The Kitty Trader Journal

I am a kitty minion given a laptop and some money by my manager bear. I decided to trade Fx after graduating kittygarten in the school of Pipsology. I wanted to be formal about the journal but my Bearcat mentor told me not to be like Spock in Star Trek so here we are.
There will be three kinds of trades: (1) CP Trades (Named after my mentor who taught me to trade currency), (2) MK Trades (Named after my mentor who taught me to trade indices and commodities), and (3) KT Trades (My experimental trades)

CP Trades (Mostly scalping or day trading) are based of a system using:
a. Heikin Ashi
b. EMA (5,hlc3,2) - The usual crossover triggers
c. Stoch (11,3,3) - The usual momentum signals (80 and 20 levels, direction, ob/os levels)
d. RSI (10) - The usual momentum signals (45 and 55 trigger levels) and divergences spotter

MK Trades (Mostly mid to longer term) are more setup based and one of the setups is similar to the 20% rule taught to me by another mentor, only that it’s 50% this time. Let’s leave it at that for now (and hopefully I can show a live trade to demonstrate this)

KT Trades are trades done based on my kitty minions’ moods on EMAs or Ichimoku or any other experimental system and will take a considerably smaller amount of risk

Money management:
Risk 1% to 2% per trade (For KT trades 1% maximum)
*A lazy fat cat once taught me that it’s bothersome to compute for the ‘value’ of a trade and compare it to your capital so what he does is take the ‘margin required’ and compare that to ‘total margin’ which is where he bases his 1% to 2% rule
Do one trade at a time. No simultaneous trades no matter how juicy or good it smells.

Trade management:
*Upon setting limit, stop (or market, but hopefully no market) orders, take profit and stop loss will be set (Around 20 to 50 pips depending on confidence for CP Trades OR based on pattern/structure for MK trades)
*A trailing stop will also be required at (Around 20 to 50 pips depending on confidence or volatility history)

I don’t expect anyone to read or react to my journal as I intend to simply keep this as my way of keeping track of my progress but welcome to my kitty journey.

This cat has gatta make some manni or my manager bear will skin me! Eek! (=^o^=)


Looking forward to seeing the charts also. All the best to you. :grinning:

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Thank you! Let’s do our best! :cat:

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A wise old Manager beaww once told me: You’ve been testing demo for a year now. You don’t feel anything whether it’s gain or loss. But you know what hurts in the meow meow? It’s weal money. I kitty suggest you open a real account and put a kitty small amount. Trade a microlot (just for fun and to test consistency) and test your theories with the emotions fully involved. You can’t feel fear or greed with paper money. You need kitty skin in the game!

I use a google sheets worksheet to automatically rate or evaluate instruments using my preset criteria. If the system’s evaluation matches with my bias (Bearish 6 points out of 9 total), i take it.

I decided to go short when I saw the 15m chart tell me a tuwwade was passible. (Candle below EMA, Stoch coming from 80 pointing down, RSI breached 45.

I then drilled down to the 5m chart and looked for an entry. Betting on continuation, i went short and set my stop, limit, and trailing stop

Somewhere along the way, I was seeing signs of weakness. My stoch was making higher highs and higher lows. A divergence pulling my scruff to look at the screen. Price too had made a higher low and that was a bit concerning. A divergence in my indicator and possibly in price and considering that I wanted to enjoy my tuna lunch in peace, I closed the trade and headed out to munch with the colony.

Successful test. :heart_eyes_cat:

Good luck with this Kitty! :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile: I hope we both get to bag as many pips as possible. :smiley:

Haha… Thanks, kabayan! Good luck to us both! Cheers to success soon. :slight_smile:

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I’ll definitely watch out for your updates. :smiley: Haha. Maybe we could help each other evaluate our good and bad decisions for each trade. Haha. :smiley: Oh btw! Are you joining the journal giveaway here? :slight_smile:

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Yes I’d love that. :slight_smile:
I guess we are now trading buddies? Hihi… I do hope I can help. :smiley:
I’m reading about it just now. Let’s join, Ria! Ganda prize. Hehe… Good luck!

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Hahaha! :smiley: YES! TRADING BUDDIES! I love that. :blush: Hahaha. Good luck to us!

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Alright! Will update again soon. Let’s learn good, earn better. :slight_smile:

08.28.2019 CP Trade EUR / AUD

I was so busy with work (Yep, this kitty gotta grind it out 8 to 5 foww that kitty kibble) that I’m updating yesterday’s records today. The 1 microlot testing phase continues.

This is the premise foww my EUR/AUD long trade

I was hoping that the area of 1.646 would be broken as a resistance and that the uptrend would continue past that kitty level

A golden cross (EMA50 and EMA100) further reinforced my view.

Considering that I was hoping for a breakout, I did not get into the trade until the middle part (or actually late part) so it had an ‘okay’ score for me of 5 out of 9 (Nat quite the best quality setup)

After setting my order, I went bakk to kitty work and let things happen as they should.

