The dark side of trading!

And now the record has been broken :joy:

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Agreed. That is one of the most frustrating aspect of forex.

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Have you viewed it recently? I know he’s mentioned he was going through mental things many years ago and was… angry or a bit crazy.

Is he posting in more places than just YT?

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I’ve also heard him saying how he’s made much much more money from trainig traders than from trading. A very disturbing thing to hear. This was after he was possibly shown to have manipulated his account details to show a non-existent profit and failed to give anything like a convincing explanation.

He’s active on X.


@The_enigma, @Lee-me, I used to think this when I was starting out trading these markets… That the Market Makers are trading against me…

They are… And they aren’t…!!

Liquidity Providers (Financial Institutions) move Price up and down across set levels, giving us the volatility that makes these markets profitable…

Older Video but very informative as to how (and why) the Markets are moved…

You need to research Mean Reversion (Fair Value) Strategies… It’s not the be all and end all of trading strategies… But it will allow you to understand the bigger picture of the Levels, and forces and manipulation that is moving Price Action…

You just have to learn the conditions when they are likely to manipulate price to a different zone…

Hope this is of some help…


Was that recently or like years ago? He’s touched a little bit on his time here, but that was so long ago.

Do Bollinger bands fall into this, or maybe the opposite of mean reversion, since your price is moving away from the mean I guess?


Perhaps you might be interested in this interview from earlier in the year.

Don’t know, I only saw clip yesterday which someone else had posted about ICT’s failure using extracts and stills from some of his clips. He admitted phot-shopping account details and said he only did it for a joke but did admit making millions from training, not trading.

Why would I watch this 1-hour+ clip?

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Just to put a face to the name.

Thanks for the explanation my man @Trendswithbenefits

Wow I just checked his account - he now has 400k followers. That’s crazy.

Seriously. He’s got a cult like following.

It seems that the more complicated people make their strategies, the more interest it attracts. Throw in the occasional video of a $20k or $50k winning trade and people are hooked.


Well, one dark side of trading is the roller coaster of emotions it can put you through. I mean, one minute you’re on top of the world because your stocks are soaring, and the next, you’re practically pulling your hair out as they plummet. So, it’s not just about numbers and profits; it can really mess with your peace of mind.

Confucius once said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” So, regardless of how slowly you go, consistency is key in trading aswell.

Yup maybe that’s the formula!

I like this. Can be applied to anything in life!

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It’s life, you will never find a job without frustrations or make money everyday and not loosing anything, but it’s much more profitable and interesting to trade than to work in an office and sign the same papers everyday fro the rest of your life.

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