The Kitty Trader Journal

Good for you! The darn thing has been ranging since mid-October and keeps taking me out at BE. Aargh! :angry:

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Ooooh… so you’re a “dragon tamer”? Taming the dragon is the toughest challenge in the market. Gbpjpy is called dragon or widowmaker for a good reason. It has killed a lot of tamers and i try not to get into its way often. It’s kitty dangerous! Hihi… :cat:
hides behind minors

LOL. Hardly the tamer but I do like trading it. When the trade works it adds a sizable chunk to my account.

I think the real dragon is the DKK which I also love to trade. It has a wide spread making it very challenging to trade it but it also has the most perfect price action and is truly a joy to watch.

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Yes the Dragon/Widowmaker does have a massive range 2 or 3x that of the majors so it’s pawesome when it goes your way.
Danish krone? What do you pair it with? Maybe with GBP for that added kick?
I will look into your kitty suggestion! Imma assign my reseawwchewws to look into DKK. :cat:

I only have USD/DKK available to me but even if I had a GBP pairing I probably would not trade it. I detest the GBP. It is an insidious currency to trade, IMO. The Guppy is the only GBP related pair that I trade only because of the large range and relatively low spread.

If you decide to take a look at the DKK, make sure to use range bar charts. The time based charts are a mess when analyzing the DKK.

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It does have some moves and can really trend. Thanks fr the share! :smiley:

11.12.2019 KT/CP Trade JP225

Kitty did another driveby. Hit n run foww a bagga pips. Hihihi… :heart_eyes_cat:

Wazzent that confident on my entry due to Stoch in OB zone so only 1 scale in but it kitty worked out fine. :heart_eyes_cat:
Exit when HA candle closed below the kitty EMA and Stoch started to go down.

11.14.2019 CP Trades (1) Long GBP/AUD (2) Long GBP/AUD

Kitty did 2 kitty trades today. Ahihihi…
Entry: When the candle is above the EMAs (Preferably with a bullish cross of the faster one with the slower one, Stoch pointing up, RSI above 50 preferably pointing up

Exit: When my kitty gut says so! Juz kiddin. Hihihi… When the candles crosses the EMA or there are signs of weakness with Stoch pointing down, Stoch lines crossing, RSI pointing down.

Kitty PS: My managerbear said i was “Not fit to work” on my kitty medical because he kitty switched my candles from Heikin Ashi candles to Ordinary candles and I did not notice it until i finished these scalp trades. LOLOLOL :cat:

Overall a pawesome day today! :heart_eyes_cat:

11.25.2019 KT/MK Trade

US2000 Long

This kitty has been watching the US2000 play in its kitty range with no significant upside or downside.

In the kittymoku system, seeing the price too close to the Kumo and repeatedly breaching it bullishly and bearishly with periods of price inside the Kumo is a kitty sign to keep out as price is exhibiting indecisiveness

Being an index of stocks, the US2000 has an innate bias of bein bullish. Mentor MK pointed out that fact to me early during my kitty training and since then, I only look for longs on indices.

Last night was the kitty sign I had to take a trade.

Conditions of my kittymoku indicator were not perfect but they were good enough to take

  1. Price was above the kumo
  2. There was already a “kumo twist” or a buy signal from the Senkou spans
  3. Future Kumo was bullish
  4. Tenkan Sen has broken above Kumo and price broke above the Tenkan Sen (and I expected it would stay above it)

I should have waited for the Kinjun Sen to break out of the Kumo and point up but I took a kitty risk and jumped in before it happened. Having a bullish cross on my Stoch filled in the gap of the Kijun Sen requirement. I set my SL and TP and went on to sleep on my mallow bed

A few hours later, TP hit. Woohoo! :heart_eyes_cat:

Pawesome trade!

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11.29.2019 KT/MK Trade

JP225 Long

This kitty took what I call a discretionary trade (Tuwwades not strictly evaluated with my kitty systems). My peers told me about a possible “Inverted Head and Shoulders” in JP225 so this kitty took a look.

