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“Wealth is a person’s ability to survive so many number of days forward— or, if I stopped working today, how long could I survive?” - R. Buckminster Fuller / Rich Dad Poor Dad.

My name is Anthony, you can call me Tony. I’m not here to become rich beyond all measure and roll in the Benjamin Franklins, but to achieve a sense of financial security through a skill that I can take anywhere. I have utterly no experience with trading or many financial endeavors. I was recommended a book to read by a colleague of mine; I work as an electrician’s apprentice. Rich Dad Poor Dad, I tore through the book and when I stumbled across the quote I mentioned at the top of this post time froze. It was almost like for the first time I had finally realized what financial security meant, and I envisioned myself in such a position. Now I’m young, going on my 21 here soon and I refuse to work my entire life only to make others wealthy while I scrap at pennies. So here I am. I’m hungry to learn and will build the necessary skills and abilities to achieve my goal no matter what. I understand that a community of those like myself can help me along the way and vice versa. I look forward to being part of the community and alongside this incredible journey with ya’ll. Thank you all for your time!


If you stop working today, make sure you have at least enough to survive for a minimum two years of learning how to develop a consistent profitable strategy and strict process that you follow for every trade.

FX trading is simple but not easy, and there is no fast path to success. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Best of luck.

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Thank you. I appreciate the wisdom!

Thanks. I would suggest you take a look a tradertom.com for even more wisdom - and it’s all free.

A wonderful source, cheers :metal:

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Start here

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I believed every of the answers provided above are enough to get you started in trading.

Perhaps, i want to say this, the idea of capitalism isn’t the problem, it’s we humans that’s the problem.
There’s no big deal working for/under someone; the issue is why should we suffer our employees? If your company/organization isn’t making enough money to make a sustainable distribution to your workers, why not do the work yourself rather than suffering innocent souls.

I’ve always loved working for/under someone but my spirit of work got killed by the very called capitalist.

I think every company/organization should not only be checked but regulated - this is my solution, but if we looked it deeper it might not work as capitalist has this unique way of buying themselves out of the masses.

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In a perfect world I would love to see this. But my friend, it appears it is time for myself and young people like me to realize the whole system is designed to create docile people fresh out of high school or college who get thrust into the work force.

Constantly being blinded from true sources of financial freedom and sucked into the mindless prattle of social media and the news. It requires one to embark on a personal journey to discover financial freedom and moreover personal freedom.

Thats why I’m here.

Welcome Tony. You’re lucky that you had this realization at such a young age while getting into real estate and trading. You’re off to a good start.

I wish I read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad in my twenties. It would have made a big difference in the direction I took my life. I would already have the wealth and freedom I want by now. I’m 46 and just started to work on getting my finances in order in the past two years. Better late than never.

You’re in a good field as an electrician and I think it’s a skill that’s even better to have than being a trader because it’s in demand and you’ll have a steady income. You also have the potential to create your own business as an electrician. If you work hard now while you’re still young and save and invest as much of your income as you can, you won’t have to work your whole life.

It’s even possible for you to retire in your thirties with multiple streams of passive income if you worked on it. We live in incredible times because of the internet that gives us access to so many opportunities to earn money like babypips. I wish you all the best in your financial journey.

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Thank you for the wisdom!

I’m mainly pursuing my career as an electrician to have as a well-paid back-up and source of income if needed. But to be honest, the industry is brutal. Like I said I am only 20; I’ve been in this field since I turned 18 (3rd year apprentice now) and my back has aged in dog years, my hands are beginning to develop muscle ticks, along with multiple injuries.

Also, it’s the trade industry. Nearly everyone’s pissed off all the time, it has jaded me but man…

Truthfully, I cannot keep it up for much longer, maybe another 3-4 years at most.

It’s a big reason I want financial freedom. The constant danger to my well-being and mentality would break me if I did this for my whole life. I don’t just want out, I need out if you can understand that.

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Welcome on board Tonypips😁

I guess we start by tweaking that name a bit.

I really understand your story, and things like this was what pushed me to seek financial freedom.

I have always wished I started earlier, now I just clocked 31, 10years ahead of you. But you know as they say “it’s never to late to start.”

I can bet on it that, if you stay consistent with learning and gaining mastery, by the time you’re my age, you probably would be living your dream life.

But in all, take it one pipette at a time.:wink:

Meet you at the top bro.

Cheers to success. :beers:

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Aw man. I had no idea how brutal the industry could be. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been through. I appreciate the honesty and respect the hustle. Your determination, resilience, and drive to get financial freedom are qualities that can make you a great trader.

I haven’t even started trading, but the traders I learn from usually give this advice: “Don’t make trading your primary source of income.”

The video goes into reasons why. It’s good to keep these things in mind while planning your escape. You’ll probably get out and achieve financial freedom before I do. Godspeed!

Trading Shouldn’t Be Your Only Source of Income - YouTube

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Thanks for the advice!

We’ll see where the wind blows and how the next couple of years develop. But I sure know trading is going to be something I’ll always do, just have that feeling y’know.

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Glad you discovered trading early! Are you planning on working while trading too?

I honestly don’t know. I’ve heard some people say once, and if you’re making enough from trading, you should still have another job. I’ve also heard the opposite. To be honest, I will for now just focus on getting to the point where I am actually making money from trading. All I know is I cannot be in the electrical industry for too much longer so even if I have to for a time, get another job I shall. But all of this is a bit in the future so again, just focused on getting to those bridges.

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Great to have you here, Tony! You’ve got plenty of time ahead to build those skills and work toward your goals. Good luck on your trading journey!

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Oh that’s interesting. I was thinking being in that industry is actually lucrative! Is it not?

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In terms of making a decent living? I suppose you could consider the money you can make from the industry not bad, nothing that’ll ever constitute lucrative living though.

The main hit is the labor. It never dawned on me until after spending time in the industry just how many can’t stand it but are trapped in the repetition and comfortability of a paycheck to keep working. This is just an opinion, but the labor, the risk, the mentality; It just is not worth the pay off, most especially in the long run due to the deterioration of your body.

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I met someone whose boyfriend was in the same industry I think he’s a contractor for a construction group. Works long hours and last time I talked to her he was into buying property or something. So I figured he makes a lot.

Foreal this is with any labor-intensive job. Only good for a few years before your body breaks down. Especially with repetition.

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