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[B]Hey Babypippers[/B]!

Well I’m sure many of you are surprised to see me here. None more surprised than myself… I might add. Over the years many have posted, emailed or inquired about ICT and what ever happened to that guy with all the videos?

Please let me share something with you that have pondered those things. I was for a number of years in charge of managing funds. It was a conflict of interest for me at the time and admittedly more than I could shoulder. I completed my role as manager and as of this year, recent month actually, I am no longer managing funds.

This begs the question… why am I here on Babypips you might ask? I made you all a promise. I promised you that I would show you $5000.00 run up to $1,000,000.00 and link it to a MyFxBook for all of you rascals to witness.

If the Administration will go along with this thread the only thing you will see here is the MyFxBook link and any comments pertaining to the trades. I will not link to my personal website or post my email address. Everyone knows how to find me anyways.

There won’t be any games or lessons, save it to say… this is how professionals roll.

I’ll return in a week to see if this has been permitted and assuming so… the link will be attached to this post.

[B]GLGT[/B] :wink:

Welcome back :*

Can’t wait for this one! :smiley:

Welcome back, this should be fun

Here we go again:35:

Go for it ICT :wink:

Don’t believe a word from this guy, 95% of his students are barely B/E or unsuccessful, that proves him useless as a mentor, indeed all his methods won’t work for you. Go and choose any random trader, and you get the same rate, 1 out of 20 will be successful, the same as his students, so where is this great mentor??

Welcome back, Michael!

Hi Michael,

I’m your disciple, as you take the 5000 and turn it into a million, I want to be besides you, knowing I can lose it all, but ready to take the risk and ride with you to the top.

Ladies and Gentlemen…It’s…TIME!!!

Please how do someone subscribe to a thread here so that I can get updates on my phone? I can’t afford to miss any post here.

Never thought I would be back here either. It will be great to witness this Michael.


Time to do a little dance

[B]This will be very interesting! I already viewed your 1st video Michael. Thank you!:)[/B]

Hahaha, I don’t normally visit this site any more, first time in ages and this is on the front page.


Rather than just simply posting a link, there is a load of empty promise and attempts to build excitement by talking about posting a link.

Hint: Anyone who was serious would have just posted a link

Can’t wait, looking forward to the ride!

Surely you mean never be - BACH! Gettit?

What a legend.

The effort and dedication put into your videos (which I have watched many many times) is much appreciated.

You started one of your multiple (at least 3) $5,000 to $1,000,000 accounts well over 3 years ago now, probably closer to 4. Save everyone the time and just post the account showing $1,000,000. You’re 25% a month should have all of those accounts well over $1,000,000 anyways.

No need for a thread or “followers”. You could have just posted the link in your original paragraph and left it at that.

Let’s not forget the completely disrespectful and distasteful way you’ve treated numerous members of this forum over the years. Or the way you constantly delete and block any social media comments because you’re afraid of criticism.

You’ve had multiple chances to show “proof” and mightily failed at all of them . Any forum administrator with a backbone would lock this thread and tell you to go back to your own website (which you have) and demonstrate your amazing trading abilities there.