This Week's Question: What are Your Summer Plans?

Hi everyone!

From my last question the other week, it looks like most of us are mostly staying home during the weekends. Are any of ya’ll planning on changing that this summer? It’s really hot out there and a nice trip to the beach or even just the pool sounds really good right now.

Pools here are open now and I’m seeing roads just outside of lakes filled with cars!

With travel out of all of our plans for the foreseeable future, what will you be doing to have some sort of fun this summer?

I'll probably be hitting the pool especially now that they're enforcing social distancing! Share with us your plans - we might just get ideas from each other!

Less news, more reading! Books I should, more reading books.

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I will work hard, I want to buy myself a new car

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No pool for me… :cold_face:.We’re in the winter season here in South Africa… :sob:

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I got a bett with a business associate of mine with a certain goal we want to achieve ttill end of 2020. So we’re looking who is gonna be more succesfull in the trades and at the end we’ll go to Gran Canaria for couple weeks ahahaha… :sunglasses:


I decided that traveling in such a situation would not be the best thing in the world, so I will work to make another dream come true.

Stay home, stay safe, survive so we can fight another kitty dayy! :smirk_cat:
Kitty will chill with Youtube and PC games in the mean time! And… maybe learn a new skill or samtin. Dis kitty’s friends have started gardenin’ and bakin’. Maybe ill doo that too. :thinking:

But i doo miss sippin on coconut juice watchin’ the sunset while lounging on the kitty beach. :heart_eyes_cat:

defintiely trying to enjoy summer before a potential second lockdown eh.

sticking to trading, keeping things real. also keeping a good eye on the crypto space!

hope yall have a great summer

Ooooh. :open_mouth: Would that be safe? :open_mouth: Huhu. Anyway, it’s already the rainy season over here in my country, plus we still have an ongoing lockdown so… I guess, I’ll just be staying at home. :cold_sweat:

Might spell boring to a lot of people, but my plans include a whole lot of books. I’ll be catching up on a lot of reading. As tempting as a dip in the ocean sounds, I plan to stay indoors.