I opened a long position (twice my usual opening) as the right “shoulder” was forming.

It was kinda disappointing that it did not break out of that right shoulder but the important thing is we made money on this despite not bein a pattern kinda cat. (Yes this isn’t my kitty comfort zone)

It’s good I still made money despite being at kitten level skill with patterns but I think I will stick to my signal based systems and leave the patterns to those who have moww expertise on this. Perhaps patterns can be best used for determining the “bias” but it’s signals and triggers for me all the way. :smile:

download (5)

Overall a good start for the week foww mee! :heart_eyes_cat:

12.03.2019 KT Trade AUD/JPY Long

As this kitty was scrollin thru Babypips, I came across a review of a bullish case for AUD given that there was an RBA decision cammin in! I looked at my sources and made a fundamental bias of a bullish scenario for AUD.

Being a technical kitty trader, I was not gonna trade off of news or fundamental schtuff. That would simply be my “bias” and triggers or signals will always be my execution. As a kitty mentor (mentor Pifty) once reminded us “Trade technically with a fundamental bias” to increase the kitty pwabability of success.

images (8)

On the technical aspects of the trade, i observed the following:

1.) Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen were in confluence pointing upwards and were both mostly below price
2.) Price, Tenkan Sen, and Kijun Sen were above the Kumo (Confirmation 1)
3.) Kumo was green/ bullish
4.) Chikou Span was above price (Confirmation 2)
5.) As an added bonus, Stoch was pointing up and was not yet in overbought zone nor did it look like it was crossing over

What i didn’t like tho is the flattening Kijun Sen and Senkou Span B which could attract price towards it so i wont be too ‘heavy’ on this trade.
Lookin at the chart, i figured 74.455 was the resistance to break foww my kitty move.

After settin my SL and TP, i went back to kitty work and after some kitty time, TP hit! Yipee! Pawesome trade! :heart_eyes_cat:

12.05.2019 KT Trade USD/CAD Short

Haloo kitty traders! It’s another discretionary trade foww this cat.

I kitty figured a break in 1.31815 would trigger the subsequent break of 1.31791 resulting in the continuation of the downtrend.

By then, (1) price would still be below Tenkan Sen and (2) Tenkan Sen would still be below Kijun Sen and (3) both Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen would still be below the Kumo (4) That remains to be bearish and lastly, (5) Chikou span still stays below price.

It’s still the pawesome ideal kittymoku setup. :blush:

Order set, SL set, TP set, and then time to chill! :cat:

It’s a kitty good thing stops weren’t so tight as price had ranged between 1.31815 and 1.31791, thankfully not taking me out of the trade. My TP finally took me out as momentum started to turn. I guess you could say it was a close call I still got out alive before it sharply reversed! I kitty made it by the skin of my kitty teeth! :heart_eyes_cat:

Ms Mawwket is pawesome! Thank yuuu! Great tuwwade! :heart_eyes_cat:

Time to chill with samm miwk! :heart_eyes_cat::milk_glass:

12.12.2019 KT Trade JP 225 Long

What can I say? This trade pounced on me as I was chillin and sleepin on my mallow bed.
I figured that JP225 was stuck in a range and that 23511.83 was a key level to break. I also figured out that should price get above that level, it would indicate more bullishness to come because by that time:
1.) Price would be playing above the range it has been stuck in for days now
2.) Price would be above Tenkan Sen
3.) Price would be above Kijun Sen (and Tenkan Sen would be above Kijun Sen too)
4.) Price would still be above Kumo (Bullish bias Kumo)
5.) Chikou span would still be above prices

In other words, it would still be in the ideal bullish setup.

The tuwwade was executed as I was kitty hunting in the dream world. :heart_eyes_cat:
In retrospect, I should have aimed for a higher take profit. Still, a gain is a gain and is a kitty blessin. :heart_eyes_cat:

PS. Thank you Donald Trump for tweetin. :cat:

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Great success!!

