The downfall of ict (inner circle trader)

And I thought you were intelligent. Well I guess I was wrong, I have seen I cannot fix stupid.

See how you claim ICT has made no money from trading, but then you say his content should be looked by people who are serious about trading.

So a guy that has never won any trading competition and has not made money from trading is the guy you are supposed to learn trading from, and here I am thinking wow how dumb that sounded coming from you.


I didn’t claim he has made no money trading. And competition is irrelevant.
And speaking of stupid, you are the one calling him out on ADD vs ADHD but claiming to have it yourself. Funniest thing I’ve seen on yt for a while.
Move on from being Vinny’s ladyboy, the algo scam bs and take a long hard look at yourself if you ever want to have a shred of a chance at success.
I wish you well on your trading journey, should you choose to continue it.

I am quoting your exact words. You were the one that said that, I think you need to check yourself. A trading competition is irrelevant? Why then ICT has always been pushing the narrative of Robbins Cup (Trading Competition) always telling people to join it, so he can go there and trade live, yet he has never done… So now that ICT claims competitions are irrelevant, suddenly they are worthless.

And I quote you “Having said that, it also seems clear ICT has blown accounts, possibly has been deceptive, and been ruled by his ego and emotions in the past. Not qualities of a successful trader at all”—Yet you say that people that are looking seriously into trading they should look at ICT a guy you claim to say has no qualities of a successful trader, right, very intelligent your advice.

So yeah I guess you follow ICT and are broke, keep on going!

Also I add the picture, in case you edit your comments, because that is what ICT muppets like to do!


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if you look up on most of the “does ict/smc work”, you re gonna find lots of people talking trash about it and saying it doesn’t work.
I use some ICT concepts myself and it accutualy works.
The reson many people cant be profitble with ICT is that they try to use every concept they learn, while you should only foucus on 1, 2 or 3 concepts and master them, remember, simplicity is the key.
I use to think that ICT is a scam until I understood what I had to do.

Neodrox just because you can’t figure out his material and able to use it does not make it a scam. I have and it good material and if you look many others that push their stick use it. There are no scams on training just the inability for one to interpret or learn it. Perhaps you need to spend more time studying and a lot less on targeting an individual as it is quite clear he did something to you to hurt your feelings.

I am sure you would say the same thing about Einsteins notes on Relativity, but does not make your assessment correct. Just uninformed, or too deep.

Anyway I think I should say something nice
I have made more than $200k from his concepts :sunglasses:
ICT mentorship is free all you have to do is 'show up roll your sleeves up ’ and dedicate hours,days,weeks, months and for some years to really understand and do a lot of back testing…I mean a lot of back testing…then you good to go

Very interesting that the two users defending ICT are new and their only posts are to ICT…

If you google “ICT withdrawal Reddit”, you will be able to see a Reddit post that exposed ICT faking/photoshopping a withdrawal.

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There’s every reason why ICT’s strategies will work, they obey the fundamental principles of swing trading and he backs them up with strict and detailed chart-based rules. He says he has done his own testing and live trading, he has multiple traders who have live traded his strategies and made money.

The only question is whether he makes more money from selling picks and shovels or from mining for gold. But is that question really important?

If ICT is indeed profitable via trading, why does he has to fake a withdrawal using Photoshop?

I don’t think he’s an idiot who publicises a strategy which cannot work. I don’t think he’s an idiot who cannot run his own strategy.

But I do think he’s an astute businessman. He sees that he can increase his most profitable business - selling stuff to traders - simply with a few minutes work on his PC. He’s advertising. A profit of $1,000,000+ is always going to get more atttention than a profit of $43,507.50.

You’re not answering the question. If he is indeed profitable via trading, why does he need to fake a withdrawal?

He would have profits to withdraw, won’t he?

I did answer the question.

That’s always been the same, everywhere he’s been discussed online.

Michael Huddleston has had about as many multiple identities on forums and websites as I’ve had hot dinners.


I honestly don’t know why there are still people defending him at this point.

Are you able to detail any of his strategies that do not work? That would be very helpful.

How about this? Let’s have a trading duel-you will use ICT strategies, I will use mine. Let’s see who comes up on top?

You go ahead, I’ve got better things to do with my time.


i must say the stuff of his that i’ve looked at (i’m going back more than a decade, now) seemed pretty sensible to me; it was clearly based on sound, correct, feasible underlying general principles

there aren’t actually many spamming vendors of whom one can say that - probably very, very few, to be fair to him

so it’s possible that there may genuinely be some people around who have benefited from his teaching; there may genuinely be some people around who have made some money by putting into practice what they learned from him

the problem for him, IMO, arises from his personality and behavior: he has a huge mega-chip on both shoulders, has been a multiple self-promote and multiple spammer for ever, with multiple identities for so long that he’s made it very difficult (maybe impossible!) for anyone much to take him seriously :crazy_face:

my suspicion (though personally i find him and everything about him so distasteful that i long ago lost interest in looking any further) is that at least some, maybe most, of what he was/is teaching might actually be quite good, and i’m pretty sure it compared very favourably with what many or most of his counterpart vendors/spammers are doing

so i can actually understand why some people might still be defending him, in a sense, i.e. some of the “testimonials” of various kinds, in various places, might actually be genuine

though none of that makes me like him, or have much sympathy with him, to be honest :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


No, he hasn’t exactly taught anything new. He simply rehashed existing stuff and give them cool-ass monikers.

Imagine me telling you 1+1=2 but I don’t call it maths, instead, I tell you it’s Kharles’ Law.

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