The Jado system II

Is the stop loss placed at the opening price of the candle you entered on?

For entries does the price need to cross the blue line before or after the MACD lines cross?

Do you enter instantly the moment the price goes above or below the blue line?

Which timeframe is the most profitable and what have your results been with this system?

I have some questions about the areas I’ve pointed out on these charts. In one chart, the MACD lines cross two bars after the first candle closes below the blue line. Would you enter here or would it be too late?

In another chart, the open price is almost the same as the price where the candle closed above the blue line. What would you do here?

In the other chart, there is a big green candle that closed above the blue line. Would you enter after a candle that size? And are the other two areas valid entries?

If you are trading on short term charts, what is the best time to trade this system? And which pairs work best?

I have the SimMod and XM7 indicators. How do you use these with the system? I have used the XM7 before and it seemed to keep re-printing until it looked like it picked a top or bottom.

Short EURJPY on 4HR

Sorry to ask such a stupid question, but where can I find the MACD_Histogram. I dont have it currently in my MT4.

Edit: Nvm, I found it :slight_smile: I will test the system myself and tell you the results.

I did not backtest the system.

Closed EURJPY short for +67 pips

You place trades in CADJPY and EURJPY at the same time? Aren’t they too correlated since they both end in JPY?

I didn’t see any signals on the 4HR this week for anything but EURJPY. What timeframe did you get your entries on?

So you go short on GBP/JPY if one of the other JPY pairs shows a short signal?

When you have 6 positions in JPY pairs isn’t it just like trading one with 6 lots and increasing your risk?

And you will enter on the daily without waiting for a close?

huh, what u mean by BE? i just get e indicator Gan_HiloActivator_v2 but i do not know how it works? as in how to see e signal? have to use it together with SMA? and what is the setting? thanks a lot bro… i am a newbie in forex… thanks

thanks dude… i already add u in e IM … btw, i am using SMA(1), MedianPrice(HL/2), Gann Hilo and MACD (12, 26, 9)… is that enough? i wait for u online to check with u more… thanks

sure bro… thanks… i add u but u r not online i guess…

btw, u only entered when e line cross each other? hope to see u online soon… thanks

hmmm… i can send u e print screen… dun know whether did i make any mistake… i just enter two trade… EUR/JPY and AUD/USD and both are making losses… i send to u in a short while…

Can help me point out my mistake…

below print screen are the two trade that i have just entered… can help to give ur comments… thanks

I am not sure when to exit… wait for another cross? thanks

bro, attached is the error that i have made earlier on and it cost me a bomb… luckily is just a demo account…

Please enligten me where it go wrong… thanks

bro, my EUR/JPY is falling to 132.80 from my entry of 133.21… may i know what mistake have i make? thanks

now i close my EUR/JPY trade and lost some pips in order to minimise loss as i see the blue line cut across e MA and it signals a short signal… (see attached).

But what i am not sure is whether when to take profit? do i have to glue to the screen to wait for it to make aother cross again to take profit? thanks

I’m testing this system with GBP/JPY and am looking forward to see how well it works. I’ve been trading for a short time with another system but am always looking for other “tools” to add to the chest. Thanks for sharing your unique system!

Hi, what does it mean by S&R? My EUR/JPY and USD/CAD did take profit of 13 pips and 12 pips respectively… i do a TP at either e highest candle (if do a long) and e next shortest candle (if i do a short), not sure whether the strategy is correct? or i have to wait for the next cross?

btw, for the chart u try to download and see whether can u see the wording… if not i send to u if u are online in msn…thanks

Hi Jado, i have just entered a new trade (long) for timeframe: H4 for USD/JPY… Please see attached (i am using snipe) did u see this as a signal of long?