The pwabblem is, the breakout did not materialize and was in fact, a false breakout. This cudda been prevented if I had (1) Bought after a successful test of the resistance-turned-support or (2) set my buy stop a bit higher that may have called for price to first close above the resistance that was broken (making it safer from false breakouts)

And dats how dis kitty got a loss on a supposedly good tuwwade. Schtill, good on me that my stops were in place to protect me from more losses. Tho it still hurts in the meow meow…

Till the next test/ trade! :cat:

08.29.2019 MK Trade US RUSS 2000/USD

Halloo! It’s your favorite cat agin today. Thursday, while munching kitty kibble and blasting the Nyan cat theme music, I was browsing my kitty trading notes from kittygarten and reviewing how my systems worked. i then got to the part of my notes by my mentor MK.

38yzr1 (1)

In the middle of my reviewing of my notes, I pulled up the US RUSS 2000 charts and I saw MK’s setup on the 1D chart. The downtrending channel and the breakout with confirmation.

You’ve got to be kitten me! I’m late! The setup had started to move without me! :cat:


At this point, I knew that I would be slightly ‘chasing’ a setup that had already made a big move but this brave hunter went foww the kill! I set my order, set my stop, and set my trailing stop. I have to admit that I was shocked a little about the sheer size of pips on the stops I set since it was beyond the 50 pips I set as my maximum for currencies but i rest easy by tellin my inner cat that this is an index, not a currency so the rules are a bit different.

With that, I woke up to my managerbeaww kitty alarm happy like this.

My first MK style trade was a success. I may not have maximized the trend but I guess that’s one thing I need to work on to loosen up my stops a bit more especially for indices. Apart from that, I am kitty happy to see a plan executed on the profitable side. Pawesome. Nattin follows.

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I think as traders trading with real money, we get hung up too much on how far away our stop is. If for example my maximum risk is $30, and I achieve that risk with 30 pips and say .3 lots on one trade, I’m going to have to trade a smaller amount if my stop loss is say 60 pips away. In this case I would just reduce my position size down to .15 lots.

Hope this makes “kitty sense”

Sorry for the inactivity. I was soooo busy at woik this week. Itch a horrible thing foww a cat to have a job workin for hoomans. On the other hand, it’s a motivation foww dis cat to trade better and smarter to be free of the job soon! :crying_cat_face:

You are right on that one. It kinda hits me in the meow meow because when I look at it, the thought goes like: Widening stops = Bigger possible loss if wrong = Losing more kitty dollars and that bwings out a train of negative emotions.

Yes it makes kitty sense by a laaaaat! ^O^
Smaller position size = bigger allowance for price to move against us if we are wrong with the same amount at risk.

Thank you foww the tip! I shall inform your manager bear to give u a medal for sharing good advice. :smiley:

Cheers to more pips!

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09.02.2019 CP Trade EUR/NZD

That evening, my trading kitty buddy Steve and I were having a chat over tea and whiskas when he told me to look at EUR/NZD (Well actually I looked at his journal. Ahihihi…)

I then used mentor CP’s system to evaluate it! EUR/NZD is nat one of the kitty currency pairs mentor CP recommended foww me to trade but I checked it out.

Da 15m chart provided me with the context for the trade

Stochastic reached the overbought kitty level and made a crossover showing a turn in momentum, RSI was moving towards 45, and the Heikin Ashi candles were going below the EMA.
I identified a breakdown level at 1.73888 so i drilled down to the 5 min chart to set my kitty orders.

I set an order once I saw the puwice drop below the EMA and set my Take Pwaffit and Schtapp Loss.
After the tuwwade ran its course, it felt kitty good that my thesis was right! But a Take Pwaffit order that may have been too modest took some gains off da table. Schtill, a wise old cat reminded me that “A kitty gain, is a kitty gain. Goojabb!”

'Twas another successful test of the CP system. Celebrate with a pawty! :heart_eyes_cat:

Party Cat

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Omg I love this pawsome trading journal! So kawaii!

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Thank you, friend! I wanna make this journey to financial freedom thru trading the markets a fun and happy one! Cheers to more pips and financial freedom! I mean… meowww… meow meoww! :cat:

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Love your journal. Makes me smile. :+1:

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09.06.2019 SB Trade GBP/NZD

Hallooo caaaaats! ^O^

Twas a busy kitty week at woik. It has been kitty stwessful but I managed to make a few trades.These hawwdships don’t stop cats! We keep the effort and strive to be better at our craft so that one day we’ll be kitty free of the 8 to 5 grind. Cheers to kitty fuwweedam! ^O^

So after my purrfin work (Purrff is the only curse word in the kitty language), I went to listen to this forex tuwwading guy who gave a lengthy talk to us about the basics of tuwwading.

During the kitty lecture, I tried to apply what he was kitty teaching to us. His setup on the Daily was simple:
*Price above EMA 8
*EMA 8 above EMA 20
*EMA 8 and EMA 20 pointing up
*A hammer (or pinbar) with the handle/pin piercing EMA 8

After setting the kitty buy order, set take pwaffit 20 to 25 pips, set schtapp loss 20 to 25 pips too.

After some kitty time as SB was schtill talkin (and dis time tryin to sell his mentorship/training) my tawwget was hit.

Even though it ended in a pwaffit, my kitty gut tells me it was an experiment, nattin moww. Schtikk to what already woiks. (Sorry, SB. Nat ganna buy your course either but thanks for the lecture)

grumpy-cat-meme (1)

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Thanks, friend! I am glad to share this journey of trading to financial freedom with people who like to see the happier side of things. Cheers to more pips and smiles! ^~^

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