The downfall of ict (inner circle trader)

Here is a document I made collecting most of the evidence from Michael Joe Huddleston AKA Inner Circle Trader, or how we like to call him I CAN’T TRADE.

He has been known in the trading community for having a crystal ball that tells him the Fibonacci sequences that only he knows and no one else, except Tobias and Parson. ICT is also known to be an enigma of scamming, fraud and taking advantage of people

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It is crazy the amount of people who continue to fall for these ICT/SMC scammers.

But with how many MAGA’s exist, I am not too surprised.

Why are you sharing this and why the hate? You lose money or something?


Oh no, how does he scam people? :open_mouth:


Yes, I’d like to understand this too. I read only good reports on his activities. More information please…

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I find his methods work for me. I don’t care so much for him. I just believe what I see with my own eyes but don’t claim it is the ONLY way to trade. He made a mistake of making out his way was the only way which is foolish and bound to garner hate. It creates a toxic attitude of us vs them when in reality we should just be happy for people who are doing ok and helping those who aren’t.


First there is no hate, I wasted money and time, on a method that is proven to be a scam. SMC worked many years ago, how many you see now doing SMC, you are now the sheep. You are the liquidity of the markets.

Look at link and see, there is specifically an image that shows how he runs he so-called mentorship. Which is all nonsense

You only read good reports of his many sock puppets accounts. I have not met the first ICT trader that is profitable, that shows live trading and not running on the side a mentorship style or signals.

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He is not helping people if it works for you fine, but he is not, he loves taking people time, and dread over 3-hour long videos to then tell you, the market can go up, down or sideways. Anyone can say that, and if it happens, I am a prophet and know where the markets are going. You probably are all new to this, but check babypips and see why he was taken down

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You must then have had contact with ICT traders? So what system are they using from ICT and why doesn’t it work?

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Look at this guy, like him there are many that believed in his methods, went all in to find out it is just garbage and nonsense. To this day ICT has not gotten inside the Robbins Cup (except for those 3 times when he blew it) he has not to this day trade live recording himself and his setup trading live, it is all pre-recorded videos posted as lives. ¨Remove the space between the //¨

https:/ /

Sorry, don’t know what that is?

Isn’t his mentorship free on Youtube?

did u spend 30 minutes studying anything he put out?

storage website flagged as phishing risk, use another

Lol I did, I have 250gb worth of his garbage content

It is flagged because ICT flagged it after I released the video serie. You can look me up on twitter and there I have my youtube channel where I went over this ICT website. @neodrox on twitter. You can also copy the link in my profile which will direct you to the youtube video!

Ahh, i see, let me guess, Vinny has given you a free trial of his algo box product in return for your efforts. Cheers for somewhat of a summary of ict history anyway though

Nope, I discovered Vinny because ICT mentioned, and I did this, because I realized how much of a Scam ICT is, not because Vinny gave me anything. So get your facts straight, no problem, just share it so people know ICT is a SCAM

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Vinny’s selling some bs product that you are promoting while ict isn’t selling anything lol. Only thing he’s probably doing is drumming up yt revenue and building up sales prospects for his future books.
Vinny comes across as pathetic trying to target ict. And his little group of boys mesmerised by his smooth voice even more so.
Having said that, it also seems clear ict has blown accounts, possibly has been deceptive, and been ruled by his ego and emotions in the past. Not qualities of a successful trader at all. He’s made millions from his mentorship. The majority of his wealth has come from that, not trading, just like %99.9 of all trading ‘educators’. 1000s of people paying $100-$200/month.
Strange thing is though, he now admits it. This will tie in to his future book revenue though of course.
His content has elements of usefulness and is worth looking at by anyone serious about learning how to trade though. That’s my conclusion.