is it a legit company or a scam?


The5ers have good reviews on the internet but I only see people happy that they paid their fee and got the “funded” account (that can easily be a white label virtual account).

I don’t see any reviews saying that they completed one or two targets and they got their first split of profits of real money. FTMO has a lot of those reviews with people saying they got their split.

Also most of their reviews sound very unprofessional like the one who posted it has zero trading knowledge.

I was researching to open an account with them and bumped into this.

There is only one thing I’m asking. Are there any profitable traders out there that opened an account with them and got paid after they made the profits? Please give a reply.

I’m not interested in opinions, only experience. So please skip this if you didn’t trade with them and got paid.

Thank you!

Hi YonatanDoron. You can probably ask members who have posted on this thread. They seem to have some experience with it.

the firm is legit, i have got funded account and they pay the profit share timely.

It’s not just The5ers but any other broker you’re gonna research about on net will have mixed reviews. Understanding you want to set up an account with a credible broker and research is a good start, but trust me, til the time you’ll not try one on your own, there’s no point discussing. Each trader will have a different experience.