The Koala System ( Newbie Friendly )

Scored 50 pips on eur/jpy and 10 pips on usd jpy yesterday with this system. I’m really enjoying this system.

wow… am happy to hear about you folks harvesting pips :slight_smile:


you must be ready to take loss or cut profit at anytime.

risking only 2% helps ALOT…

but do note… the koalas is only using this on EUR/USD so if u are using on others, you will be a lone koala!

the 200EMA also apply to medien price? like the 3 koalas?

Do ou use the 200EMA as your support resistance line?

Too bad i didn’t manage to catch the up trend during the 2nd half of US time.
Too late for me. 12pm US is 1am for me.

Anyway, keep up the good work. the koalas is generally doing a pretty good job.

Hi there, to make it simple, my EMA is applied to close. 200EMA indeed can be a potential support or resistance. When ever the price nears there, it is a sign for me to be heads up.

Did you go see the previous reviews on my blog? you can see quite a few ocasions whereby the 200EMA had an effect on price… i am very happy koala is working for you :slight_smile:

i could’ve made so many pips today, but i get so nervous every it retraces back even though i KNOW the trend is up! i hate that!!

In that case u shd call it SMA rite?

But for the 200 SMA do u apply to open, close, high, low or median price?

Unfortunately the 3 koala was uncertain yesterday. I went sold EU, when the pair start to consolidate ande wen up a bit.

Wen the 3 koalas diverge too far away at around 10.30am (EST), I think i shoudn’t trade. WHat do you think? Or it’s just my luck?

oh buddy no no EMA means expotential moving average ! you apply it to closing price.

Why the 3 koalas diverge too much, it means the the current move is TOO fast for comfort and it may bounce back just as fast robbing you of your trades… i will be releasing a review tomorrow buddy… remember koala system needs patience!!

*noticed i wrote simple in that post… sorry changed it.

*Arron ! patience is key… no worries… with koala system plenty of opportunities to come :slight_smile:

Posted the latest review @ my blog for the convenience of all here :slight_smile: Happy koala-ing

[B]The Koala System Weekly Review Week of 16 Nov 09[/B]

Good day to all,

The Koala System had a FANTASTIC week. Hope your 3 koalas did the same and harvested some pips for you!

Right at the start of the week, we had an opportunity to harvest. Notice i did not start immediately as i always feel that overly steep or diverging red koala is a sign of a move too fast.

Next comes a boxed area which means that there is something to learn from here. Notice how the Koalas flip over and over? This suggests ranging / volatility and indeed a crazy spike down and up came, eliminating margin accounts without the insight of our koalas.

Patience does pay off as after sitting out the crazy region, we had a chance to harvest more than 100pips. The 3 koalas are not diverging much, suggesting good entry.

The happiness comes again as we are given an opportunity to ride back up for at least 100pips. There are 2 circles because if you are safe and got stop out in the first retrace, jump back on at Part 2.

On Friday, there was another box. Notice how the red koala seems so eager and diverged away from the other 2? That is a classical suggestion that the movement is too fast and indeed, the price action bounced right up. Like a naughty kangaroo. My koalas don’t like kangaroos.

Lastly, just before the week closes, we had one last opportunity for a ride down. Finishing the week with some additional pips for beer! yummy.

Well, we have seen terrible and great weeks. This week is one of the better ones :slight_smile:

Remember again and again, The Koala System is not your " follow the rules and i will become a million with $100" system. It is a system to help prevent you from going against the trend. Patience and hard work is needed.

Slow and steady is the key here.

My koalas and i wish you a great weekend and al the best for the next week!

Do read the EUR/USD Weekly Review for insights on what may happen in the upcoming week.

Trade Safe!

good day and lets hope our koalas harvest lots of pips this week!

did you folks catch the up trend bestowed upon us by the koalas? :slight_smile:

i harvested a fair bit and i hope you did too… remember patience and safe trading pays off !

notice how flat the koalas are now? this is a no trade signal. prices no clear direction

folks… anyone trading? would love to hear your feedbacks

i still have trouble with my entry, the key here is to watch the 3MA to cross the other two right? and then wait for the candle to finish to confirm? what are some situations where even everything is confirming, but you’re still not sure if it’s going to switch back the other way? Sideway movements?

really lots of patience man…

i dun think i can get the opportunity you have as my trading time is different from urs.

my trading time is about GMT1200 - 1500.

most of the time the koala is already trending for hours, by time i look at it, and it’s time to converge.

when the koala flips and all is parallel is good…

the situation you should be careful of is if there are major resistance support near by …

not exactly buddy … there is opportunity in all sessions… like now, the koala seems to be flipping bear soon

hmmmmm 2 stars :frowning: not good not good… but thats precisely why this thread is for ! we are learning together :slight_smile: please… if you need to put in bad votes, do go ahead but at least post your constructive comments for the benefit of all ok? give the koalas a chance!

do note koala is not a quick kill system… it is designed to train the values of patience and watching for the right time to trade…

cheers :slight_smile:

if you are on koala, pls pls pls dont tell me you missed this party !

darn it. just came back from work, and saw this.
i think it’s starting to converge now, pls correct me if im wrong.
i guess it’s too late.

yeah i left a Long from last night though:), it’s still open…what’s it doing right now prepairing for a downward?