Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

The BigPipper strikes again!


Go big pipper popper peeper.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, meaning that the total amount of energy in the universe has always been and will always be constant. And yet, the amount that people will waste of their share always amazes me.

Anyway, here’s one that I’m currently in on the EU.

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My limit order just kicked off and hit takeprofit 115 pips.


I just made 325 pips!!!

I think I’m in a new tax bracket now.

Are you a scientist?

Are you a math professor? :joy:
Also guys who regularly post on this thread be careful @silverf466 might make a 30 minute video trying to convince you that a moving average is useless.

Just an observer.

I I am a computer programmer of C language with 40 years experience.

Is there a specific question that you would like to ask me?

I didn’t think so.

First KOF win!

5 pips.

Only 1 entry on USD/CAD.

Second KOF win. 7 entries. 10 pips.

I closed too soon. Closed at the 9 ema and it went down to the 50.



I’m just curious, do you have any kind of a statements that would reconcile your trading efforts in this thread?

It has been brought to my attention that some people post fake trades and we sure wouldn’t want to look like we’re doing that now would we?

Sorry I didn’t respond about this earlier. My take on it is that on the chart you ideally want the nine, 20, 50, and 200 EMAs spread out and in that order. That way if the nine is on the top and the 200 is on the bottom. If you see a long candle go above the 9 EMA you are selling and you are expecting price to go toward the 200 ema. My experience, however, is that it works in both directions.

And another one…

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I just added $115 on a Eur/Jpy

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It’s been a good day,


Yes it has.

Those last trades changed it from avg to niiiiiiice.

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  • Like most forms of technical analysis, moving averages are based on past price moves and DO NOT FORECAST THE FUTURE.

Here’s the $500 I missed out on Eur/Usd friday.

It was disturbing. I was working. It was freezing out and I had an exterior commercial property inspection. Yes, I made a nice trade on the way home. But how do I make it easier on myself and not miss the easiest money of the day?

Well, I’m looking at the Adaptive Moving Average with push alerts on the 1M chart. Its fewer signals, but very good signals. Its the red wavy line. When price goes above it, I buy, using PSAR as SL area. Opposite for sells.

The three signals were easy money.