Starting with a €21,86 account

Bad news. While switching through my accounts, apparently I forgot to put my SL on this challenge account…
Account status: €13,50

Oh well…The harder the challenge, the more satisfying it is when the challenge is completed. My first target is €100,- Here we go again.

In between forecast of CADJPY. Yesterday sold as expected. Let’s see if price can go towards the expected level tomorrow.

A slow Friday. Next week more opportunities. Have a great weekend!

Eu possible outcome. This is not 100% fixed. The analysis will move with the market.

Once again the week begins. Selling CADJPY in line with the previous analysis I send here.

Has hit BE.

Was looking for a good sell entry in EURUSD today, but price was too choppy for me to enter. You can still learn something from this analysis though!

Look at EURUSD now :wink:

EURUSD might give a reversal this Ny :thinking:

Eu continued with its trend today. I am marking up my charts. Will post a video here in this journal, with me preparing for the market. :v:

Forecasted GBPUSD live

To be honest trading this account now is taking too much of my focus. I will start a new journal with one of the accounts I manage.

Small account can be done again, when I have the time. I really want to test my abilities by growing a very small account to a big number. This journal is on PAUSE for now.

And what do these patterns mean? Increased selling pressure?

Which patterns?

Posted a video for the interested ones. This is how to simply prepare.

Normal account journal.

The mistakes I made with trading such a small account:

  1. Over leveraging
  2. Not having enough patience, as such a small capital takes A LOT of patience.
  3. Need to stay focused with the % in stead of absolute numbers. Someone with only this amount of money to trade with, can not be aggressive. That is the mindset I need to implement here.

If you are trading under $100, each trade should like $1-5.

Watch your risk control and learn bankroll management.

This yes. Small accounts make me want to trade very aggressively I noticed. It is a bad habit.

Indeed! Let’s see what happens.