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The Greatest Motivational Quotes For Life & Mental Resilience

Paul Volcker - The Man Who Saved America | A Finance Documentary


this is a nice one

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A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

Nelson Mandela

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No Time For Excuses - Best Morning Motivational Speeches

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I really like that woman, one of my favorites: :+1:

Spartan Rules For Life - The Philosophy of Sparta

Stoic Quotes - Ancient Mentors (Stoicism)

Making money is an action, keeping money is a behavior, and growing money is knowledge.

In order to see more kindness in the world, you must put it into the world. Waiting only contributes to more idleness.

NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS - Motivational Speech

Here’s Why You Never Mess With A Guard Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

The $10 Million Dollar Mega Yacht With A Ferrari Garage

Whenever a man bends down to help the less fortunate, he stands taller than ever before

Starting a roofing business might be a good idea. There are way too many flying objects in the air.

World’s first flying bike makes US debut at the Detroit Auto Show