Signal suggestion

Are signals from different signal provider reliable?
Can you please suggest me some signal provider?
Thank you. <3

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I have never found one. Sorry.


I lost lots of money trying to follow signals. Now I am learning to trade myself.

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Best of luck and if you need any help just ask. I am starting to be consistently profitable.


i have seen according to my trading experience , thee is no trading signals which work for permanently, its all about temporary session.

some paid signals are really good but not to found exactly , most of trading signal provides are found to be scams.

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Well, not all signal providers are good and reliable. Some of them can be good. One of them I know is Fxpips. Their signals are reliable and they also offer free trial.


from when you have been using their trading signals ?

Can you please send me the procedure?
I cant find anything about their signals :confused:

I appreciate that and might well take you up on it.

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And do we know if they are any good?

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it doesn’t actually matter, because even if they’re good now, that isn’t a valid reason for imagining that they’ll stay good when you follow or subscribe

out of the hundreds of signal services available, there are always, at any given moment, according to the laws of averages, some that must be “good” (meaning “recently profitable”)

but that has nothing at all to do with their chances of being “good” when you follow them

it’s all random

the people selling them have marketing skills, not trading skills

once you understand that fundamental principle, it becomes terribly easy to decide whether or not to use them


The answer being don’t use any then?


Learn to trade yourself. Much better idea!


That’s my plan!

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Good to hear!

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Did you try signal provider where you copy in real time transactions?

Yes many. They are all on the Forex On Fire platform.

To name some super stars discovered by these guys: Angel/insider/Noreca/Green Fx/Key/Alfaclcik/Pundit/Fx Signals Team/Trading Hub/Fibogann/Zoltrix/Elite/Sue/Ukforex/Quickpips/UK Pro/Fx Goat/Masters/Avastone/Forex Pros/MQL5.

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jimb2468 is solid as it can get.
He is the first ever trader I seen to double account within a week, few times within 2 months, with very low risk.
//If you have 7- 8k account to trade 5 lots & depending of course on the market’s volatility.///
his motto is - risk the least and always be on the right side of momentum.
He trades only CL //OIL//, knowing his playground.
Check his feed to get the idea.

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I have been looking for years,

making mistakes and seeking for really sustainable trading

such a trading that you can receive identical in your trading account

I am monitoring this one, as I know he adopts a very efficient style, mostly automated (they told me something about the machine learning they are using and about how far they went with the Math):

w w w . mql5. com / en / signals / 733104

I will keep on checking it