Stock trading/investing

I’ve been FX trading on and off for about 3 years, I personally given up on trading FX as I am not able to be consistent. I feel like I’ve given it a real go and dived into reading a lot of content and becoming really knowledgeable on trend trading.That’s in the past and I want to try stock trading/investing instead, does anyone know any good sources for this?

TLDR: recommend me stock trading/ investing youtubers, websites, books

Ok - we’ll give it a go - no youtubers, sites or books - let’s take it as it comes - focus is what is up ahead.

S&P main focus, DE30 is compatriot.

Since the virus threat the DE is back up 50% / the S&P likewise - so perfect starting point.

First thing is that it’s Monday coming up.

Any bad or good news/sentiment over the weekend - focus right now is the virus - so what is there?

For US not really that good, for EU a leveling, for UK not great like US - so nothing on the positive side.

Monday is sometimes a good day to think on the buy side for S&P - but the futures in UK morning will follow the DE.

The FTSE often does a V in the morning so watch out for that.

Then there is ‘Turnaround Tuesday’ which is known to follow a bad Monday - maybe google that one.

Edit: mostly negative UK/US and now Japan with an earthquake main island - good chance negative Asian and then follow thru Europe - so no buying Monday right now.

Thank you for replying!

Tomorrow I have a day off so let’s do it, lets trade some demo for now: intraday entries using a mixture of trend and economic news is bread and butter right?

Yep - key is use the rear view mirror to glance - what’s up ahead is what counts.

First focus is Asian - that gives a sense - so USD/JPY no gap - reasonably quiet start - nothing there to suggest a sell on stocks.

Quiet start also to European session - nothing much overnight in Asia - so likely some selling early in dax then focus will switch to see if buying starts in NY - so no action :slight_smile:

Ok selling in dax right now - the bond market nor Usd/Jpy agreeing with risk off so still waiting game imo

Didn’t feel the buzz to go in, good start though: I felt it was a bit quite

Well done - waiting is good.

See how that played out to script.

Here’s what that looks like on a hr1 line chart today:


As mentioned Mondays US session can be a buy day if there is nothing news negative over the weekend - in such situation not uncommon for the European indexes to go south and therefore S&P futures follow - catches out the monday morning sellers.

It’s ll about risk - right now the US2000 is showing stronger than the s&p/Us30/Nasdaq - that can be a bullish sign for risk.

It’s on it’s own - if selling starts on USB10yr then a further bull sign.

Worth watching these 2 up to the close.

Also to get a handle on risk worth looking at the ETF sectors - gives a snapshot - e.g. showing XLU/ XLRE/ and XLI as the biggest losers and Healthcare leading - all fairly mixed but if you were to see for example a push up on defensive sectors only then that is suggesting risk off up ahead:

OK - good chance I’m talking to myself - but for learners the above was Monday at close.

Next day, Tue was selling - there were lots of talking heads on Tue saying to sell US stocks.

So from Wed morning onward price has continued North.

So right into the close for the week - what does the risk 2000 say?

Well about an hour ago it broke a high whilst the S&P was still lagging - so good time to to buy for a quickie.

Here’s what it looks like on a candle chart - (note the lack of need for a SLfrom the buy lineS&PNow )

Edit: cannot seem to post live so has to be on edits - see that dbl top right now at the close of the week - never ever go past that - always take the profit that is handed - it could well go more on Monday but remember - Always Take Your Profit.

Well, I don’t think that YouTubers are a good resource of knowledge in trading. From my point of you, you have to learn everything about your experience. Then there is a demo deposit on every stock exchange or a Forex exchange so before you start trading normal money we can get some experience with the demo account. And if you are a beginner I can also suggest you some websites which have reviews on best stocks every day, If you know anything about stocks you can judge which ones to buy out of that review. Are use Ticker Table to trade and to earn money.

The stock market is not a difficult concept to understand. There are many options through which you can learn the basics. With persistent and sincere efforts, you can learn stock trading. But why should one learn about the same?

You may be a student, young professional, or retired. You may have aspirations that need to get fulfilled. For this purpose, you need sufficient money at the right time for which you can begin stock trading

You could start with a minimum of INR 500 and start every month in mutual funds. There other financial assets such as equity, SIP, derivatives, bonds, securities, etc. which are a great source of investment. Some of the means to leant trading are –

  • Read books: Make a habit of reading books on the stock market, investment strategies, etc.
  • Follow a mentor: Follow the footsteps of a mentor concerning the chosen field.
  • Online courses: Several websites offer courses and certifications in stock trading.
  • Expert advice: Some experts help you with financial planning and provide personalised solutions.
  • Market analysis: Keep yourself updated with the market trends.