The Pet Thread!

Feel free to talk about your favorite pets here. Mine is a great night howler, his name is Foxy and he is an Alaskan Malamute. The only thing that will stop him from creating an unwanted sound from time to time is by wearing a bark collar. I don’t know why he keeps on making noise whenever he sees my neighbor’s cat. I feel like he is being bullied or it’s the other way around. Do you have any tips on how will I stop his excessive barking behavior?

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Get a tortoise. LOL :upside_down:
Jokes aside. Dogs are teritorial and don`t like cats in general, so if it’s not used to having cats around it might be a hell of a pain to teach a dog not to bark at them. Is your doggo trained? It might help. Or at the very least - consult a professional dog trainer on what you can do about it.

I’ve got a fat white puss. Love him to bits but sometimes I want to tear his head off.


I guess that doesn’t have any correlation to your trading results? :smiley: :smiley:

I have two chowchows and they are both very territorial. They always bark when they see other animals. I guess I’ve accepted it as normal already. :slight_smile:

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I have a very friendly golden retriever dog. She loves playing with cats, rabbits and frogs! I also have a chihuahua, a pomeranian and a yorkie. My small breed dogs are not that very friendly. They hate seeing other animals and people they don’t know. :grin:

I had a dog and a cat but I recently lost my cat. She was 18-years old and she passed from old age but it still hurt a lot to lose her.

Yes, we have gone through that quite many times now with various dogs and cats. It is always hard…

Nowadays our “pets” are in their natural habitat around the garden and forest. But even so, it is surprising how often humans and natural creatures form a bond and mutual trust:

This fella was really interested in my building work and was there every day “helping” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And this guy always knew where to go for his breakfast:


I went to Jersey a couple of years ago and was amazed to see Wigan FC owner Dave Whelen’s pet crocodile wandering around his garden.


They’re cute! Is that a squirrel? and what type of bird is that? hahaha. Sorry for asking stupid questions. I live in the Philippines and we don’t have those cuties here. :grinning:

Omg! That’s scary and amazing! How big is the crocodile? :fearful:

I guess about 4m. I bet he doesn’t get trespassers on his property


Yes, that is a cute squirrel. Their fur is completely grey in winter and changes to red-brown in the summer. But they are not so innocent as they look…!!

That is a robin. Here is another quite tame “pet”:


Those photoes are amazing, thank you for sharing them with us!
I love that the squirrel has let you come this close.

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I would say my favourite animal is bull. All of you know this Bull. :wink:


Don’t we all? :grinning:

My pet is a chinchilla, and it’s a whole family favorite. We treasure this animal very much, and personally I can’t live a day not playing with a little friend.

Love your photos!

A little off topic but this thread just reminded me of stories of people getting foxes as pets. :(( I’ve read about families trying to get rid of the foxes they got because they didn’t consider the reality of how difficult it is to take care of a wild animal.

I think it’s because of the popularity of this Instagram account:

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I’ve read that chinchillas have the softest fur in all of land mammals. :heart_eyes:

I followed a youtube channel of a guy who had a pet fox. From what I gathered, it is possible, but it requires a lot time, attention and resources. One needs to be very, very involved. It’s not suitable for people who don’t know what they are doing.

Oh yeah. I even read that once you have a pet fox, you can smell their pee right when you enter their driveway - they pee everywhere and are very difficult to train. And they really rip apart a lot of your furniture.