Seeking financial freedom thru Forex

Hello, I have been trading the currency market for a year now. I have a full-time job but it’s just not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love trading. I started with cryptocurrency in 2017 during its bullish cycle until the last quarter when it retraced and I felt sad (lol). I really thought It will continue to surge higher and higher and higher but I guess being ignorant as I am and new to it all, I realized that there’s more to it than buy and hold. I wanted to know how to trade the equities, the cryptocurrency and then I found forex through a referral I received from my e-mail. It was heaven sent! I just have to learn how to become profitable and they will fund me to trade their money. I am on my last level to being funded, yay! Anyway, I discovered babypips a year ago and find it as a good source of information and how it is presented which makes me smile because of some humour put into it. Why it took me this long to join babypips? I don’t really know haha. But here I am and I would like to learn differently from what I have learned so far. I wish everybody success in their pursuit of financial freedom. I am one of them who seeks it. Toast to a wonderful and rewarding journey.

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Who is going to fund you when you are profitable?

It could be quite difficult for the trader to get funded. In most of the cases, the traderwould need to join prop-trading company to get access o larger buying power. At the same time, you need to be sure that you realy need more BP. Forex provides huge leverage so you can strart trading even with relatively small initial capital. In fact, the trader should be ready to work with large positions and also communicate with investors - keep in mind that due to the high risks related to trading their profit expectation would also be high. That is why it is better rely on your own funds as long as it is possible, unless you will have solid statistics of profitable trading.

I like how you threw that in that someone will fund you. Just get a job and save up. Good luck in your pursuit. People on here are more switched on than you think, they wont fall for no tricks.

I have a full time job, Rickster99 and I don’t fall for tricks too that’s why I am taking my time to learn in my simulated account. I don’t need to save for my capital because, as I have mentioned, I am with a company that funds Forex traders after they pass all the levels required, but there’s more to that. I have my own money in equities as of now. Anyhow, I have learned so much and I am only here to see differently from how I learn from them. I am having a difficult time with my equity curve right now. I have more wins than losses but when I let one loser run, it wipes out my daily return which is the only reason i am still not funded. Thank you for wishing me luck in my pursuit.

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The only reason I can’t trade Forex here in Canada is because I don’t meet the requirements to trade Forex. We have different requirements for Forex compared to trading equities, options, futures, crypto etc. That’s why I am going with a company to fund me.

Go offshore

exactly what I am aiming to right now.

Welcome to bp @felicityhappy. :blush: It was also cryptocurrencies that brought me here. Good luck on your trading journey. :blush:

This is me also! :joy:

I guess it’s not too late. Welcome to babypips and l wish you well on this new journey!

Keep your full-time job. Forex trading is the worst decision you can make right now

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Thank you.

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thanks for the advice. I am in Forex and then equities trading for the long haul BUT I am not going to jump ship until I become consistently profitable in trading to the point that it can replace my full-time job. I don’t care if it takes eons to get there. I love trading. Passion comes first to me.

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This is a challenging, rewarding and exciting journey! Hope you reach your goals while enjoying the journey, too.

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Same here. I’ve stalked these forums with no membership for a year now. Just joined today. hahahaha… Good luck on your journey! :smiley:

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No problem. What a difference a few days makes in the cryptoworld. How do you feel now that bitcoin seems to be back? :blush:

Thank you! @felicityhappy

BTC will be around for sure. I am not even concentrated on cryptocurrencies/alts right now. I had some funds in Quadrigacx and if you know what happened to that exchange, all my money gone! But, good thing I only trade what I can afford to lose. I still hold BTC in another exchange and just have an order limit that is good until canceled. Now, I am just having fun with my training with Forex and precious metals until I get full funding to make real money.

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This is a serious question. Please read through and think. What is the point of this thread? To tell us you are going to get funded? To tell us you love baby pips? To tell us you love trading? Why couldn’t you have just added to an existing thread. Why have you spammed my new topic inbox with this thread. What are you adding through this thread that you could not have done through adding to another one. If nothing then delete it. Thanks.

Why does this person thread bother you? It’s in the introduce yourself section. Hence why they just introduced themselves and gave us a bit of a backstory. How about you just not click the link next time it’ll save everyone some time from reading your post.

Any who back to the topic. I’m glad your here and are looking at different options into your forex endeavor.