This Week's Question: As a Trader, What Gift Would You Like to Get This Christmas?

Okay, I know we all want tons of winning trades and discipline and all that but what about something tangible - something that you or someone else could buy for you to help you with your trading?

A particular book maybe? A new computer chair? Or perhaps maybe even cold hard cash (more like numbers in your trading account ha)?

Personally, a decent secondary monitor if someone doesn’t have one yet sounds like a good gift!


The winning Powerball numbers for the next draw would do for now. :laughing:


This sounds awesome! No need to trade or do anything anymore, Just travel and do whatever you feel like doing or not …

This sounds awesome too.

For me, I would like cold hard cash, of course to increase the account balance, there’s a big difference trading in a small account and a large account, just hope I’ll be ready when/if that happens.


The monitors for sure, not just 2 actually, at least 3, preferably 4 total, to be honest, (right now I have 1 desktop monitor + mobile )

I’ve been meaning to check out how people work with multiple monitors, still couldn’t… I’m gonna check some YT videos about that very very soon.

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Two quick points Nick. Firstly I love trading so much I would still trade to challenge myself even if I won the lottery. Secondly to overcome the “trauma” of trading a large account all you have to do is have one large and one small. Trade the small one as you usually do but link the big one to it so whatever trades you carry out on the small one will be reflected on it. In other words copytrading.


I wish Santa could give a monitor on this Christmas, :rofl: :rofl:. Just kidding, as a trader, I want myself can do this work better day by day.

Everyone dreams about this, :laughing: :laughing:

A pair of hindsight glasses.


Hiya @Ananais, @Penelopip and all,

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As a trader, I would like an Express Account on FundedNext as a Christmas gift.

Please find below my USDT wallet address should you decide to surprise me with an early Christmas gift:



P.S.: The minimum Express Account on the proprietary firm FundedNext costs about $120.

$700,000 of cold hard cash would be a perfect gift


Well i’m currenlty reading “Trading in the zone” by Mark Douglas but softcopy, so a hardcopy would be nice :laughing:


A stand up desk. One with a motor that can move to different height levels.

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Yeah, that would be pretty cool. A stand up desk with a treadmill underneathe. Get some exercise while working!

simpsons desk treadmill


My forex fund account, it can be a 5k account which goes for $49 subscription fee. I will appreciate it. May the pips be in favour of anyone who buys any account for me.

A laptop would be fine and been from a third world country, getting it cost a lot of money here and been the latest rookie in town you guys should understand the gist,a beautiful Xmas to you guys

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Hello Amith
I use a TV monitor and split it into 4 segments. much neater and space saving


HAHA… I would love to get trading books for this christmas.


A Batman bathrobe!

Or a Blankman costume! Either one would be fine, as they both qualify as formal attire.

I think these would give me more confidence in trading. How could Blankman or Batman fail??

That’s how I live my life. I always ask myself ¨What would Blankman and Batman do?¨

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