Ah that came out harsher than I had intended. I am not upset and dont really care. I just tried to make a point that its pointless and adds unneeded stress. but hey if you want to do it all in good fun good luck. I guess I cant lose if I dont play lol

you go girl bettyboo keep us posted.
btw is this your name as well as SP in zulutrade or how can we find you?

Hi Sean,
You should be able to. If you have any issues, the staff running myfxbook are very helpfull. Once set up, all you have to do is look at your performance. It does everything automatically for you, and is safe as they only ask for the inverstor password (which is read only so a person cannot hack in, get that and trade on your account).

Yes, it did seem a bit harsh and negative Bobmaninc. Personally, I only put mine on there to simply show how I am doing and encourage others to do the same. Not intended for an “I am” display as such. If I make 5% in a month and someone else makes 50%, I am still happy for me and I’ll be sure to congratulate them on their success. I guess it can be used for other new people to actually see some people making real trades and (hopefully) succeeding. Babypips has been a place for big claims and little proof in the past, so this can be seen as a way to be a bit transparent and show people who talk the talk are also walking the walk, if you know what I mean.

I know I am not like everyone else, but I am never going to try to outdo someone on forex. That will surely be the start of failure.

Hey Bob - thought you weren’t coming back to check the replies :wink:

Tye - my up and coming Zulu signal provider is BettyBoo - she will be live after 30 trades - done 6 thus far - Ill let you know :slight_smile:

Cheers Tassie - think Ill stick with my Zulu stats - there’ll be plenty of proof of just how pants I am lol - we’ll see :slight_smile:

LMAO I see someone pays attention to details. Come on you know I could not resist :smiley:

This not a competition… just post a link to your performance (and your twitter name) and I will post it on a website for everyone to see.

I think if you’re going to teach people or give trading advice, everyone should see if youre just talking the talk or walking the walk.

Don’t worry about impressing anyone… we’re here to learn from each other and better ourselves. We can all learn from people who are profitable and from those who are not… it’s a long road.

Hey Bob - take a look at our other thread - things are getting a little heated - Ive tried to convince Master Tang that his maths is wrong but he wont have it - read the whole thing from when Master made his first comment :slight_smile:

Hey fellas, will be ready to go Friday, and will post my fxbook link, then start fresh Sunday night.

hit 16.9% today tho,

Great Money! Good job and keep up the good work.

BettyBoo Zulu signal provider is now up to 12 trades in 4 days with a 106 pip profit :slight_smile:

If they take offense to your post… doesn’t that say something about them and their overall perspective on how they look at the business? :stuck_out_tongue:
Haha, who cares, it’s an online forum, post whatever you want, don’t be sorry for it.


I don’t think anyone took offense to it… your comments are welcomed. What Bob didn’t realize is that it’s not a competition or challenge, it’s just a way for people to be transparent.

You want transparency. If you give me trading advice, shouldn’t you back that up by showing me how you are doing?

I don’t want advice from someone who thinks they know and who’s down 95% in their account.

Walk the walk… don’t just talk the talk. That’s the point of the thread.

Oh and Bob, you can link your account and keep all personal details private. It will just display whatever you want to display. It’s pretty cool… check it out and takes you a minute to setup.

Great thread, There are alot of talkers on this site… ALOT!, this will seperate the talkers from the walkers, which I see this thread has already done:) ! I signed up at Myfxbook under the name of mole_man, added my demo account which is currenty up about 20% since opening the account at the start of March (Dont let that amount fool you too much I had some big winners in the last couple of days which took my account from a +/- 7% gain to a +/- 20% gain). I see my account status is still pending at Myfxbook, how long does it normally take to be active?

It would be best to email their support people. They will tell you the issue and help you rectify it.

Ok great, I finally got it activated after messing around a bit and doing some reading on how to do it!

Now, at the bottom of your trade page, there is a link that you can paste if you like and it will direct people to that page … or you can chose not to. Your choice :slight_smile: