The 3 Duck's Trading System

Page 8 of the 3 Ducks eBook covers this Asagba.

[B]Did You Miss the Move?[/B] Have another gander at page 8, you might have missed it the first time around.

Chat soon.

Captain Currency[/B]

I made 80 pips yesterday using the 3 Ducks System - going short on GBPUSD.

As an aside (and possibly a tip?) I used the Fractal indicator for finding entry points on my charts. Not sure if this is the right thing to do, but my understanding of the fractal indicator is that it should highlight a high/low candle?

What do you think Duck Hunters, would today be an unlucky day for someone to start trading? I’d personally wait until Monday, I’m a tad superstitious …

Have a safe Friday the 13th,

Captain Currency

I am happy that I chose to stay in the markets on friday the 13th as I lost 2% in EURUSD but so far I am up 14% (risked 2%) in GBPJPY.

If I was you I would just stick to using breaks of significant highs and lows on the 5min chart after all the ducks line up for your trades.

PS: Stating you made 80 pips means nothing if you do not similarly state what you risked. 80 pips with a 20 pip SL is impressive 80 pips with a 160 pip SL is not :slight_smile:
All that matters is risk/rewards and not the actual pip amounts.

So far this move is working out nicely.

Up 190% since July 2014.

I was just happy with the trade!! Trade placed in accordance with a Risk/Reward strategy advised in the Advanced 3 Ducks guide. And, just to make you even happier, it meant nothing anyway as I am still trading on a demo account. :slight_smile:

Hi Andy and traders,

Thank you for keeping me up to date with your trading method, I’m beginning to
follow your tread on baby pips.
I like the three ducks for the simplicity and wouldn’t change a thing, (it drives me mad
when certain types of people always try to “better a system” before they’ve even given
it half a chance)

I have a question regarding E/J, if one was going to take that trade, which of the blue
lines on the 5m. chart (top one) would be your entry?


It doesn’t & shouldn’t matter what anyone else chooses, only what you’d decide given the information available to you at the time you’re seeking to execute.

If you’ve read & digested the options discussed within the e-book, you’ll already know what suggestions Andy has presented & why. There’s also a viable alternative (pullback) entry discussed inside the pages of the thread to appeal to differing risk appetites & trading objectives.

This type of question always results in a varied response covering different scenarios & really is of little help, mainly due to differing risk appetites/objectives, time of day/week not to mention varied levels of experience.

Regardless of the fact this particular approach presents very tight rule based criteria, it’s not a one size fits all environment & participants will place emphasis on different criteria when arriving at entry, trade longevity & exit decisions.

Hi Odds on,

You are right of course, thank’s for reminding me…


The way I would trade EURJPY is either at a break of the 2 lows or wait for a more significant higher low on the 5min chart.

Makes sense rindoan, thank you.

USD/CAD buy@ 12801
stop@ 12770
TP @ 12864 or cross back of 60ma on 5m chart, whichever comes first


AUD/USD sell@ 7619
stop@ 7640
TP@ 7550 or cross back of 60ma on 5m chart


Good Evening,

I have been away from this thread for awhile and I felt compelled to write a quick response to some of the recent posts and questions that have been posed here.

But before I do, I want to state that I have completed the “Advanced Course” and of course had been familiar with the original contents of the free e-book, so I am no Captain Currency, but I believe I understand the eb and flow of this trading method.

My hope is that new traders or even people new to this method who have skipped to the end of the thread find this

What a Quack!?..

Some of the positive results being posted here are beyond ridiculous, I am not calling anyone out, but scroll through the last four or five pages and have a look at some of the numbers being touted, it’s pipe dream trading at best and straight out gambling at worst.

The “3 Ducks” is a very effective set of parameters to help you enter the market and view any traceable instrument, be it a currency or any equity (yes, this top down 3 TF view works on the stock market too).

What invariablly happens when people see a new trading method, they believe that it will produce instant yield and that they won’t have to adjust it to suit their personality or changing market dynamic.

Then they jump in, believe they are seeing signals everywhere and suddenly are in drawdown after some initial success and believe the “system” is broke.

This is not the case with this method, it is an excellent way to trade the Forex Market.

So, now your asking, “well geez louise, I have studied all of the ebook why can’t I just hop in and start nailing pips left right and center!?”.

There are many intangibles which would take me a long time to write about, but here are just a couple that have helped me.

  1. Trade the strongest trend

Just because your getting signals on six difference currency pairs that meet the parameters of the 3ducks, my god do not take all of them… look for the most momentum, here is a chart to explain what the heck I am talking about…


Here’s an equity chart, my six year old daughter, who knows nothing about stocks, could look at this chart and if I asked her “which way is the line going sweet heart?” she would tell me “down silly” and go back to playing barbie.

When we look at this chart, we see a very clear, jump off a cliff trend which anyone could see…

Now, here is the same chart with a couple of logical entries which are easy to see, price comes down, forms a low, consolidates briefly or slightly retraces, we would potentially place our orders on a break of those blue lines (the new lows) I have drawn blue lines so you can see where I’d be interested in possibly getting involved.

You also see on the 60 MA I have drawn the tip of an arrow, look at the mother f**** its pointing down, easy.

Ok, so what I am seeing some of you panic about is charts like this next one (forget about the multiple MAs, I brought it up randomly for the example)…

If I ask my six year old daughter now to tell me what she sees, she may say “up”… “dad it went down now it’s up”, the question isn’t as clear.

If we pretend that 50MA is the 60 MA it looks like its starting to point up, well my gosh guys, look at that Price Action!!! and compare it to the first chart?!?!! which chart do you think we have the higher probability set-up.

My goal with this post isn’t to ridicule anyone, it is to potentially get new traders or people new to the method a way to look for the best set-ups, I know I have a higher probability in a winning trade with the first chart, so why would I even mess with a C+ chart?? There are a ton of A+ bombs on all forex pairs throughout the month.

Less is more guys believe me, a lesson I learned the hard way and control your risk…

Best of luck to everyone, this method helped me become profitable I can only hope it does the same for you.

sorry, here is the chart

EUR/JPY sell@ 12717
stop@ 12752
TP@ 12650 or cross back of 60ma on on 5m chart.


Sorry but statements like this show you have no clue what you are talking about.

Just because [B]you[/B] are not able to reproduce similar returns does not make it impossible.

I think odds on should have emphasised the [B][U]time of day/week[/U][/B] comment just a tad stronger in his reply to your earlier question as Double Echo did a few posts back.

In fact it’s a warning & gentle reminder that’s been posted often by these guys throughout the thread content & judging by the frugal stop loss placements attached to those recent orders today, accentuates that important consideration even more.

I’ve lost count the number of times the more experienced posters have encouraged & cajoled newer members & contributors to adhere to this crucial consideration, even explaining the reasoning behind it, yet still folks ignore or dismiss both that + the daily range considerations when placing bets.

As Duckhunter mentioned above, the foundations & structure of this approach, although simple & extremely effective, still requires elements of common sense & awareness of how & what orchestrates the momentum behind price moves at varying periods of the business day/week in order to navigate a safe passage through these tricky markets.

Executing set ups blindly without taking these important elements into consideration will very quickly drain your account.


I shall bare that in mind, work more on my patience and not be so impulsive, who would
put on a deal Sunday night eh?