The £10K Gamble - [The Journey]

Same with me brother… with lots of love… :hearts:

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Very nice to see you back @FarhanFadzli hope things are well.

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Not a bad day, traded between 3pm and 5pm today.


Slowly growing account.


Stats don’t lie.



Quiet day today.

Solid week.

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Hi The_Baller
Could you please provide me with the perfect place to get the Chikou indicator.

This is Ray Dalio’s Holy Grail

Since this strategy is a long term one, it establishes our trades to be very uncorreated. Am i correct?


2020 is bumpy. But I’m getting the hang of it now.

Tweaked my trading plan a lot.

The latest tweak is regarding the relevance of balancing my RRR at the same time while avoiding the noise. Have been braining this a lot since a few months ago and got the answer in your few last posts.

Now I’m just collecting results and getting ready financially, physically, mentally and spiritually for a big leap in JULY.

If the odds are in my favor, I may be to able to pay my bills and supply pizza for my family by 2021.

I also hope I would get my first Mclaren by 2030.

Maybe one day, I could even help a lot more people by translating this website into my native language and open a first legit trading school in my country.

I know this all sounds a little too impossible. But anyhow, I still owe you big time.

And I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for all of your efforts @The_Baller.

It seems not much, but it certainly is something that money can’t buy… :pizza:

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I simply use cTrader and its part of the package.

Although if you’re using MT4 or 5 I’m sure it will be on there as well > Ichimoku Kinko Hyo - Technical Indicators - Analytics - MetaTrader 4 Help

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Nice video about diversification. Good points to understand and implement.

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Nice work, finally a trading challenge that didn’t die after a few months!
Currently in a challenge of my own, started 10th of Feb. Always an inspiration seeing others who are doing well.


Finally a comment that indicates how legitimate this post is.

And also indicating why 96% of traders are losing money.

My only hope is so this thread could continue without getting deleted by some kind of Rothschild’s fanatic.

But if it does happen, we will all understand why.


Anyone with an ounce of logic will understand why.

The funny thing is, it’s not about money being made, its the jealously that nobody is giving them or their strategy any attention.

Why do they come to this thread, when they have their own thread to get on with - because it doesn’t get any eyeballs, or produce results.


How is this going? I might get involved and see what it’s all about!

Firstly, amazing thread, thank you very much @The_Baller for taking such time, effort and patience with everyone (Including hopefully me!).

I have read everything in this thread since I saw it yesterday and I was very interested to understand, given the current market environment whether your methodology is still working? Especially considering the large S/L’s you use. I’d imagine a lot of the FX pairs trends are now gone due to the large market shift causes by the “pandemic”.

I noticed you have started to scalp more, is this due to the current volatility or just mixing it up for interest?

I am interested in trying out your methodology but was thinking that maybe the current climate isn’t suited to it?

Would be really interested in hearing your thoughts and thanks again.

Much appreciated.

A lot of pairs are all over the place in terms of trends and TA in general.

Just mixing it up for interest, and of course to make money.

You’re probably right.

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Quick in and out. Food shop sorted.

Is your setup/analysis any different for these scalp type trades then what you originally posted? If this goes the other way, do you have a S/L?


Mentally, yes.