The £10K Gamble - [The Journey]

thought you didn’t sit at the screens all day?

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Thanks for butting in.

Pretty sure everyone can already see my screenshot.

Guessing your magic candles aren’t painting themselves as much as they used to, or nobody is buying it.

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You don’t have to sit at the screens with a good strategy, simply program it into an algo and let it do the heavy lifting.

Although right now, got no choice but to stay indoors anyway.

I’ve diversified this thread and experimented with holding for days, months and minutes and it all works with the right strategy.

Bottom line is, I’m making money.


No, it depends on the entry and where the nearest support or resistance is. Some SL’s could be 350 pips away.

It depends if you mean your account is similar to £10K (because mine is now closer to £30K) I’ve scaled the lot size as the account grew to expirement.

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Current week.

Grand total just over £19K.

Approaching nearly 1 year in May for this experiment.


Looks like you will easily triple this account. Well done.

Thanks - its not insane money, but its better returns than a traditional bank and can cover household bills easily.

This is what I’m about, helping the common man.


It has certainly helped me, I will not forget it.

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Not a problem… the pleasure is always mine…

Baller, party is over… trying to pass off an 11 month old Screenshot as one from this week…

The trade info above is a reused screenshot from Post 83 in this thread… April 30 - May 1 2019



Attempting to stage some bigger numbers to cover your scalping has brought you undone…

Explain this little faux pas… I’m dying to hear it… You had fooled quite a few here…

What a moron :joy:

Yes because the results are sorted by the closing time filter :joy:

Do keep up.

Yes of course… because the 17th does come prior to the 16th… the 18th prior to the 17th

“Sorted by the closing time filter…” Sure… Nice Try… Oh, I’m keeping up…

I think the focus here was supposed to be on the P&L, the rest is obviously old.

All due respect, you add a lot of valuable info to this forum but your bashing on this thread is getting a bit old. His original strategy works, I’ve seen my account go from $11K to $14.6K in just a matter of weeks using it.


I think you actually must be really really dim - because on that screenshot, you can clearly see the filter being sorted by “pips”.

You claim to be able to use cTrader yourself - but that is debatable, or you’re just confused.


Besides poor logic, you are also blind. It’s showing clearly that the filter is by number of pips there.

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Honestly no idea with some people.

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Obviously it was Old… that’s why he made sure to remove the closing dates… FFS

@k3v1n0s, I can clearly see its sorted by pips… Baller stated that it was sorted by closing times…

I’ll let you get back to your scalping thread… Your disciples need assurance in these difficult time…


Closing times > all history.


Pips > weekly.


Not holding my breath for you to understand. I know it takes time.

Now you’re making fun of members, that’s mature.

Indeed its all about the £££ at the end of the day - you see when someone hasn’t got any £££ to shout about, they end up here, because their own thread is pretty dry.

That’s debatable.

You are being feed selected information, dodgy screenshots, trimmed statements, no Balances, 19k profit with a 4k DD, which in the real accounting universe is net 15k…

I asked Baller early on to supply a full statement (I provided one of mine) and he is still supplying trimmed, raw, selected screenshots. If you know my history on Babypips, you’ll know I rarely chase down any members to this extent…

And you’re all falling for it… It’s akin to a religious experience…

I’m not posting anymore strategies here… So, I only follow up on members that PM me…