Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Good move. I have to say that you’re moving averages are not worthless like other people’s moving averages you’re moving averages are well they’re like steadily moving averages which makes a difference the the rate of movement of the moving average is not as important as the average as it is the movie that is important.

I played it just like you did but I made $275 pips!!!

Excellent excellent excellence.

You literally follow this man, just to troll him.

In all of the posts in this thread nobody has ever talked about the opening of a trade.

The only talk is about how trades get closed.

I am suggesting that all trades in this thread are fabricated and faked.

Take a look at this indicator… just FYI, there is no way in the world that you could get a trading signal from this indicator.

But if you want to explain to me how you got a trading signal from this crazy looking indicator, I am all ears.

Respectfully, not a single person here is asking for, or seeking your approval. It astounds me how much time you’ve spent here just being salty for fun.

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Thank you for sharing that with me.

This topic is listed under free forex trading systems, and I am checking it out to see if I might like this trading system.

I do not see any trades opening being discussed or even mentioned.

I’m not sure that they’re not just making up trades.

That’s what Bernie Madoff used to do he would wait until the end of the month and he would just make up a completely fabricated statement for his investors. He would look at the previous month’s trading charts and he would see that XYZ stock did a run upwards and he would claim that he was buying on that run. In the end Bernie was saying that he traded options, but then people asked around and nobody in the options selling business remembered ever selling a single option to Bernie. Bernie was operating a 50 billion dollar Ponzi scheme for which he received a 150-year federal prison sentence and he died in prison.


You don’t have to be.



Two sock puppet accounts that are used by @AmericanTrader

I am suggesting that both of those accounts are operated exclusively by @AmericanTrader

They have ONLY posted in this thread.

What are the odds that two people would show up in a trading forum and ONLY Post in one single thread and nothing else?

You got to love those sock puppets.


Have fun being you, pal.

I can be friendly, but I am not your pal.

:kissing_heart: sorry buddy.

I crunch numbers. I am all about the numbers.

Let’s keep this thing on a professional level.

You’re all about trolling, pal. And that’s ok, but you don’t have to do it here.

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I’m just trying to figure out when the trades get opened. There isn’t one single mention of a trade being opened in this thread, only trades being closed are being talked about.

If that’s trolling to you, that’s fine with me.

But hey, let’s keep this on a professional level.

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You may feel free to exit this thread at anytime. The rules are not that we have to prove anything to you. You e expressed your distrust for MAs and MA based strategies which this is one. Not sure why you’re still lurking around something you’re so very much against, buddy.

Nobody is selling anything, or using other people’s money, so the first and the second Madoff reference were irrelevant.

You’ve offered nothing constructive, only mocking posts, asking for proof of things nobody is required to provide to you. Yet you still stay, I think just to be nasty. And it’s your right to stay, as you’ve said, it is public…the only thing we can do is ignore your posts which I will do from here forward. Have fun coming into a place you don’t agree with or appreciate, and screaming into the ether.


I do not see anywhere in this entire thread where someone has come in and said “I am going short/long on the Euro at x price”.

I do see many places where someone says that they CLOSED a trade, but it is a well-known fact in trading that this is a clear sign that fake trades are being posted.

Can you show me anywhere in this entire thread where a trade has been opened?

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I downloaded the indicators on the Forex Factory forum for their work on the King of Forex strategy. ( M1 Countertrend Scalping Strategy pg 217) Don’t know anything about those indicators or how effective they are yet.

Here is what your chart will look like with those indicators applied:

or this, if you apply the Heiken Ashi

These arrows look like they could be used as a good exit strategy for the channel strategy.

Arrows_Signal (1).ex4 (2.6 KB)

So hey Mr American trader, when’s the next trade opening up I’m really anxious to see you work.