The Remora. My trading log

Hello everyone!
The purpose of this thread is to [B]share[/B] with you my performing as trader.
[B]I’m new and inexpert[/B], that’s why I have nothing to teach, just share what I will do with a [B]real[/B] micro account.
I use the word performance because for me in some way trading is like boxing. A good boxer don’t need to talk much. In boxing the “blah blah blah” means [B]nothing[/B], in trading the reality is the same.
I think that doing this way (sharing with others newbies like me) we can benefit and grow in experience together.
I am convinced that [B]anyone[/B] (even I) who really wants can become a [B]consistent successful trader[/B]. The secret resides inside of us.
Forex is an incredible interesting market, so I hope you will enjoy this journey.
Best regards. :cool:

I love nature. I liked The Cheetah comparison and that use of an example from nature. Then I’m also using a parallel with nature talking about The Remora. :wink:


Forex for me personally is very similar to the ocean. But my approach is not that I’m here fishing something as humans do. When I’m trading I feel myself part of this ocean (wild ocean) just like a fish that needs to find here his food but at the same time he may become others food. I can not feel myself like a big, strong and dangerous shark (I like sharks, they are the powerful ones) then I must be another fish, a little, not powerful one. I like sharks because they don’t [B]fear[/B] anything. I have found this little fish (the remora) very interesting because he also doesn’t feel [B]fear[/B] although he is just a little guy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A remora (pronounced /ˈrɛmərə/), sometimes called a suckerfish or sharksucker, is an elongated, brown fish in the order Perciformes and family Echeneidae. They grow to [B]30–90 centimetres long (1–3 ft)[/B], and their distinctive first dorsal fin takes the form of a modified oval sucker-like organ with slat-like structures that open and close to create suction and [B]take a firm hold against the skin of [U]larger marine animals[/U][/B]. By sliding backward, the remora can increase the suction, or it can release itself by swimming forward. Remoras sometimes attach to small boats. They swim well on their own, with a sinuous, or curved, motion.

Remoras are primarily tropical open-ocean dwellers, occasionally found in temperate or coastal waters if they have attached to large fish that have wandered into these areas. In the mid-Atlantic, spawning usually takes place in June and July; in the Mediterranean, in August and September. The sucking disc begins to show when the young fish are about [B]1 centimetre[/B] long. When the remora reaches about [B]3 centimetres[/B], the disc is fully formed and the remora is then able to hitch a ride. The remora’s lower jaw projects beyond the upper, and there is no swim bladder.

Some remoras associate primarily with specific host species. [B]Remoras are commonly found attached to sharks[/B], manta rays, whales, turtles, and dugong (hence the common names [B]sharksucker[/B] and whalesucker). Smaller remoras also fasten onto fish like tuna and swordfish, and some small remoras travel in the mouths or gills of large manta rays, ocean sunfish, swordfish, and sailfish.

The between remoras and their perfect hosts is most often taken to be one of commensalism, specifically phoresy. [B]The host they attach to for transport gains nothing from the relationship, but also loses little. The remora [U]benefits[/U] by using the host as [U]transport and protection[/U] and also feeds on materials dropped by the host.[/B] There is controversy whether a remora’s diet is primarily leftover fragments, or the feces of the host. In some species (Echeneis naucrates and E. neucratoides) consumption of host feces is strongly indicated in gut dissections. For other species, such as those found in a host’s mouth, scavenging of leftovers is more likely. For some remora and host pairings the relationship is closer to mutualism, with the remora cleaning bacteria and other parasites from the host.

target reached!

What made you pick .5179 as your target?

You just got out in time because the SHORTS are drawing a new fulcrum line [line of defense].

Thanks for your reply.


Honestly, [B]I don’t know really[/B]

Why don’t you know?

What made you go LONG [B]against [/B]the concentrated SHORTS 90 min before high impact news time?

Did you know there was a news trigger coming?

Even I can tell you that my target was 51793 and price went to 51794 :eek:

Well, you were plain lucky. But that’s not trading is it?

Sorry if I was simplistic. I don’t know why I didn’t get out early. I just decided to wait [B]patiently[/B] the candle to close

I was curious about HOW you arrived at your decisions for your set target.

I’m convinced that I can not know in advance what market will do next.


There is not certainty, then [B]I can not rely[/B] on thoughts of certainty “this works, that don’t”. Here in “Forex ocean” anything can happen.

NO ONE knows what the market will do next.
The market does what it does.
It either decides to take your money & move in your chosen direction or it doesn’t.
You have no control over what the market is doing.

I enter when I see an opportunity and [B]opportunity do not depends[/B] on ‘trend’. I think this way: I can make profit following ‘trend’, I can lose following ‘trend’, I can make profit going against ‘trend’, I can lose going against ‘trend’.


The questions are:

  1. When you see an opportunity has it met your entry criteria?
  2. Would this opportunity you see a high probability/low risk position [B]or[/B] low probability/high risk position?

high probability/low risk position means the odds are stacked in your favor.
low probability/high risk position means the odds are stacked against you.

In the first szenario you MINIMIZE YOUR RISK & in the second szenario you MAXIMIZE YOUR RISK taking your position.

Going against the concentrated SHORTS in a highly volatile area with a TP set almost at the line of defense the SHORTS have drawn visible since 10pm EST, Sun would be regarded as low probability/high risk trade, would it not? :slight_smile:

Can you follow me? :slight_smile:

Leave humility for your interactions in society.
It has got no place in trading. You’ll get mugged by the successful, consistent & ruthless operators & lose your account.

Successful, consistent & ruthless operators employ [B]Synaptic Strategies[/B].
Synaptic strategies[/B] define trading success from trading failure!

This is how a Pro Trader uses [B]Synaptic Strategies[/B] for ruthless execution of trades.

A Pro Trader who sees a signal, processes it through his brain and acts quickly
to execute.

He has seen this before, has gone through the same procedure many times such that [B]his synaptic strategies are laid down and strengthened through repeated brain training stimulation.[/B]
There is little or no cognitive or affective dissonance in the course of receiving asignal, processing the pattern, making a decision and executing it.[/U][/B]

A poorly trained & inexperienced Novice Trader with [B][U]NO[/U][/B] [B]Synaptic Strategies[/B] excecutes trades like this:

The trade signal
enters the brain through the eyes;
Goes from the eyes to the visual area of the neocortex where it is represented as a pattern;
Travels as a pattern from the visual cortex to the hippocampus where it is not remembered or partially remembered.
The hippocampus becomes very “chatty” and starts sending the pattern up to higher and higher levels of the visual cortex asking for help in the task of pattern recognition;
Moves from the hippocampus to the amygdala and limbic structures where it is given affect (mood and feeling).

In this case there is affective dissonance, i.e. the trader feels badly about the signal;
Transmits actively between the limbic area and the hypothalamus to send messages to the body for arousal.

Physical manifestations of anxiety or fear may appear. Blood pressure, heart rate and breathing that are controlled through these mechanisms may be elevated and sweating may occur;
Goes back and forth from limbic structures to the prefrontal thinking areas where there is cognitive dissonance.
There is a lot of thinking, questioning, second guessing and internal cross-talk; [/U][/B]

Does not go to the motor cortex and [B]is not executed as a trade[/B];
Due to lack of adequate practice or a dearth of experience in this market condition, the trader is synaptically short-circuited.

There is so much going on inside his brain that the cross-talk causes both
cognitive and affective dissonance.

[B][U]This is a state of confusion and “dis-ease”.

The trade is not executed. [/U][/B]

Humility doesn’t enter the above. Nor other chatter & chit chat posted on internet forums & published in books.

[B]Synaptic Strategies[/B] require training & instructions from highly trained professionals who know these things. You need to invest cold hard cash to make cold hard cash.

There is a lot more a successful trader requires to make it in this FOREX gig & is not found on internet sites & books.

hello, I notice the charts you provide is a little small and I can’t understand it completely. do you think you can provide a bigger picture? thanks. :smiley:

Final result for this week:
8 remoras released
4 gived +250 pips
4 died taking -400 pips
[B]My account is down by 27%[/B]

What are you going to do now?

Do you have a plan ready to roll out & deal with this situation?

Hi [B]Used[/B]! Thanks again, very appreciate your interest :slight_smile:


Just keep working. Keep learning. Keep improving myself

Yes, working, learning, improving.
What’s your plan to turn this 27% drawdown of your account around?

What specific steps are you going to implement to prevent further losses in order of more than a quarter of your account?

I’m sorry but I personally can’t see any situation (in a negative way I mean) to deal with.

Did you do your math what it takes to bring your account back to original balance?

That’s just bringing it back & we are not talking profits here.

The only thing I can see is if I want to improve my performance and be consistent, not just win, then I need to identify my mistakes and work on then.

Consistent profits are generated with maximizing profits & minimizing loss through high probability/low risk entries with the potential of clocking large milage measured in pips & placed stops in areas with a low probability to get hit & low drawdowns; managed by moving stops in flow with price your position is moving.

You generate those consistent profits with a written Trade Management Plan that lays out step by step what you are going to do as your live position is moving along & covers [U]every possible angle[/U].

You basicly know what to do [B]before[/B] you enter your trade.

That’s comes on top of your trading strategy [system/method/template/model] you are utilizing.

That what it means: Have a plan & trade your plan.

[B]Will survive my entire account?[/B] I don’t know either.

I find this disturbing.
It installs fear of losses once an account has seen large dradowns or has blown up.

Why do people think they might blow an entire account & rationalize it with saying it is part of their learning or they don’t know if they blow their entire account or not?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Get prepared.
Have a plan & trade your plan.

That’s working, learning & improving. :slight_smile:
& it takes time.

Does it need to be done with large chunks of your money?
I don’t think so.

Mojesh skazat o strategiyu? Ya novichok i u menya eshe netu tochnix strategii…vse eti burjuiskie slivyat…mojesh?

Oye, Acede Molina, no te vayas. Hay personas aqui que puede ayudarte en su “trading”. So if you want to continue, come on back and let us know :wink:

The Ever Speaking Cuban VIPER :smiley:

te crees que estoy loco o que?

Although I stopped my sharing here, I didn’t stop my trading and my learning and my improving. I have a personal goal and I will reach it :cool:

For those willing to take the challenge and follow through, [B]professional trading[/B] can be a worthwhile goal. But before you dive too deep into forex trading, dip your toe or get your feet wet in the shallow end first, and become familiar with the water. As you get more comfortable, make your way slowly to the deeper end. [B]Take your time[/B].

[B]Be honest[/B] with yourself.

[B]Be ready[/B] to sacrifice your time and money.

[B]Never stop[/B] learning and, most importantly, [B]never quit[/B].

[B][U]Winners never quit and quitters never win[/U][/B].

The price of becoming top trader is [B]extremely high[/B], but certainly [B]worth it[/B].
-School of Pipsology

Best regards

Happy Weekend to everyone!

[I]“Que no crean los que saben, saber más que los que son,
y no crean, por favor, que todo el que dice sabe,
saber es cosa de tiempo, pero ser, eso se trae,
con el traje o sin el traje, desde afuera o desde adentro,
la canción y el sentimiento salen a la luz…

Que no crean los que pueden, decidir por los que no,
eso es ya mala intención, y nadie en principio debe,
no es cosa de religión, ni de color, ni de empeño,
no es la fuerza ni el color, ni los compases ni el genio,
es solo la condición, esa que se lleva dentro…”[/I]
-Cubano by Raúl Paz

[I]“Me quedaré, me quedaré, [B]siempre cubano[/B] me quedaré…”[/I]

I am convinced that anyone (even I) who really wants can become a consistent successful trader. The secret resides inside of us.

“Me quedaré, me quedaré, siempre cubano me quedaré…”

“Me quedaré, me quedaré, siempre cubano me quedaré…”

Me quedare… me quedare… siempre Cubano también!!!
Increible un cubano en babypips… bueno ya somos dos !!! encantado de ver un cubano aca… eres bueno en lo del trading?? bueno cubano échame una mano con tus técnicas de trading, a ver si algun dia llego a ser bueno en esto!!
un abrazo desde Australia
Angelgcu Siempre Cubano!! :smiley:

Translation (Google):
I will stay … I’ll stay … Cuban always too!
Incredible babypips a Cuban … good because we are two! delighted to see a Cuban here … 're good at what’s trading? Cuban good toss me a hand with your trading techniques to see if someday I get to be good at this!
a hug from Australia
Always Angelgcu Cubano!

Hola bro!!! Yo igual contento de encontrar a otros cubanos en este Forex’s world. En cuanto a lo de bueno o no, yo mismo no te puedo responder. Yo simplemente me tomo esto muy en serio (para mí es mi trabajo) y no estoy jugando.
La recomendación que te puedo dar es: sé serio, no pares de aprender, PERO filtra la información, sé siempre bien escéptico con lo que “enseñan” otros, trata de no solo aprender sino también entender por tí mismo, aunque no sepas cómo explicar. No te agobies tratando de aprenderlo todo y complicándote la vida por gusto, trata de mantener la cosa SIMPLE y SENCILLA. Mucho énfasis en tu Money Management y más aún en el Control Psicológico. Controla el MIEDO y la AMBICIÓN. Y mucha, pero muchísima PACIENCIA y DISCIPLINA. Esto es lo que a mí personalmente me ayuda, no el estar aferrándome a sistemas de trading enseñados (o vendidos) por “los que más saben”. Yo soy tan novato como cualquier otro, así que no tengo nada que enseñar a otros (aparte que no sé enseñar, sé aprender) pero claro que si puedo serle útil a otros, por qué no?
Un saludo y un abrazo y te deseo lo mejor


Hi bro!!! I’m very happy too finding other Cubans in this Forex’s world. Regarding if I’m good or not, I can’t answer you by myself. Simply I take this very seriously (this is a profession for me) and I’m not playing games here.
What I can recommend you is: be serious, don’t stop learning, BUT filter all the info, be always skeptic with what others “teach”, try your best to not only learn but also understand by yourself, even if you don’t know how to explain. Don’t get mad trying to learn it all and complicating your life unnecessary, try to keep it SIMPLE and EASY. Focus in your Money Management and even more in the Psychological Control. Take control over FEAR and GREED. And tons of PATIENTE and DISCIPLINE. This is what personally helps me, not the extra focus on trading systems that “those who know” teach or sale. I’m as noob as any other, then I have nothing to teach (BTW I don’t know how to teach, I know how to learn) but of course that if I can be useful in some way, why not?
Best wishes.

Take a look at these threads:
And this blog:
Y el forum está muy bueno también, sobre todo por las secciones sobre MM y CP

Best regards

“Me quedaré, me quedaré, siempre cubano me quedaré…”

Solis Gets His Wish, a Showdown With Vitali Klitschko

By Jake Donovan

A new face finally emerges in the heavyweight title picture.

Former celebrated amateur champion Odlanier Solis is now one step away from acquiring alphabet hardware in the pro ranks thanks to a 10th round disqualification win over Ray Austin in their heavyweight eliminator Friday evening at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

Solis weighed 260 lb – his lightest weight in more than a year, though still boasting plenty of jiggle – while Austin checked in at a fleshy 239 ½ lb.

The bout was fought at a measured pace throughout, with Solis controlling the tempo and the distance. Action moved slowly in much of the early going, but Solis stayed active enough to put away rounds.

The crowd came alive in the third round when Solis exploded for a flurry that had Austin covering up and on the run. The moment was short lived, however, as a boxing match wound up breaking out.

Austin made a go of it in the fourth, offsetting a mid-round Solis rally with a series of jabs and body shots in the final minute. It wasn’t enough to take the round, but indicative that he was interested in doing more than playing the role of opponent.

Solis came alive in the fifth, as did the crowd, as Austin was on the verge of being stopped in the first minute of the round. Just when it appeared that the fringe contender would survive the storm a left hand put him on his back for the bout’s first knockdown.

Chants of “So-lis” filled the largely empty arena, but the Cuban export – previously based in Germany but now fighting out of Miami – couldn’t quite close the show, though not for a lack of trying. Still, it was enough to ignite the closest thing he’s enjoyed to a hometown crowd since turning pro in 2007.

In typical heavyweight fashion, momentum was squandered in a slow-paced sixth round that saw Austin return to his jab and Solis suddenly hesitant to let his hands go.

Any success enjoyed by Austin was short lived, as Solis quickly resumed – and never again relinquished – control. Round after round, Solis would land in combination and pile up points, while Austin would offer little more than a jab while steadily moving backwards.

The bizarre ending came after one of the more pathetic rounds in heavyweight history – quite a statement considering the division’s decade-long morbid status. Solis and Austin jiggled around the ring for much of the 10th round, with Austin apparently out on his feet as he twice fell to the ground.

The more severe circumstance came at the end of the round, when both fighters fell onto the top rope and nearly out of the ring. Credit to tiny referee Tommy Kimmons, who somehow summoned the strength to pull upright nearly 500 lb. of heavyweight blubber after the bell sounded to end the round.

Either Austin didn’t hear the bell, was unaware that the referee was in between he and his opponent, or simply was no longer interested in continuing. Whatever the case, he elected to throw a punch at a defenseless Solis, drawing an immediate disqualification.

The official time was 3:00 of the 10th round.

The win advances Solis’ record to 17-0 (12KO), though comes on the heels of the longest layoff of his young career, having not fought in nine months. The 2004 Olympic Gold medalist was to appear on a Fox Sports telecast this past October, but those plans were scrapped as he switched stateside promoters from Top Rank to Don King Productions.

Austin falls to 28-5-4 (18KO), snapping a four-fight win streak. His last loss came in the two rounds of nothing he offered against Wladimir Klitschko in a 2007 title shot. This bout was his first since Halloween 2009, scoring a fourth round knockout over DaVaryll Williamson.

Solis is now in line for a crack at the alphabet title currently in the possession of Vitali Klitschko. Such a bout would be a huge sell in Germany, though it’s curious to see how the elder Klitschko will go about his business, as neither he nor Wladimir have ever been in a hurry to do business with King.

At the very least, there exists a gifted contender in line to a portion of the heavyweight throne, although Solis’ physique reeks of squandered talent. That his weight of 260 was his lightest in more than a year only speaks volumes of how grossly out of shape he’s become since his amateur days.

Still, there’s a difference between being in peak physical condition and being boxing-ready. Solis is most certainly the latter, as evidenced by his ambitious matchmaking, having never faced an opponent with a losing record or with less pro experience.

It remains to be seen if he’s seasoned enough for a showdown with either Klitschko brother, though at the very least he’s willing to be placed in a position to find out for himself if he has what it takes to breathe new life into a division in dire need of resuscitation.

Happy Weekend!


Pa’qué te hiciste?, si tú sabes lo que viene,
lo que sale de la calle y que ya NADIE lo detiene,
los que decían que duraba unos añitos y ya tú ves,
Ay, ay, ay, ay.
Dale, cuando yo sueno se calientan los metales,
estamos en lo mismo pero NO SOMOS IGUALES,
sale de en medio que llegaron los ANIMALES,
los que se ponen LETALES.