School for offline use?

Hi guys (and girls),

As a commuter into London every morning, I find I can only access the babypips school for the potion of my journey into work that is “overground”. Now I’m not sure if this has already been asked here, but is there a pdf or other form of documentation that exits with the lessons from the school already complied?

If not, being an IT consultant, I could very easily put one together, encompassing all the lessons if that’s something others would find useful?



I definitely would be interested in the BabyPips school lessons being compiled into an Ebook or Audiobook as I understand your connectivity issue.
It is difficult to manage websites saved for offline viewing in all browsers, perhaps that could be a solution as well?

Are you an independent consultant, or do you work for a consulting firm? Just curious, I myself am retired and trade the markets full time. This is all I do.

It’s easy enough, if a little time consuming, to do that for personal use, but I’m a little (actually quite a LOT) concerned that offering to distribute copies is a breach of copyright - or certainly of “Good faith”

I would certainly caution against doing so without express permission of the site owners / Admin.

The question has cropped up a couple of times recently though and I’m wondering if the site could be persuaded to sell copies of the school in pdf or even hard copy for a modest price - say $20 ?

What say you @Pipstradamus ?

Hi @JetfuelInv and @JJFlack

Upon doing a search about this topic, there is no PDF available for the School of Pipsology.

and like what Martin_K said in this post:

copying and sharing the PDF copy of the School without approval is considered Copyright Infringement.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hey Falstaff,

Thanks for the question. We sold a PDF for several years, ending sometime in 2009. Currently, as you and others have pointed out, distributing a PDF copy to others, free or paid, does amount to copyright infringement. Our terms do, however, state you can create an offline copy for yourself.

We’ve thought about bringing back a paid version of the PDF, including some quizzes as well, but nothing concrete has been decided. Perhaps if the demand increases, we might take another look at doing so.

Thanks for the question!