The Pet Thread!

The guy with the pet fox never quite addressed the peeing situation (that I remember, at least), but his house was full of toys and gadgets to keep the animal occupied. They have a lot of excess energy that makes them destructive in a domestic situation.

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I believe animals are quite innocent and very beautiful creature. They are just like your family member if you develop a good interaction with them. I have a cat as a pet named as “Liso”. I really love her a lot. I always miss her whenever I go out and she misses me too.

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We really get attached to the little critters. My cat passed away from old age a little less than two months ago, the grief was and still is very real.

So sorry to hear about your cat. My sister’s dog of 11 years just died 2 weeks ago also. She’s still grieving. I don’t know if they’ll get another one.

That’s a cute name.

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Perhaps in time they may. We can’t imagine getting another cat at the moment either.

beautiful when you can be with animals in their natural habitat this way

respect to the bears though

Hi @aceofspace Sorry for late reply, just called in to collect a few things :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right, These small animals and birds have a real character when you get to watch them long enough and how they interact with each other.

There are many bears in the forests around here but I have yet to see one (and hopefully it will stay that way!) - although their footprints are occasionally to be found…………

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Apart from the cat that passed away I also have a dog. He’s very old for a dog now, he’s over 15 years old. He’s half blind and his hind legs don’t work as well as they should, but he’s still the best boy in the world. Losing the kitty hurt so much and I keep thinking that sooner or later I’ll lose him too.

Hello there! I temporarily live on a farm, so I have a lot of different pets there: 2 cats, a biting dog and a horse who also bites. Maybe got it from the dog. The issue is that now all visitors who are trying to pet my horse are getting bitten and I have to listen to their complaints. I have absolutely no idea if it is possible that a horse can learn something from a dog. I’ve read online about horses and the reason the bite, but there is nothing that would explain my horse’s behaviour. Any suggestions? Maybe somebody had a similar experience?

Lol…I’m starting to see a pattern here.

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My doggie passed away since my last post here, RIP.
We have a cat now, she’s a total beastie but I love her anyway.

You may think I’m weird, but my pet is a raccoon

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How did you end up with a raccoon as a pet?

To be honest, it happened by accident. My friends and I gathered on Friday at a local pub, but when I woke up on Saturday night, I found a raccoon wandering around my house. He created a big mess, but since I was not able to clean it, I had to order a cleaning service. He didn’t want to leave me, so I left him for me (and I don’t regret it). I had to read a huge amount of new information on how to properly care for a raccoon, but I’m happy that I have such a friend!

That’s amazing! For how long have you had him?

Okay, so how far can you domesticate these creatures? Are they loyal to the owner or can’t go beyond considering the house/owner as food provider? Also, how friendly are they to strangers?

I have 2 kitties. One is super small and the other one is chonk!

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I refer to my cat as a crazy gremlin baby, she climbs up the curtains! :joy:

I have a dog and he makes me a better human being. I am happy to find a true companion in him.

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Dogs are such pure creatures. I have had one and I confess I found it a bit too much work for me, but I cherished the time I spent with him.

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