Suggest me crypto wallet

You’re asking the same question on multiple forums. However, The most useful one is Coinbase, therefore here’s the list of crypto wallets 36+ Best Cryptocurrency Wallet & Bitcoin Wallet - Cryptolinks - The World’s Best Cryptocurrency Sites List! you should check.

Look at CoinsBank
There just is a mobile application for both Android and IOS

thanks for the recommendations

Be very very carefull, cause lot of them are really damn scams nowaday take a look in the news for example. It’s really something out of touch for many many people out there. I am not even sure how people can go on with that much in reality. I do not see.

I will give the same suggestion, on whatever you decide at the end, do a deep study of the same, hurry will only make you somewhere lost. Be sure of the genuineness.

Thank you and all other suggestions. Yes im asking in multiple forums cuz every forum have his own users. I dont think this is a problem. Right?

I use bitcoin wallet Bitcoinofficial. It’s so easy to use.:money_mouth_face:

Ledger is the safest.

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What coins do you plan to store?

Yep. I`m split between Ledger and Trezor.

Mainly BTC but may be some of the major altcoins too soon.

Ooh which forums are you also on? :open_mouth:

I think ripple has a goo potential

I`m using may be all of main ones. Love to be in touch with all the good content.

Which ones are those? :open_mouth:

Which one you`re meening?

I meant which other forums outside of babypips are you on? :open_mouth:

As i said all of main ones. May be its not good to mention them here, as theyre some kind of competitions to babypips.

I keep my crypto holdings in Coinomi, it has a feature of multi currency wallet and easy (but a bit expensive) exchange via Changelly. As regards to trading I trade crypto with Hotforex thanks to some good latency opportunities :slight_smile:

Heard lots of good things about Changelly. Will have to look them up!

Oh okay. The only other one I spend time on is Reddit. :sweat_smile: