This is not an active forum

People here don’t like to voice their opinions
I see a lot of posts that are a few days old or even older

These forums are high beneficial for traders. You are free to post any question here and traders will answer.

What made you say that and what are your opinions?

I think it is pretty active. But some topics will get more replies than others depending on the content and if anyone can add value. Some may get no replies at all!

I post quite a few topics and some get maybe 1 or 2 replies and others can get 20+. This is fine, as long as the replies are relevant.

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I’m puzzled! How is BP not active, you ask? How did you check different forums? When I ask a question on this site, I typically get a response in under an hour as opposed to days on other forums.

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Hello Emily!
Are you serious?
You can learn a lot here and the whole community is helping people who try to make you a better trader!
And BP is the most active one among different forums!
I just come here 1 or 2 days to check and answer and learn and I see tens of new topics!
So, I think you are not talking about this place!

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It seems to me that people on this forum are pretty active.

You have one topic and one post. You should voice your opinion more! Help grow the activity! We can do it!

I love how she posted that and proceeded to disappear :joy:


Good point :joy: :joy: :joy:

I mean I check other forums too and you may call them inactive, but calling babypips inactive?! seriously? :joy:

as you can maybe deduce from her only other remaining post she was here to promote a signal service - there were some other posts, too, but the moderators kindly removed them as soon as i reported them; probably she gave up when she realised she couldn’t spam us :wink:

Anyone using the forum can post up what trades they are taking.

Actually I rarely post mine but I always post what strategy I am using at any one time - if you search for the Larry Williams Smash Day strategy you will see that I have mentioned this several times. I haven’t detailed the strategy because that’s already been done on the internet. But knowing the strategy enables every single BP user to use it. It makes no difference to them what positions I am in because they know the strategy so they know what positions I might or might not be in.


And then she was like “well this place isn’t active!” :joy:

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thats exactly why this place is so active theres always sth new happenin so theres always new topics and posts. i think ive seen U somewhere else BTW

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’ve been laughing my head off for the past 30 minutes, and I seriously can’t stop! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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