Congrats on your profitable trading!!


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Hellooooo @Imperator_Cat! :blush: How are youuuu? :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile: I’m so excited to be back here, and I’m also excited to check up on how you’re doing. I hope you’re well. :blush: Good luck to us this year! 2020 is gonna be our year! :stuck_out_tongue:

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01.06.2020 KT Trade XBRUSD (Brent Crude Oil) Long and XAUUSD (Gold) Long

Halloo babypips community! Itch your trading cat again! I work as a kitty accountant so December to January is the busiest time of the kitty year! I am sorry I haven’t been online for a kitty looooooong time.

@frandlost Thank you for your kind words, friend. I hope for your success and happiness too! :heart_eyes_cat:

@ria_rose Halloo, my favorite hooman! I have been very busy but I am well. Thank you! How was your yearend? I hope you are well and happy too! Yes, 2020 is ganna be pawesome for us! :heart_eyes_cat:

On another note, you guys are ganna be proud of this cat. Despite my busy sched, I managed to kitty snatch some manni from the mawwket when the whole Iran fiasco blew up.
It was one weekend the news of the drone strike the US did on Soleimani that gave me the idea to look for opportunity in the disaster. I set pending orders to jump in and out of the market (as I was gonna be busy with work) and I am glad the orders paid off. :cat:


These trades were news driven with no prior charting so I classify them under “discretionary trades”. There was no kitty signal or trigger for these except the news, SLs, and TPs.

I capitalized on the event having 2 perceived possible effects on the markets: (1) The strike will cause fears of instability to world peace and order so there is a chance that fear will drive manni into “safe havens” such as gold (2) The strike will probably choke oil supplies as Iran is an oil producer and the middle east is where most of the world’s oil comes from.

Dear kitty traders, do “discretionary trades” as sparingly as you kitty can. We want to, as much as possible, trade within our systems and setups so trades like this must not be too frequent. :heart_eyes_cat:

01.22.2020 KT Trade EUR/JPY Short 10m

One late kitty night as I got home after overtime at work, I started to scan charts for possible trade setups.
I consulted with the wise old cat of the lake and he had kitty told me that I should try scalping the 10m chart apart from the 1h chart.

So there I was, scanning when suddenly this chart pounced on me! It’s my ideal setup! :cat:
The signals kitty lined up:
(1) Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen converged and they both pointed downwards. The convergence counts as a crossover signal (bearish signal).
(2) The signal happened below the Kumo confirming the bearish signal.
(3) Chikou span was below price confirming the signal
(4) Future Kumo was also bearish
In addition, an added component of the system (to benchmark my bias):
(5) Price was below EMA144 confirming our bearish bias

Also, there was another kitty component of the tuwwadin system (but this isn’t always required)
(6) Stoch (8,5,3) lines were pointing down. The kitty caveat was that the lines were approaching the oversold area (so this can be a gauge for our kitty expectations)

Dis cat figured a break of 121.776 would trigger the continuation of the waterfall so I placed my sell stop a few kitten pips below 121.776 then placed my TP and SL.
The kitty sell stop was executed on the next candle and I went to schweep on my mallow bed.

The next mowwnin, I kitty woke to TP hit. Pawesome! :heart_eyes_cat:
Twas a pawesome tuwwade! :cat: :moneybag:


Kitty happily writing on his journal. :heart_eyes_cat:

Good info to get to know. Very useful.

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Glad this kitty helps you! :heart_eyes_cat:

Helloooooooooo @Imperator_Cat! :blush::blush: Now that I’m planning to go live soon, I have sooooo many questions I wanna ask. :sweat_smile: Haha. I hope you’re doing great and that you’ve had a lot of super awesome trades while I’ve been taking my hiatus. :sweat_smile: Haha.

Anyway, when you first started, were you thinking of your capital in dollars already? Or in PHP? :open_mouth:

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