State of The Markets | Equities Stalled in Waiting for Stimulus


Equities stalled in waiting for stimulus. Global equities were stalled Thursday as markets await for the $1.9 trillion stimulus release from the US senate. S&P (+0.17%) and FTSE (+0.07%) edged higher, while the Nikkei (-0.29%) drifted lower in Asian trading on Friday. Demand for US treasuries remain stable with more than $130 billion flows into the benchmark 10Y bond yielding 1.16% as investors continue to rotate assets and hedge positions.

Crude slid lower below $58.25/bl with gap down on Friday as investors took profit after warning form OPEC and EIA that renewed lockdowns and new virus strains might hamper economic recovery. Gold fell to close below $1825.50 after demand for Dollar, from yield seeking investors, continue to cap the yellow metal upside.

Demand for the greenback edged higher in the long term accounts while remain stable in the short and medium term. The Comdolls, except the Loonie, returned to demand as investors remain optimistic on the stimulus and economy. Euro overtook Sterling in short and medium term as more capital flows into Europe than the UK. Outlook remain bullish as overall demand for Swiss and Yen retreated.

OUR PICK – No New Pick

No new pick going into weekend. Our pick on Gold was stopped out on loss at $1,820 as we updated the stop on 29/1. CRON short on medium term was stopped out on breakeven but long term buy has hit target. PFE slid lower than $35.50 as the company experience setbacks in vaccine deliveries and our buy stop was not triggered. T was stopped out at $28.40 after reached TP1. EUR/JPY was stopped out at 125.70 after reached medium term TP1. CLVS reached all targets.

Silver day trade reached target, short term buy stop was cancelled and medium term buy reached all target. USD/JPY worked as expected and we are flat. AUY and KR remain active. We are long USD/CHF while waiting for short term sell limit @ 0.8920 to be filled. We may go flat on USD/CHF for the weekend but AUY and KR will remain open. Have a great weekend.


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