I see!

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Yeah. Just wanted to get familiar with it to see if I can be of any assistance with TV users who are newer to forex trading.


Hey AT, what’s the name of the indicators that you have been using on Trading View? I was looking earlier but can’t seem to find them.

Its kind of hard to tell what the indicators are. I think from the community scripts strategy: mix1 ema cross + trend channel

And from indicators: capnsbands\V2

I just recently started playing around with TV, so there could be better indicators. But these look good to me.