The Lucre Producer v3.0

This system has been removed due to overwhelming n00bs.
Go trade for yourself.

interesting idea I like how you verify the trend with different time frames. To bad you can’t post an mt4 indicator for the macd. Anyway sounds promising, thanks for sharing your system.

Hi Yarcofin,

i am interested in your trading system. Here are some questions for you:

  1. I like to know do you trade this system on which currency?
  2. In addition, do you always stay at the com and monitor the charts?
  3. If no stop losses are used, how do you prevent huge losses if a trade turns against you?

darn i lost my post ok here goes again:(

First wow great idea to put it into a zip file!!! I dnt know why i never thought of that.

I plan on setting my charts up to demo your strat I only foward test coz i dnt beleive in curve fitting and back testing. I think it can get you into trouble. However Im excited to see what your systems got!!

I dnt use stops either. I know alot of people disagree but I have 2 internet connections and I dnt expect even a 100 pip gap can kill me so i feel confident. To tell you the truth I honestly feel stops get hit on purpose and common “stop areas” are definatly swept by brokers on a regular basis.

I would also like to know what pairs you trade coz i know you said in another post you trade 6 pairs. the majors and yen pairs???

Im sure ill have more questions later.
thanks, john

one more question.
you use the daily then the 4hour then the 15m.

So am I correct to say this is a 4 hour strat and you use 15m to optimize your entry??

then the next thought; can you go 4hr, 1hr, 5m/15m (not that i want to change your system im just curious if you tried that and how did it play out)
thanks, john

So basically I read the charts on the weekend and place all my trades at once when the market opens first thing in the week. Most trades will hit their T/P within 1-3 days, some will go until Thursday or Friday. Some will need to be sold at a loss before the week ends

Holy low maintainfnce batman!!! Is that how you trade this I like that!!! My biggest problem is I own my own business and it is very demanding and although I have the freedom to take my laptop with me I just dnt have the focus to trade anything under 1h tf. Im gonna look over your blog
hmm i can’t see your signature line now coz im posting but 12% in a couple of weeks is impressive

-(I also have 2 moving averages on my chart although I don’t use them as trading signals per-s�. It just helps me visualize better and is kind of a remnant of influences from the Cowabunga system I initially started trading with.)

what mas do you use? sma200? ema60? just guessing

Looks good Yarcofin. I will be keeping up.:slight_smile:


Thanks for putting your system up Yarcofin, as a newb i really appreciate the manual nature of it. Very helpful for learning.
One quick question on your Stoch, is it a fast, slow or full?


i was watching your system on your blog but i recognized that my platform at ibfx looks different!? :slight_smile: stupid … why is that? and where can i get the same platform you got. it will be easier to understand your system working. i am new at forex so i know this is probably a stupid question.

Thank you in advance!

… no need for helping i have figured iz out … ty

Hi Yarcofin,

I am still not sure how you determine which price to get in and when to take profits. For example after determining it is a short trade, you will set a short entry position at the closing price of the day? :confused:

I tried this and it looks good so long as the market is ranging. Have you had an experience with trades made during a trending market especially when there are new lows or highs being made?:slight_smile: