The Kitty Trader Journal

In the light of ignorance I had to look up the definition of “imperator”… :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::joy::sweat_smile:

Your photo suits your title!!!


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Nice! You have taken the necessary steps to kitty prepare. Time to take the plunge! It’s about time! Hihihi… this cat is ganna cheer for you with pompoms!


I had to think of it in PHP so i can “feel” the impact of gains and losses. However, it may not kitty matter that much as you can always view it in terms of % gain or loss or better yet, in pips instead. :cat:
I hope this helps but if you have more to ask, you can always hitch on my journal or my kitty mailbox. You take care and do well, my favorite hooman! :heart_eyes_cat:

Hihihi… We cats have our own empire since the time of the Romans. It’s a secret that the hoomans don’t widely know. :shushing_face:

Thank you, my dear friend for the support! You are awesome! You are my friend so eve if you are fish, I won’t eat you. Imma take good care of ya. Cheers and God bless you, my fish friend! :heart_eyes_cat:

Dear hoomans of Babypips:
I know some of you may be worried or wondering: “Where has that nosy and noisy cat gone to? Maybe he was off stealing someone’s lunch and got a bad spanking?”
To allay your kitty fears, I’m here to let every cat know I am kitty fine. It just so happens that December to February is the busiest season in my kitty job and I barely have spare time. With what little spare time I’ve had, I focused on my purrsonal life and added a bit of charting and tradin’.

If ya wanna kitty know what I’ve been up to, here it is! :cat:

When it gets busy, the cat is quiet but rest assured that this cat won’t juzz sleep and chakk the day away. Cheers to reaching our hopes and dreams through trading! :heart_eyes_cat:

Know also that you are all in my kitty heart and I’ll always be supportin and cheerin’ you guys on! Ra ra ra! Go kitty traders! :heart_eyes_cat:

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02.07.2020 KT Trade XAU/USD

Ah Fuwwayday. The day of the prettyful and equally devastatin’ NFP. Last fuwwayday, after a snack of catnip cookies, dis cat was scanning charts lookin for setups when I saw that NFP was gonna be in a few kitty hours.

I figured that the best expression of the NFP would be gold because the impact of the NFP won’t be diluted (most of the time) by the counter-commodity. One complication of tradin’ the NFP with other currency pairs say foww example EUR/USD, is that the impact of the NFP can easily be diluted if somethin’ humungous comes out for the EUR.
With XAU/USD, the likelihood of samtin cammin out that affects XAU can be less than somethin’ cammin out that affects any other currency so by trading XAU/USD, we can instead concentrate on the effects of the NFP on the USD.

When I looked at XAU/USD, I figured it was kinda ranging and I figured I’d place my manni on a breakout.
I figured if it broke 1563.1, it would probably move to the downside. If it broke 1568.73, it would probably move to the upside.

Knowing full well that tradin’ the NFP can get choppy sometimes, I set stop orders (1) Long above 1568.73 and (2) Short below 1563.1 along with stop losses and take profits (a wittle above a hundred twenny pips each)

As my plan has been in place, this cat then proceeded to tend to sharpening his claws and chillin out.

Cat nail file

And will you look at how the kitty time flies! :heart_eyes_cat:

My short order was opened AND closed on the first 10 kitty minutes of NFP and my long order was opened on the first 10 kitty minutes AND closed on the next 10 kitty minutes. Talk about wild swingin’!
One could say it was a pretty intense NFP! Pawesome! :heart_eyes_cat:

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02.11.2020 KT Trade GBP/JPY Long 10m

This is a kitty stowwy of how a kitty cat stood against a Dragon! :heart_eyes_cat:

This brave kitty warrior was scanning charts on one cold Tuesday night when he kitty saw the Dragon chart breaking the 142.153 swing high. I figured it would make a new swing high coz price action told me it was a higher high and a higher low. I also figured my Kittymoku system tells me this is a possible candidate for continuation.
(1) There was a bullish cross of the Tenkan Sen with the Kijun Sen
(2) The cross happened above the Kumo (Kumo was also bulish)
(3) Chikou span was above the price line

All of these factors made for a valid strong signal. But… I missed it! I would be chasing or betting on continuation of the move which is a bit risky.

But lookin’ at the higher time frames, I figured the bullish move was not yet over.

So I looked for signals that the move may still continue:

(1) Price was still above both Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen
(2) Tenkan Sen was still above Kijun Sen
(3) Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen were both still above the Kumo
(4) Chikou span was above the price line

Round 1:

I figured that 142.331 was gonna bee my entry point. Cutloss point was set as some pips below 142 coz I kitty figured it was a resistance area that was kitty broken and was tested twice (2x) sucessfully as support.
142.522 was ganna bee my take profit area
Round 1 the Dragon nearly hit my stop loss but missed it by a few kitty pips. (So close!)

Round 2:

As price moved up again towards my trigger price of 142.331, I placed another order with the same stats as the first. But after it executed my long entry, it ranged this time but it wasn’t hitting my stoploss either

Round 3:

I figured that as long as it wasn’t hitting my stop, it’s probably gonna range till it figures out what to do. Looking at the bigger time frame context, I was sorta confident this range was gonna result in a continuation of the uptrend. During round 2, Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen gave me a bearish cross but immediately corrected it with a bulish cross so I put on another tranche with the same specs as the first 2.

Round 4:

During round 3, price nearly hit my take profit orders but dis cat was not wuvvin how the price was just playing around the range after a failed break of my take profit level. Bullish and bearish signals contradicting each other meant it was a range and I was still technically okay. I had my stops and limits to take care of me and my kitty gut knew there had to be a 2nd attempt at least to take the 142.522 level.
It was lunch time so I figured I put in a 4th tranche as it behaves inside a range and I wasn’t in imminent danger anyway.

I kitty munched my lunch and was surprised to have all 4 of my tranches take profit! Pawesome! :heart_eyes_cat:

And that is how this cat took on the dragon! :cat:
Now comes my next quest!

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03.19.2020 Update on the Cat

Dear cats and hoomans of Babypips, I am hewwe to let you know I am doing kitty fine. The past month had been super busy at work and what spare time I had, I put into my trades. Some were good, some were sh8tty.

As you can see, I made the kitty mistake of trusting in the old saying that “Gold is the fear commodity” “Gold is the safe haven” when there is a crisis. I broke my rules on setting stops because I trusted the wrong principles. I broke the rules so I kitty paid the price. I paid my “tuition fee” in a big loss and my account took a hit. I was wrong. I was terribly kitty wrong. But that did not stop this little brave cat from fighting the good fight!

Here’s what happened next!

The kitty battle rages on! We must keep on fighting, kitty brothers and sisters! :heart_eyes_cat:


03.19.2020 KT Trade USD/CNH Long 15m

On the backdrop of a COVID-19 crisis, I took a kitty bet on USDCNH with the following premises:
a.) The Chinese economy stalled with 80 to 90% of its manufacturing on a halt because of COVID-19
b.) Business as usual for most parts of the US

So, i then looked at the charts and determined a range breakout level on 7.05005. Setting my SL and TP, I just kitty watched the trade unfold and the markets validate my assumptions.

Two superpower economies: One has frozen 80 to 90 purrrcent of its manufacturing capabilities ; the other is (for the most part) business as usual. The result was inevitable.

My managerbeaww gave me a :1st_place_medal: medal for a pawesome trade! :heart_eyes_cat:

Hellooooo to my favorite kitty! :blush: Haha. How are you doing? I know you’re also in the Philippines so I hope you’re not running out of supplies and I hope all the members of your family are safe. :open_mouth: Stay safe!

Halloooo my favorite hooman!
I have enough supplies but more supplies are always kitty welcome!

Yes me and my colony are kitty fine. How are yours? I hope all is well on your kitty side and you have enough whiskas stowed away. :smiley_cat:
I haven’t been posting here but I have been trading on the sidelines. Ahihihi… I am thinking of doin a new journal tho. Sorta a kitty challenge kinda journal. Hihi… Stay kitty tuned! :heart_eyes_cat:

lol :slight_smile:
that’s funny