Stop Loss reached without candle

Hi everyone,

I was operating a demo account and got my stop loss in one trade but the candle wasnt reached. Do you know how is that possible?

This is likely because the NY session ended and the spreads increased. This happens daily, as well as just before important news events are released.

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This can be happened because of the volatility in the market.

This would be called slippage, yes? :open_mouth:

Hi @ponponwei,

I’m not sure the term slippage applies to a stop loss, but it’s a similar concept when SL’s are taken out due to widening spreads.

Slippage is when an order is filled at a different price than intended. When most traders talk about slippage, it’s usually with market orders when volatility is high, such as during news events. Limit orders prevent slippage, but then you risk the trade not being executed at all.

Oh okay I thought it applied to both scenarios! Interesting. I suppose if it’s a stop loss, market order is always the best route too despite the “slippage.”