A little friendly competition to see how you’re doing… I also think it’s important to disclose your performance especially when you’re giving advice to other traders.

You can use,, MT4i - Home page, or Diversify Your Portfolio with a New Investment Strategy & Alternative Investments | Currensee, Inc. to display your performance. I’m sure there are other sites so feel free to add them here.

Here is my link… upfx’s Profile | Myfxbook

Hi Uptick,

I’ll be using Zulu to show off my performance - this is my first week - Ill post weekly updates and where my rank is, along with any really good (or bad) days…

Once Ive posted 30 trades the signals will be live for all to see.

So far - today :slight_smile: - 4 signals - 22 pips so no great shakes just nice and steady away…

Whats the link?

I’ll get in on this, not shy about numbers :stuck_out_tongue: /members/blooms (fxbook) can’t post links sorry.

awesome! good job.

My signals are not live yet - I have not posted enough - probably take 2 weeks or so…

Sounds great Uptick,

I might jump into this…

Oh - how exciting - shame we’re not all on Zulu - be fun to see who’s ranking the best :slight_smile:

I have a site that will have a link to everyone’s performance. If you have a twitter account please include that as well… thanks!

Will it show stats like ROI% and mthly performance etc? All of is on one site? Sounds really good.

Sorry but I will not be joining on this as I have seen myself try to hard to show something and it has a negative effect on my trading. Being part time I can not compete or do not wish to as I have tried to post trade setup for trade of the week but find my self just trying to make a trade rather than wait for my setup. A fellow member I had respect for just went down in flames for this (I believe) ere market. Trading is hard enough on ones emotions. To try to compete is just not worth it. I have thought of making a myfxbook account but just have not bothered as of yet. We will see. I got alot on my plate right now and just dont care. I have posted trade logs trades and all if you would like to see them. As far as trying to compete with people over leveraging there demo accounts to prove a point sorry I have real cash on the table and I got better stuff to do. Than try to prove a can out do a bunch of demo traders. Maybe I can maybe I cant but in the end whats the point. What do I get for risking my cash if I win? My winnings? I get them anyway. I get respect? I could careless who respects me. I never asked anyone to. I came here to learn and since you all on babypips gave me that shot I am still here to keep learning and to give back what was given to me. Not to put my hard earned cash against others monopoly money. If I win I win they dont. If I lose they still dont win so whats the point. I cant speak for others as it could be fun if you play with play money. I dont even know how to place a trade on the one demo account I do have as I only use it for mt4. Not only that being part time and trading higher time frames I am not guaranteed trades every week. So how you plan on scoring it. Every trades different so results are different. Who profits the most weekly? I lose. Monthly? maybe have a shot here and there. But doubt it. Yearly? Now I will beat most that make it to the end of the year(if you make it that long). I am not signing up for some account to show you my profits I get enough spam mail already. I have posted trade results here and can repost them (most anyway). Or hell I have tried to make trade videos of me stalking my trade setups and taking them real time but they show my account numbers so I cant post them. Tell me how to get my account numbers off my screen shots and I will post trades here. I wont win but I wont lose. But if you want to see who is profitable then I am game. Tell me how to show my results without signing up for another website and not showing account numbers and let do it. theres no shame in my game. If I make money this year then great. I will show results… if I dont most that follow the threads I am on will know already but I will post here if the thread is still alive that long. See most threads like this dont last long. Why? Because a bunch of newbs try to prove themselves overleverage there demo accounts and then over trade to prove they can do it. Well They did prove exactly why stuff like this is a bad idea. Not trying to bad mouth this challenge or anyone on here. I am just saying its a bad idea. What are you gaining out of it? To show you can profit. Trust me once you are profitable you will have no problem to show it. I can bet most here that said they will win will not make it to the end of the year(I could be wrong and I hope I am) and I dont even know who posted I only made the first or second page. Ask this question at the end of the year for those that have been here a year or more. Then I might respond. By just printing my statements marking out my account number and photocopying them. But if you could tell me how to edit out account numbers on screenshot videos that would be nice. I made a few promises I would like to keep. Thats all that is stopping me and I have seen it done on youtube and crap so I know it can. Google just tries to sell me stuff I am not buying. Not worth it for this as I dont feel I am helpful to people everything I know was stolen from other members here (or at least an idea to reasearch). So I cant take credit for anything. My point is that this topic has no point behind it besides a lot of bad trades. No one trades the same so everyones profits will differ pip wise dollar wise and % wise. Regardless how you figure it. Trading is not a race it is what ever you make of it (bet you all thought I was going to say marathon ;p). You will never hear a profitable trader ever ever ever tell you to be successful you must out trade me and this gut and that guy never ever ever ever. No it is be profitable consistently on your level and what consider successful. Not anyone else. Sorry to rant and I dont mean to be mean but this right here stand against every thing I have learned, everything I believe in as a trader, and everything you hear repeated over and over again by true contributors of this site. Now these contributors here some are very profitable and some are not at all. However even the ones that cant show profits have been here along time. Do you know what that means? Regardless of profits they know what it takes to survive in this game. Even if they have been demoing for years. One thing I know any game you play where you constantly lose you will quit playing eventually. They are still here because they either are hard headed or are learning at there pace and realizing the can make it. I am done. Again I am not talking to anyone here just stating an opinion I have on this topic. I am not trying to cause a argument or flamewar and I probably will not be back so if you try to flame me here its probably a bad idea as I will not be reading your comment. So again whats the point

Bob - chill dude :slight_smile:

My performance as a signal provider so far - 35 pips across 5 trades… once we reach 30 trades Ill be live on Zulu :slight_smile: yeah

Wth? Why are you getting so angry Bob? “As far as trying to compete with people over leveraging there demo accounts to prove a point sorry I have real cash on the table and I got better stuff to do. Than try to prove a can out do a bunch of demo traders”. If you took 30 seconds before typing that wall of text you would see the 3 myfxbooks linked are real accounts not demo.

No one said you had to join in, I don’t see your point in coming into this thread obviously just to spread your hate as you clearly didn’t even click to see the so called demo accounts getting over leveraged. How about next time you just keep your ignorance to yourself, it just makes you sound like a but hurt loser.

Hi Blooms - it’s a bit of fun anyway - we certainly dont need the likes of Bob.

I’d like us to devise a way of reporting our performance at the end of the week - maybe pips in the week, cumulative pips and a zulu ranking - thats if you’re on Zulu?

Any ideas?

I thought I would add some paragraphs and then read again. You make some good points.

Im going to be really boring and update you all on my Zulu signals - least until I go live (after 30 trades) - then it will be a weekly update:

So far - 50 pips - across 6 trades - 2 days - :slight_smile:

It’s quite simple - if anyone doesn’t want to join in then jog on and take your negativity with you.

Probably easiest way to report back as such would be a % gain on investment over the week, and maybe number of trades. Obviously, it is not meant as a “i’m the greatest” as such, so the % would then equalise a trader with say $1k real with another with $100k real. Would also be useful to say if you are on demo or real as the difference is quite large in my opinion, with the extra emotion etc on real trades.

My myfxbook for those who are interested - obviously Bob isn’t :slight_smile: but like he said though, it isn’t about who has the largest $#@% :slight_smile:

Tassiefx VSA Trading System | Myfxbook

Hey Tassie,

Myfxbook looks a great way of tracking performance - my Zulu signal provider BettyBoo will be live soon - is there a way I can add Betty to Myfxbook - what is Fxbook, does it automatically track performance once you set it up?