Swag Academy Review

Here is a link of my review of 3 YouTube videos made by Swag Academy.

Highly unlikely he is a profitable trader and not an educator either. He doesnt give consistent or reliable advice. Likely making money from selling courses. Not recommended for beginners.


Thank you for the info
i just started with his videos but then thought to myself to check the reviews and it brought me straight here. i am a newbie at trading so im still bouncing around as im teaching myself.


Iv’e personally learnd a lot from his videos but would kinda agree on purchasing his course. I wouldn’t reccomend it. there is a lot of benefits IF youre someone who needs an extreme helping hand. (he talks a lot about these benefits in one of his videos, like talking to other traders at your ‘level’ and discussing strategies etc.). However, I don’t think I’d pay over £350 for them unless I was Alice in wonderland haha. He’s taught me a lot but definately more than enough to not need to spend more than I have to to get better. I personally do not need his services which you can even get cheeper (books, free videos, trading chats and groups etc.).

I personally havent joined any chats as I’ve said I like to study alone and learn using my own mistakes.

As someone who just got into trading, and who likes to be independent, the progress that I make daily is tremendous compare to what I’ve seen some ‘mentors’ talk about how long it took their students to see progress. I personally belive that being independant with your studies is very important and would only reccomend joining an academy/tutorgroup or whatever it may be if you do not have enough time to learn by yourself and need serious tutoring/help. Hope this helps anyone who sees this :)) x


Similar story with almost all paid courses.

The guy can talk a leg off an iron pot . See no reason to spend such hugh amount of money on his course when you can get thisame info on google or youtube channel .

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I do believe learning from people who spent the time learning and making mistakes shortens ones own learning proces though. But what would you recommend instead to learn faster? Just free youtube content/books?

I dont think there is a fast way to br profitable. Otherwise we’d all be doing it. There are a few beginner threads around here so probably start in them and them work out what your trading style is.

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I don’t want to force it but a lot of succesfull people recommend learning from people who are already good at what you want to learn. Because they already made mistakes they learnt from and already now what is effective and what not. So learning from them could save you some time. But i get what you’re saying. I’ll start with the school of pipsology, the beginner threads and youtube. :slight_smile:

Wise people learn from other people’s mistakes.

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it always funny to see the broke 94% of traders who suggest baby pips and youtube will get them profitable. Paid courses arent the key to success you are, I never heard of a doctor learning how to be a doctor on youtube. attaining a skill that will generate income will always require you to invest in mentorship. obviously you youtube traders wouldnt be on baby pips forums talking b.s about his YOUTUBE videos not even his course. LMAOO your lack of financial commitment to anything speaks volumes as to where you are with trading. #DONTLETTHATGOOVERYAHEAD

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lmaoo you dont have 350 pounds because you are broke, there is no rich trader being cheap about investing into themselves no matter the course. stop blaming others for your lack of success and go backtest

I have learned a lot from his videos. I am glad that there are many other traders also who have had a great time watching his videos.