The Koala System ( Newbie Friendly )

i dare not say it’s a downward, but a consolidation. Not a good trade to go in now.
But not sure whether to go out or not.

we’re anticipating another upward? around 8:30 EDT see the three MA lines meet? they don’t parallel until like the third candle, if i get in for a quick short, that’d be too late right? that’s where I have trouble with.

yeah koalas are turning flat now… so no trade zone… btw were u 2 the ones who voted 2 stars for the thread *smack!! joking :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

yo trading801, what broker are you using?

I’m having a pretty good run with this system, usually grabbing 30-50 pips. I still have to be better at reading the charts to keep from getting faked out but so far it’s profitable.

darn it. missed another upward during my sleeping time.

we’ve got to hire more koalas to take shift work. they’re obviously sleeping during my trading time and work during other time.

i like that hire more koalas :slight_smile: but dont over work them after all , they sleep more than 10 hours a day :stuck_out_tongue:

for folks who are doing well… i am happy that the koalas helped you in a way or another… i had 3 margin calls previously and i know it hurts alot… so i dont want anyone to have margin calls again… if you have trouble understanding fundamental concepts, do visit my blog and read up under forex education…

i am use IBFX…

( i am still reflecting why a few folks voted 2 stars… i believe in constantly improving but serious 2 stars only? :frowning: :frowning: hee hee TRADE SAFE US HOLIDAY TODAY )

koalas show a great short opportunity but note that we are at 1.5100 a strong s/r line.

have entered a small sized position to test the market …

managed to trade sell today at 1.5068 (at about 12pmGMT today).
Then close trade at 1.5048 at 1441 GMT, when the prices is touching the 200EMA.
I thot there would be some support plus US was holiday.
But i was wrong and it wen down further, and loss a potential gain of 40pips.

How bout u?

it’s kinda hard to tell where it’s going right now, what u guys think? preparing for another upward?

sorry buddies i was sick… u folks doing ok ? i hope you caught the superb down trend via koala… it was about 1 day ago? that was great

yup i got only 20 pips of gain from the down trend, as i closed out too fast when i saw the 5M koalas was getting together at 0203GMT.

But later got wipe out by 40pips (overconfidence) loss by buying too early at about 1315GMT. The koalas seems starting to spread upwards, but consolidated and went down 50 pips, before going back all the way up, with koalas goings up too fast, i didn’t managed trade any.

A lot more too learn here.

hihi you need to be patient… if the koalas are diverging fast, it means the action is too hot and may bounce back! i only average 1 trade per day buddy !

hi all. this is the latest review posted at my blog here for your convenience … treat your koalas well :slight_smile:

[B] The Koala System Weekly Review 23 - 27 Nov 09 [/B]

Good day to you koalas!

The Koala System had yet another great week. While it does not fare well in tight ranging conditions, huge swings will be home ground to it !

Right at the beginning of the week, we were presented with a bullish opportunity.

While the price did turn bearish after that, i did not enter any trade as the koalas were not clearly parallel. I am not an extreme risk seeker and hence waiting can be a position too.

The next day gave us another long opportunity. After which, mambo jumbo begins with the price whipsawing and clearing out positions on both side. Note that the steep climb followed by the flips of koalas were signs of a no trading zone.

Patience does pay off as a long opportunity presented itself and it took us up as high as 1.5100+ eventually.

The price turn bearish afterward and The Koala System did identified it, presenting us with a ride back down. Can you see the spike? It was an attempt to test the high again and setting too tight a stop loss would be fatal there. I usually use 50 pips SL.

After some distance down, the price action began to consolidate and The Koala System presented once again a bearish ticket down. The rest of the Friday were basically no trade zones as the currency pair whipsawed around. Typical of " cash the pips for beer Fridays ".

There you go! A great week for The Koala System. I hope you harvested some pips there. Next week may be a little choppy due to the Dubai Crisis and you may want to see my EUR/USD Weekly Review for some insights.

Remember, patience is a virtue. Trade Safe !

I had a pretty good week this past week with the system. I’m going fully live with micro lots this coming week, I’ll post my results.

hey, sounds great… at the end of the day i just dont wish to see more koalas lose their hard earned money :slight_smile: going against the trend is always dangerous.

do keep us updated and vote for the thread if you like the koala system ya?

all the best and trade safe !

( p/s remember you need the patience to wait and the willpower to sit out when the koalas are flipping or diverging big time ( no trade signals ))

alright! i’m riding the Koalas right now, not bad for a Sunday hehe

thats good :slight_smile: just remember to move your SL to profit once appropriate … remember it is better to earn less than to lose all

those like aaron, who caught the ride up bestowed upon us by the koalas say

I ! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

am monitoring the koala now for a short heehee remember trade the chart / trend !

Are you? :slight_smile:

You folks are quiet koalas! Trade safe and be happy ~ ~