The Pet Thread!

That’s one reason why I don’t own a pet. I mean I know I will care for it the best I could but I think it just takes a lot of work I don’t have time for right now. I love them though!

That really depends on the type of animal you choose. Some animals require a lot more work than others. For example,I find caring for a cat much easier. That said, there is always some responsibility and some work, so getting a pet requires a lot of careful consideration whether one can deal with it in the long-term.

A little over a year

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I don’t know if everyone has it like this, but my raccoon hates my guests. Maybe he’s just used to me, but he doesn’t let other people near him. They are very specific, self-sufficient and a bit selfish animals, so this is not the best option as a pet. But despite all his shortcomings, I still love him very much :slight_smile:

I think most animals - except some dogs maybe - are quite selfish by nature. It’s how they survive.

I always liked cats! I have 2 now in my house, very independent creatures

I thought for a long time about whether or not I should get a pet. I work very hard and rarely go home, so I didn’t want a pet to get bored. But after my divorce from my wife, I finally decided that I could not live without a pet. I decided to get the most unpretentious animal, I believe.

Love cats - at least they understand you. Have three of them. And while we’re at it I might as well unveil the cat website that has taken me away from for so long.

The website has a few warts and all and is so far lacking in content - but cat lovers on Babypips might just appreciate what I am doing.


I like cats, too. But I became a dog lover. Cats are so arrogant!! Haha

Owner: “Sit, boy”
Cat: “Hell no. YOU sit!”

You can’t train a cat to walk the street with you. You can’t take a cat for a run.

Well, I guess cats aren’t really meant for runs. Not that kind of species.

But dogs are!!

Family favourite - we all love this one to death. So cute.


I have an American bulldog named Dixie. She’s super good with my kids and sweet but loves to run down the road to bark at my husband’s grandma’s house. She’s also gotten herself pregnant. :blush:


That hussie lol


We got a few things in the house lol.

Here is one of our dogs.
River he’s a chiweenie

Chy, she’s a boxer.

And our ferret, named Khalid

And my sons whatever it’s called lol


“Hey boys!”


Dying over here. :rofl::rofl:

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Haha, that’s funny guys :slight_smile:

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They are all so lovely! And I too wish I could sleep that peacefully. :smiley:

Not a pet owner yet, but I want a snake. My wife says I’m crazy. Am I?

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Whoa what is that last one!

If you’re referring to my last one.

It’s an Axolotl. Pretty cool looking thing for sure. They can breath in and out of water, I believe they’re related to salamanders.