Starting with a €21,86 account

Normal account journal.

The mistakes I made with trading such a small account:

  1. Over leveraging
  2. Not having enough patience, as such a small capital takes A LOT of patience.
  3. Need to stay focused with the % in stead of absolute numbers. Someone with only this amount of money to trade with, can not be aggressive. That is the mindset I need to implement here.

If you are trading under $100, each trade should like $1-5.

Watch your risk control and learn bankroll management.

This yes. Small accounts make me want to trade very aggressively I noticed. It is a bad habit.

Indeed! Let’s see what happens.

Here we go again.
Currently has €9,52. Will use this to start a new small account challenge!

Selling EURUSD here.

Closed one position.
Account status: €10,48

GBPUSD - sell
Bit of a riskier entry, yet worth the risk-to-reward. I am looking for a continuation down of the W1 downtrend.

One entry closed.
Account status €10.07

Higher entry Gu closed witih a loss, but compensated with Eu profit. BE.
Account status: €9,66

EURUSD - sell

TP grabbed. Account status: €11,27

EURUSD - end of the day buy
Put SL already on BE.

Hit BE.
Account status: €11,28

EURUSD - end of the day buy after liquidty has been grabbed.
SL put on BE.

Hit BE. Account status: €11,30

EURUSD - sell

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Hit BE. Account status: €11,38

Very hard to start so small

Yet it teaches you a lot about yourself as a trader :wink:

For me the issue is more of ensuring I can practice good risk management and not take more than the 1% risk I use. If I can then it should in theory be no different from starting with 218.6 or 2186 euros.