This Week's Question: How Different are Your Summer Plans in 2021 vs. 2020?

I asked this same question last year but the pandemic was in full swing at the time and most of us had the same exact plan: the very exciting activity of staying at home.

Has that changed for you this year? Are you planning on going somewhere in the next month or two? Seeing friends and family? Or are you still stuck at home like our friends from Canada and many other parts of the world?


Same plans as last year, if there is a road I will go


I love it!!! Where you headed to this summer? My dream is to go to Zion National Park and hike Angel’s Landing. But I fear I might die doing it :joy:

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No change at all. Same boring summer with only work and no fun trips :frowning:

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Having a baby in 5 weeks so pretty different!

Also,… “It’s coming home!”


The corona threat is not over. seems like the plan is gonna be the same as last year

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some day I may get out west but it is Florida for a couple of weeks and I might make it out your way next month,

Love it - My own thoughts to an extent - but I need water !

Picture taken from Fotheringay Castle (Mary Queen of Scots) - We are the white one at the rear :slightly_smiling_face:


hopefully by winter it will be better though

Wish you all the best! :slight_smile: