The Skyplay System

Hello Traders

I want to share my system with you.
Without Further ado, here’s Skyplay System.

Best pairs to use EURUSD, GBPUSD
Pairs to avoid AUDUSD, YEN PAIRS
This system works best from 7am GMT to 2pm GMT.
No Entries past 2pm GMT
1Trade Per Day

1hr (shows trend)
5min (determines entry)

Indicators: 1hr:
Coral (settings x period = 20) - shows direction of trend
Breakout box - shows time range of trading

20EMA (Yellow) applied to HIGH
20EMA (Red) applied to LOW
MACD with alert
True Strength Indicator
Time Zone Trading Indicator

ON 1hr:
Coral indicator should be Green and Sloping Upwards
Time must be between 7am - 2pm GMT

On 5min:
MACD must show a long signal (green line above red line)
True Strength Indicator should be >0 (showing +ve value)
When a Candle closes above EMA20 HIGH (Yellow), buy at the open of next Candle

ON 1hr:
Coral indicator should be Red and Sloping Downwards
Time must be between 7am - 2pm GMT

On 5min:
MACD must show a short signal (red line above green line)
True Strength Indicator should be <0 (showing -ve value)
When a Candle closes below EMA20 LOW (Red), sell at the open of next Candle

Below are the indicators and Template
SkyPlay (17 KB)

EDIT: - 10/05/2013
we have the latest indicators and templates updated. please download them on page 17 post #170. NB: The rules remain the same.

We have a separate thread for automating the system here

Your feedback will be highly appreciated

EDIT: - 24/04/2013
After much discussion and intensive backtest from our human robot, System Review: Skyplay System we will adjust the S.L to 20 pips from the original 25pips to give a R:R of 1:1

Thanks, I will check it out and see how it does!

sure, Your feedback is highly appreciated


thanks for sharing, Could you provide the indicators or template used in your system.

have a good day

The indicator you call supertrend does not look like the supertrend indicator. It looks more like the Coral indicator.

Secondly, what are the paramters for this indicator.

And as cheer4u says, could you zip the indicators up and post them here, thanks.

Indicators and Template added

i use the indicators as i get them. the parameters are set to default in the attached indicators, no need to change them

GbpUsd +20 pips

Potential long trade almost materializing on EURUSD

NB: Beware of ECB Interest Rate Decision news coming up

Awesome System. backtests show >78% accuracy. will sure have my eyes fixed on this


thanks for the system.looks great.

lewism09: how did you backtest it, visually or made an EA for backtest.

i backtested it visually. I guess its hard to make an ea for this system, unless smbody proves me wrong. It would be great to have an ea for this one

so this method have been backtest for how long already?

I downloaded the zip files and tried on the chart… after I click attach to chart, it seems nothing happen… Are you sure that indicator is functioning or can teach me how to use it?

the indicators work well. you install them here: C:\Program Files\MT4\experts\indicators
then restart your platform

It shows grey colour symbol on the ea. Cant attach. How to solve that?

I pasted them inside the indicators inside experts folder. But how to use it from there

They are indicators… So upon installing you should be able to select them from the indicator menu. And to the OP, an interesting system, I’ll follow this one to see how it pans out, will do some testing next week.

Thanks! Now I get to used it.

sorry for the late reply but am glad you figured out how to go about it

gud system…
which is best timeframe to use…?