The £10K Gamble - [The Journey]

I think the bit about you being a bit blind (selective reading) covers most of this off :joy:

A bit rich coming from someone who churns thru demos quicker than pizza.

I don’t agree with everything he’s said here. I don’t buy .5 lots, I don’t risk 10% of my account. My position sizes are 3% of my balance and I scale in when things get moving. But what I know is, like I said earlier, my account has increased from $11K to…$14.6K as of right now ($218 DD) by following this simple strategy regardless of everything else. That’s what matters to me right now.


If you think this is chasing me down then you must be more confused than you sound. Nobody pays you any attention, its more to pass the time :joy:

Yeah, and we all know why that is.

@MattyMoney, Dom1882 pulls him up about screen time and the response…

Go back through this thread and find a reference to Baller using Algos… you won’t find it… anywhere.

Just shown he’s nothing more than a big lot scalper… It’s being made up as he goes along…

Certainly have… Baller Shite…

You’re stupider than you make out :joy:

It’s a simple concept called time.

You learn new things, put them into practice - a bit like how you’ve mastered the art of BS.

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Plodding along.

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Old people, can’t win with them :joy:

I had no doubts that you would reach 20k, just one more step. A pity not to master the language yet to have fun right now.

I can only say that I watch this thread every day and with these basic concepts and without being asked a penny I am learning to get out of the rat race.

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Much appreciated. Baby steps, slowly slowly you’ll be there.

In this game you can’t be stuck in a certain mindset, you gotta learn to adapt, try new things, test and implement.

Still got bills to pay.


Held this bad boy for about 30 mins :joy:

Current for today.

Grand total.


I guess I’m missing something, because the very first screen shot with lot sizes has every lot size above 1 lot, but the last one before this has the biggest size as 1 lot. I don’t see the scaling???





So there isn’t an explanation? You just do what you decide to do at the time?

There is no method behind this. I go in based on my risk and how I believe it will play out.

When I started off with £10K I tried to keep it small, as the account grew, so did the lot size, at my discretion, it doesn’t mean I started throwing about big lots every time.

Whilst this is an experiment, I still need to make serious cash, as it will all go towards something important.

For newbies, I can only recommend going in small, or go in at a size you think you are comfortable with, and then halve it.

You shouldn’t be using the lot size as a guide of what to do, the lot size is a variable element - you should only be focusing on the underlying strategy, using it, tweaking it to your needs and trading style.


This is kind of the key to profitable trading. Thanks brother…

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The KISS method… :kissing_heart:

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One of the major keyword about trading.

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I feel you brother…

Well said Boss!.. well said…

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This made my day! HAHA! :joy:
A perfect example of a well minded consistently profitable trader…

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