Simple signals with simple results

Gold has hit BE.

Another short term to swing trade signal. I was not available in Ny, so we could not enter Eu for a buy then. Buy now.
SL: 1.06780
TP: 1.09370

I will not calculate this trade as an official signal as I only want to give scalps and day trades.

Buy EURUSD now at 1.07170
SL: 1.07050
TP: Open for now.

The usual signal.

Put it on BE.

Only one official signal this week, which hit BE.
Result = 0 pips.

Buy EURUSD now at 1.06670
SL: 1.06500
TP: 1.07650

Put it on BE.

Seeing as we already have a 1:3 risk-to-reward ratio. Feel free to close half of your trade. Book 66 pips.

Buy GBPUSD now at 1.25160
SL: 1.24425
TP: 1.26580

Close now half of what is left open with 100 pips! Remember our SL was 17 pips. You do the calculation for the risk-to-reward ratio :wink:

Put this on BE.

The last partial that was open hit BE.

Gu hit BE.

Result of the week

  1. EURUSD: 66 pips, 100 pips and BE.
  2. GBPUSD: BE.

A nice week it was.

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From this week I will post results in stead of signals. If you want signals, let me know!

EURUSD sell today.
Already took some partials.


New York

This was yesterday after FOMC.

4 trades this week. You can calculate the amount of pips :wink:

Was sick in the past 2 weeks or so. Had to take a break. I am back. I did one trade last week, which was a loss. So I closed that week in a loss.